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Père Pedro : « L’extrême pauvreté est une prison qui tue l’âme et le corps » Le père lazariste, dont l’association héberge chaque jour à Madagascar 25 000 personnes parmi les plus pauvres, a présenté au « Monde » son nouveau livre.

Père Pedro : « L’extrême pauvreté est une prison qui tue l’âme et le corps »

Venu en France présenter son nouvel ouvrage Insurgez-vous ! (Éditions du Rocher), le père Pedro Opeka s’est arrêté dans les locaux du Monde, où il a répondu en direct aux questions des journalistes du Monde Afrique et des internautes, vendredi 9 juin. Père Pedro : « L’extrême pauvreté est une prison qui tue l’âme et le corps » Intelligence artificielle : le robot «E-Paul» évangélise le «continent numérique» - Le Parisien.

San Jose becoming hub for artificial intelligence firms. SAN JOSE — Cheaper and older isn’t typically associated with riches and success in the Bay Area tech scene.

San Jose becoming hub for artificial intelligence firms

But that’s just what San Jose is offering — cheaper office rent and older tech workers — to a rapidly expanding cohort of companies focused on artificial intelligence, the explosive new frontier in tech. “San Francisco has the gamers, we have the grownups,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. “We’ve got a very rich pool of talented, skilled workers.” Much of Silicon Valley has seen skyrocketing tech growth, driven in large part by an army of young engineers, developers and entrepreneurs. San Jose, which had built up its cred as a tech hub in the ’80s and ’90s on the strength of chip firms such as Maxim, and Cypress Semiconductor, has seen its star eclipsed by the booming innovative tech giants on the Peninsula.

Cette grande banque vendue pour 1 euro symbolique... Big Philanthropy Gets A Boost: 14 Titans From 7 Countries Join The Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge. This is why your laptop battery dies fast - CNET. Quick, what is the biggest drain on your laptop's battery?

This is why your laptop battery dies fast - CNET

If you answered "the display," you're right -- for the most part. The single biggest occupier of battery resources, day in and day out, is your laptop's display. More specifically, it's the that energy goes into powering the backlight that illuminates the pixels on your laptop's display. The obvious move to extend battery life is then to lower your display's brightness. On either a Windows 10 laptop or an Apple MacBook, you can usually do this on the keyboard, but there are a couple other settings to change that will help automate the process. Judah Vs. The Machines. As Judah Friedlander himself teased on the Disrupt NY stage, today we present to the world: Judah Vs.

Judah Vs. The Machines

The Machines. Judah Vs. The Machines is an eight-episode web series that follows comedian Judah Friedlander as he takes on the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems to see who truly reigns supreme. The series was produced by The Onion, in collaboration with TechCrunch, and is an excellent combination of informative content and hilarity. You can check out all eight episodes below and enjoy a little binge view. AI May Hold the Key to Stopping Suicide. Every day in the United States about 120 people commit suicide.

AI May Hold the Key to Stopping Suicide

At nearly 45,000 suicides annually, it's the 10th-leading cause of death in the U.S. and its rate is increasing year by year, national data shows. Healthcare providers have ways to prevent a suicide attempt, but often they don't know in advance who needs the intervention most. "We've been doing this for 50 years, and our ability is still at chance level," says Jessica Ribeiro, a psychologist and researcher at Florida State University.

Facebook F8 conference 2017: the latest news and biggest changes coming to the platform - The Verge. Facebook Messenger adds app extensions and a bot store - The Verge. How to Build a Chatbot - IBM Watson. Sous-préfectures : au moins 64 à supprimer. Avec près de 25.814 fonctionnaires au sein des préfectures et des sous-préfectures, il importe de mieux préciser quelles pourraient être en la matière les marges de manœuvre, sachant que l'ambition des pouvoirs publics devrait être de favoriser une rétractation des services d'États décentralisés, afin de favoriser une mutualisation des guichets des services territoriaux et nationaux déconcentrés au niveau local.

Sous-préfectures : au moins 64 à supprimer

La Fondation iFRAP propose trois scénarii possibles afin de tracer ce que pourraient être les perspectives de la réforme. INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE Rapport synthese France IA. L'avenir de l'Europe WhitePaper. Une revue scientifique prise au piège d’un canular sur le pénis. Seven Questions about Technology You Aren’t Even Allowed to Ask. What technologies and questions about technology are just too hot to handle?

Seven Questions about Technology You Aren’t Even Allowed to Ask

According to researchers presenting at “Forbidden Research,” a conference held last week at the MIT Media Lab, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the list includes child sex robots, genetic gene drives, and a simple but controversial way to save Earth from rising temperatures. We added a couple of our own to create the following list of forbidden technologies. Each question is morally or legally fraught and sets up a clash of ethics between individual technologists in search of solutions and institutions that see possible harm. Can we engineer the climate? Solar engineering could be the most important technology of the 21st century. More: “A Cheap and Easy Plan to Stop Global Warming” SFR va se rebaptiser Altice. 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2016: Where Are They Now? In February MIT Technology Review highlighted 10 breakthrough technologies poised to significantly change the world over the next few years.

10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2016: Where Are They Now?