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SystemRescueCd. 1700+ True Type Fonts for Linux (or whatever. I'm a Linux loving guy, but it has always driven me crazy that - and a number of other things - looked like hell when viewed in Slackware (and other Linux distros). By the way, in Slackware 12.0 the cure is as simple as copying these files to /usr/share/fonts/TTF and running fc-cache;in other distros you may need to do some futzing around. I've included a page from the net that gives directives for making these work in older versions of Slackware; presumably these may help on other distros (I have no idea). Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Lucid/Karmic) - dEVIANT.

Can confirm it runs on Lucid (including 64bit) It should work on any system as far as I can tell. If you want to enable antialiasing for WINE apps, edit /home/username/.wine/user.reg and replace line "UserPreferenceMask" and above with: WINE REGISTRY Version 2. Ten Reasons to Dump Windows and Use Linux - PCWorld Business Center. Now is a particularly good time to ditch Windows for good, for workstations as well as servers.

Ten Reasons to Dump Windows and Use Linux - PCWorld Business Center

For instance, now that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Server 2003 on July 13, you'll need to find something different to use for your servers. Whether it's switching from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 or to Linux-based servers--or changing out tired and faulty Windows Vista desktops for the alien Windows 7 or something more user-friendly--Linux provides you with freedom and freedom of choice. You might believe that dumping Windows and switching to Linux is a difficult task, but the change in thought and the perception of that switch are the most difficult.

If you've attempted an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, you know what pain is. Business owners find that Linux, for what was once a "niche" operating system, provides the necessary components and services on which many rely. The Origins of Linux - Linus Torvalds. Linux on Laptops.

Open Source and Linux - HP Linux Home. With proven abilities to transform business operations, Linux operates side by side with HP-UX and Microsoft Windows in complex heterogeneous environments.

Open Source and Linux - HP Linux Home

And for more than a decade, the platform of choice for running business-critical Linux has been HP. With extensive experience delivering Linux solutions, you can trust HP to help you achieve greater cost-efficiency, scalability, reliability and performance than ever before—both in the data center and the cloud. Suitable for large enterprises through smaller businesses, HP’s open-source community and commercial Linux distributions run on standards-based HP Converged Infrastructure—able to deliver any workload, anywhere, at any time. MultiBoot Linux &Windows Tools CD with LOADS of Tools By -Ashu.

It's a MultiBoot CD Created by me, on request of a friend, Has Loads of tools: Utilities: Hiren's Boot CD 9.8 (In itself a mega tools disc) Ultimate Boot CD 5.0 B12 (or 17) Beta R - Drive Image (Boot Disc) Compatibility Database - Hardware. How to mod your HP Pavilion to improve air flow to the fan. Nobody was Born with Linux Knowledge. Installing the latest Wine on Ubuntu. Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives (such as Kubuntu) obtain software from packages which are stored in repositories.

Installing the latest Wine on Ubuntu

Ubuntu's default repository includes Wine, however if you want to stay up to date with the latest Wine package you can use WineHQ's by following these instructions. Adding the WineHQ PPA Repository: Open the Software Sources menu by launching the Ubuntu Software Center and selecting Edit->Software Sources. Choose the Other Software tab and click Add. Then, copy and paste the line below. HowTo: Ubuntu Linux on HP Pavilion series laptops. - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers.

100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications. The following is a list of about 100 of the best OpenSource Applications, that actually help make Linux more usable for people.

100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications

It is my hope that this list shows potential Linux users that there really is a large, effective, productive and usable range of free, OpenSource applications. For existing Linux users (like myself), I think this will provide a great resource in finding applications that may better suit your needs, or just for fun! Needless to say, this is just some of the thousands of applications available! I develop web sites, so this list tends to focus on applications which support that type of work.


Ubuntu. Man Pages: Index Page. FOSSCasts - Free Linux, Unix, and Open Source Screencasts. UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners. A beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating system.

UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners

Eight simple tutorials which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands. Introduction to the UNIX Operating System What is UNIX? Files and processes The Directory Structure Starting an UNIX terminal Tutorial One Listing files and directories Making Directories Changing to a different Directory The directories . and .. Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHu.