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Islam and Islamic Studies Resources. Calendar Holy Days World Religions. Peshawar Nights. Old url: Important notice: The Ahlul Bayt DILP team wishes to inform the reader of some important points regarding this digitized text, which represents the English translation of a work originally written in Farsi.

Peshawar Nights

Whereas no one can doubt the best intentions of the translator and the publishers in making this title accessible to an English speaking audience, the editing and digitization process of this book (carried out by the DILP Team) has revealed issues in the quality of translation. Based upon this fact, the DILP team has taken the liberty to make grammatical corrections to make the text more readable and less ambiguous; spelling mistakes and typographical errors have also been corrected and an attempt has been made to improve the highly non-standard use of transliteration of Arabic names and terms.

The online text is not an exact reproduction of the original translation. Main Page. Internet Sacred Text Archive Home. Al-Masad [111:1] I Love GOD - Sacred texts (holy books) of various world religions. Skeptic's Annotated Bible / Quran / Book of Mormon. The Brick Testament. Ancient Religions And Myths. Is it necessary to take the word of others about answers to the most important of questions? The author contends no.