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Don't Touch Me - Chapter 1 - QuincySummers. Tilartdouspart. In The Land Of The Blind 1/2: libraryofsol. Title: In The Land Of The Blind 1/2Fandom: SherlockPairing: John/SherlockRating: RWord Count: 12,679Warnings: The Apocalypse, possibly disturbing themes, dubious scienceDisclaimer: In no way mine, or anything to do with me, I own nothing.Summary: Sherlock's been acting strangely for days.

In The Land Of The Blind 1/2: libraryofsol

There's a claustrophobic silence to the flat, experiments tossed aside or abandoned, cases ignored. It's almost as if nothing matters any more. John's determined to know why. AN: Written for the apocabigbang Thank you to sarren for betaing this for me, and for suggestions that made it considerably better. Artwork by the amazing cybel on LJ and DW. One year of text messages: sent, not received - doctornerdington - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]

Archive of Our Own. Falling_voices: the theory of narrative causality – master post. Part XV. Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

Part XV

Prompts from this post can be filled on the Overflow Post GENERAL GUIDELINES+Anon posting is most definitely allowed, but not required. Fic of the Mad Lori - Alone On the Water, one-shot. Switch. It has been more than a year since I posted here, and yet Livejournal still asks me: restore from saved draft?


I did not restore from saved draft; I come with fiction. Obscurity. “My life is a reading list.”


--John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany The truth of the matter was that it took quite some time for the Watsons to figure it out. Blood from a Stone. Emotionanalysis: the year that never was. [Sherlock/John] Title: the year that never wasPairing: Sherlock/JohnRating: PG-13Words: 2614Summary: An originally unnamed fill for this prompt.

emotionanalysis: the year that never was. [Sherlock/John]

One morning John wakes up to find London empty except for him and Sherlock. (There may or may not be a not-so-subtle reference in the title.) Also translated into Russian here by kinoksana and Chinese here by violinclarinet. Livealittle090. i. Finders Keepers. Please check the Sticky Post to find the newest active part and post your prompts there.

Finders Keepers

GENERAL GUIDELINES+Anon posting is most definitely allowed, but not required. +All kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance--whatever. Go wild! :D+Keep things neat! THE FILLED PROMPTS POSTPut links to your fills here. CONTACTING MODSYour mods for this meme are. Ammcj062 - fic: Quick Hands [Sherlock] Title: Quick HandsFandom: SherlockCharacters/Pairings: Sherlock Homes, John Watson, minor Mike StamfordRatings/Warnings: I’m not deaf, nor do I know anybody who is, so apologies if my characterization or depiction of deafness is off.

ammcj062 - fic: Quick Hands [Sherlock]

I tried my best, and if I made any mistakes I don’t mean to offend.Author Notes: written for the comment-fic prompt "Sherlock (BBC), John's leg wasn't psychosomatically crippled, his hearing was. What use could this lunatic have for a deaf man? " John walks into the laboratory at Barts, mentally cataloguing all the changes since he’s been in the room – oh, so very long ago.

“Bit different from my day,” he comments. It’s still disorienting to feel his mouth move and his lungs expel air and his vocal chords vibrate but not hear any sound. The man – Sherlock Holmes, Mike had written when they were sitting on the bench – glances up from the microscope and says something to Mike, who responds. Mike seems to catch the fleeting expression of frustration.

The Hay Wain Chapter 1: Kind, a sherlock fanfic. The Haywain Kind Everyone was kind.

The Hay Wain Chapter 1: Kind, a sherlock fanfic

So very kind. Grandmere. The doctors and nurses, who didn't dress like doctors and nurses at all. He was sick to death of kindness. But It's Not Broken. You are a Paradigm. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

You are a Paradigm

Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 1 There is a loose floorboard in the upstairs bedroom of 221B. Silence Isn't Golden - Summer_Story - Sherlock. Sherlock is expecting shouting and anger and words flying when he returns to John.

Silence Isn't Golden - Summer_Story - Sherlock

He expects the rage on John’s features, expects the punch that knocks him into the table. What he doesn’t expect, and he had put it off at first for John just being that angry, is the silence. He is silent. Completely and utterly silent. Even after Sherlock corrects himself and moves to speak, John makes no noise, only contorts his face to express his anger and relief and pain. It’s a week later, and John still says nothing. When The Bough Breaks. Title: When the Bough BreaksSummary: Sherlock finds himself playing unwilling babysitter to a blond, blue-eyed baby who bears a striking resemblance to a certain doctor...Rating: GGenre: comedy, awwwwwwwWarning: Bring insulinDisclaimer: All characters are property of ACD, Marvelous Mark Gatiss, Steven "The Moff" Moffat, and the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.Wordcount: 8000Author's Note: Yes, this is crack!

Fic. And kid! Fic. And a crossover, kind of. Sadynax and her astoundingly adorable pictures of Baby! It was another long day; a half day at the clinic that turned into a 3/4 day with the patient backlog, then clearing up that break-in case at Abbey Road Studios (master digital tapes missing, the substitute sound engineer did it, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were eternally grateful, blah blah blah). "Bugger! " "Don't worry about me -- I can handle the groceries," John grumbled. Molly didn't even bother to look, although Sherlock gave him a shark-like smile. Emotionanalysis: the year that never was. [Sherlock/John] Shadows on the Wall. It starts as a whisper during basic training, a little internal voice that chips in just before he makes a decision. Like when Myers, the hot-shot with the perfect scores, fires what everyone believes is a full clip and the little voice says wait.

John is the only one who doesn't stand and so the last bullet (fired when Myers spins his pistol like a western gunslinger) goes through Hodges' leg instead of John's chest. An Experiment in Empathy - belovedmuerto. The World On His Wrist. They tell me their secrets (will you tell me yours too), John/Sherlock, PG-13.

Empathy - Chapter 1 - Blind_Author - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms. Chapter Text empathy (noun)1. The ability to understand and share the feelings of another John always found it hard to pin down exactly when he'd realised what he was doing was out of the ordinary. When you were a child, you thought your world was the only world that existed, that everything that happened to you and everything you did was normal, and no one ever experienced anything differently. Gradually, through comments of 'you can't possibly know that John', 'what an imagination you have' and 'stop lying' he became aware that no one else knew what other people were feeling all the time.

Fanfic: Sherlock's Trick Ch 5, Sherlock. Lestrade stared at the scene in front of him in shock. To his left, John and Sherlock were leaning against each other, laughing. To his right, Anderson held a wooden stake and a mallet. Lestrade ran a hand over his face, all of the little incidents over the last few months beginning to add up. Anderson looked angry and increasingly confused. He lowered his left hand, it contained the mallet, but kept his right held in a defensive position. "Nor do I," Sherlock glared at Anderson, "And only by a week. "What in the hell is going on? " "Nothing. Part II. Points of Tangency - harlequindreaming (armydoctor) - Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Sherlock. It begins like this: John Watson, taking a walk in the park, gait leaning heavy on the cane and brow furrowed at the world.

Vibrations - Chapter 3 - 221b_ee. A Study in Rehabilitation - TheWhiteLily. One.