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Raw Press. Welcome To - Glaser Organic Farms. Downtown Consulting - DOWNTOWN EPICURE. The Ultimate Guide to LA's Best Juice Bars, Mapped - Eater Maps. Sustain Juicery. Established in 2011 Sustain Juicery is located in the heart of an eclectic Historic Downtown.

Sustain Juicery

This booming area has attracted many businesses and residents alike. Catering to this diverse neighborhood, Sustain Juicery is forming itself into the provider of a healthy standard in downtown. Sustain Juicery's concept developed rapidly with one thing in mind; Atmosphere. We wanted to steer away from other juice bars, by creating an intimate organic vibe between customers and juicetenders. No fussy marketing posters, gimmick items, photoshop'd pictures... etc. Everything we have is layed out in plain sight; the smell, the colors, the feel, the juice.Fresh cold pressed organic juices are always made to order. THE JUICE - THE JUICE.

A Handy Guide to Hangover Juices in Los Angeles - Hangover Power Hour. Moon Juice opens an outpost at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. (Photo: Moon Juice) Last week, Moon Juice, the popular indie brand with serious wellness cool factor, opened a location at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.

Moon Juice opens an outpost at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

And while it’s destined to become a hotspot for Angelenos, raw room service and cleanses are among a handful of offerings for hotel guests. “We really match [the Ace Hotel] on so many levels,” Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon says, about the partnership. “We both have similar intentions of providing the best in health and wellness for people.” Moon Juice opens an outpost at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. Thejuicenashville. Kale Me Crazy. Help us Juice the World - Own a juice bar. Home. Juice Bar, Smoothie, Cafe Business, Franchise Opportunities, Performance Food Centers. The Springs: An urban wellness oasis springs up in DTLA. The Springs founders Kimberly Helms and Jared Stein met while working on American Idiot.

The Springs: An urban wellness oasis springs up in DTLA

(Photo: Kirstin Johnson) Downtown Los Angeles’ flourishing Arts District is getting an urban oasis (at 608 Mateo St.) devoted entirely to the good things in life, like yoga, raw food, and spa treatments to name a few. Called The Springs, and opening any second now, the industrial chic 13,000-square-foot space is the brainchild of New York transplants Jared Stein and Kimberly Helms. The healthy duo—who met working on the American Idiot musical (Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is an investor in the venture)—have approached The Springs much like a Broadway production, assembling a crack team of experts to get the show on the road.

Caliwater cactus drink founder: ‘We’re where Zico was 10 years ago’ Hotels get into the fresh juice craze. Fresh squeezed orange juice just won't do for some hotel guests these days.

Hotels get into the fresh juice craze

The health-conscious traveling public now wants healthy juice concoctions with ingredients such as kale, red beets, ginger and carrots. Fresh juice stores are becoming almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks, and hotels are seeing an opportunity. "If you look at hotels overall, they're starting to be much more lifestyle locations," says Joe Pawlak, senior vice president at Technomic, Inc., a consulting firm for the food service industry. "Fresh is a term that really resonates strongly with consumers.

Hotel players are jumping onboard. " ALSO ONLINE: Travelers discover healthier ways to eat on the roadTWITTER: Follow USA TODAY's Nancy Trejos. Synergy Restaurant Consultants, Food Service Consulting. Service 101: Beyond Profit, How to Open a Juice bar. If you’ve even played around with the idea of opening a juice bar, you’re not alone.

Service 101: Beyond Profit, How to Open a Juice bar

Lots of people–about one in ten new restaurant owners today–want to invest time and money into turning fruits and vegetables into liquid gold. I work as a restaurant consultant in the city of Los Angeles and in a few city blocks there are at least one or two juice bars and there are more on their way. Fresh juice bars are a $5 billion dollar business that’s projected to grow from 4% to 8% a year. So why is a fresh juice bar such a popular idea? Well, if you think running a juice bar is easy, think again. Search the internet for suggestions of how to start your own juice bar, and you’ll find advice that suggests that location is the most important thing to figure out first.

As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for over two decades, I humbly suggest you consider something else first: is running a juice bar something you want to do for the next five years? A Blueprint for success. Dig Inn opens a kombucha bar at its Union Square location. On Monday, Dig Inn (formerly The Pump) will give customers coming in for their popular build-your-own marketplates something new to sip on.

Dig Inn opens a kombucha bar at its Union Square location

The Union Square location will be debuting a kombucha bar, and pouring probiotic brews from Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK). Kombucha is served from kegs at various restaurants and bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan (and even as an alcoholic beverage in Queens), but Dig Inn’s “‘Buch Bar” is the first of its kind in New York. Dig Inn’s biggest competitor to date is Whole Foods Union Square, which serves a rival brand on tap out of its second floor cafe. Founder Adam Eskin says he’s ready to give them a run for their money.

Eskin started thinking SCOBYs after his fresh-pressed juices became popular. “I started drinking kombucha, personally, and I thought KBBK was much tastier than the other products I’d tried,” Eskin says. If he’s right and the bar is a success, he’s planning on building similar kombucha bars into the design of future Dig Inn locations. Juice Baby parks its green-juice mobile next to Hamptons fitness hotspots. A new mobile juice trailer just pulled into the Hamptons, and it’s parking its green juices and smoothies next to popular fitness studios like SoulCycle and Physique 57.

Juice Baby parks its green-juice mobile next to Hamptons fitness hotspots

Juice Baby was created by 25-year-old Victoria Smith, a corporate defector turned healthy chef, who was able to secure a spot outside the Hayground School in Bridgehampton, which is conveniently located next to fitness-focused businesses. (In addition to Soul and Physique, personal training studio Personal Best is also located in the Butter Lane Barn.)

Smith sources as much of the produce as possible from local farms, like McKay and Satur, and her staff juices it fresh to order (in a Nutrifaster 450, if you must know). Green juice: A new Brooklyn juice bar. This West Coast brand wants to change how you drink juice. Like a great coffee house, SōW provides beautiful garnishes and an upscale sipping experience.

This West Coast brand wants to change how you drink juice

On Thursdays and Saturdays, Luisa Alberto and Derek Castro stand behind a table at San Francisco’s famed Ferry Plaza Farmers Market behind piles of organic, fresh-from-the-farm produce, whipping up made-to-order juices. “It could be beets that were pulled out of the ground yesterday, and oranges that were just picked,” says Alberto, a 32-year-old New York transplant. 21 Things You Should Know About Using Essential Oils. Lord help me, people. I’ve spent the last two days trying to write a concise, easy guide to essential oils and their safety, and it ended up being just an enormous dump of information that no would want to ingest in a single blog post. Therefore, you’re getting the quickest, easiest 21 facts you need to keep in mind. These things include safety measures, essential oil facts, therapeutic uses, and more. You’ll like this better. I promise. However, at the end of this post, I am going to give extensive references to those of you who would like to learn more about the fascinating world of essential oils, as well as a list of my top 7 recommended essential oils for any household to have.

Essential oils are not really oils. Most essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin. Not all essential oils are created equally, nor does more expensive necessarily mean “better.” 3-roots. Roots & Bulbs. What Makes a Good Advisor? When entering the food or beverage space, it’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone, by yourself, on an island.

What Makes a Good Advisor?

There are many individuals who are willing to sit down, listen to your new ideas and offer feedback and advice. Ken Sadowsky is an longtime industry advisor who’s been through the paces with many brands from initial concept to growth and profitability. In a recent interview, Sadowsky offers his thoughts on what entrepreneurs should expect when building and working with a board of advisors, including how to identify and locate advisors that are aligned with your brand and business strategy, compensation and conflict management.

For much more on board advisement, as well as key insights on distribution initiatives for early-stage companies (Sadowsky serves as executive director of the Northeast Independent Distributors Association), purchase a subscription to BevNET FBU and view his full interview. Create your own juicing business – Juicing to Profit. Cold Press Juice Equipment - Home. Norwalk Juicer. Juice Pairing Guide. Juice intel: is your favorite brand using HPP? (Photos: JuiceServedHere, JuicePress, and Suja) The healthy food world has officially taken back “juice,” so that the word no longer means pasteurized, color-enhanced, all-sugar Tropicana.

Juice intel: is your favorite brand using HPP?

A new era of Michelin-starred vegetables? (Photo: Juni) Tasting menus are the highest form of fine dining. But opting out of meat consumption when ordering one is not exactly accepted. (You want what without the foie gras?!) But that appears to be changing, with a handful of renowned chefs ushering in a new era of Michelin-starred vegetables, hidden bacon not included. Counseling. We provide counsel on a variety of nutrition and health-related concerns and goals. A healthy diet and lifestyle doesn’t happen over night!

It takes knowledge and hard work. Everyone has nutritional needs and lifestyles that are unique, as is the process to get there. Our guidance program provides you with the tools to achieve these goals. You will learn how to apply the basic principles of detoxification and cleansing to your own life. By bringing awareness to the connection between how you eat and how you feel, your physical health will improve and you will begin to notice transformations in other areas of your life such as your work, your relationships and the way you take care of yourself. Kitchen Tools (for Raw, Vegan Food Recipes) « Awesome. Vegan. Blog. Click on the photos of the items below to find out more about each one and where to buy. Nutrifaster: Citrus Juicer: Green Star Juicer:

The Story of Cold-Pressed Juice. The Juice Uprising. By Ray Latif Talk about premium. Cooler Cleanse - Juice Cleanse. Still fresh? A shelf-life-extending technology creates a rift in the juice world. Get into the Juice and Smoothie Business. There's Big Business in Fresh Green Juices. Greene St. Juice Co. Suja Life 'raw' juices in lawsuit on high pressure processing (HPP) High pressure processing (HPP) has breathed fresh life into the US juice market. But if beverage firms are excited about the technology, so, it appears, are plaintiffs' attorneys, who are starting to take issue with the way some HPP-treated products are being marketed.

MJF's mission is to provide Montauk with the freshest, most nutrient-dense fruit and veggie juice on the planet. 9 great Brooklyn juice bars. JUICE SERVED HERE. Why is this juice $20? Updated map of New York City juice bars. Fresh, Cold-Pressed Juices and Healthy Cafes. Cheat Sheet: The (green) juiciest news we've heard all year. This week we’ll catch you up on the year’s news trends that are making a serious impact on the wellness scene.

If you’re trying to avoid the green juice craze, good luck. So far, 2013 has been the year of the cold-pressed beverage in New York, and we predict it’s only going to get juicier. Vitamin Chick Juice Bar NYC. JuiceWell Fresh Pressed Remedies. 3 new indie juice bars open in downtown Manhattan. Best new health and detox books of 2014. 6 new healthy food books that don't promote fad diets. January means the release of dozens of books telling you how to cleanse, exercise, and eat to make this year your healthiest year ever. Silver Lake, CA. New York City’s Original Cold Pressed Juice. Nourish Kitchen + Table. Dimes.