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Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling Presented with Film Stills from Pixar Films. ©2012 Disney/Pixar.

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling Presented with Film Stills from Pixar Films

Back in 2001, former Pixar story artist Emma Coats tweeted this series of "story basics" in 2011. Now someone has taken the rules and superimposed them over stills from Pixar films, noting, wisely, that all Disney copyrights, trademarks, and logos are owned by The Walt Disney Company. The images are posted in an album on imgur, the online image hosting service, by the guy behind Bert is Evil, Dino Ignacio (@dinoignacio). While the Pixar storytelling rules make sense in the world of Pixar, they are also true for almost any other kind of storytelling. For instance, #11:" Putting it on paper let's you start fixing it. So follow your heart...and check out these cool images. 'Where Should I Go to College?' - Mark Edmundson. Where should you go to college--assuming you're a high school student and getting ready for this new phase of your life?

'Where Should I Go to College?' - Mark Edmundson

Where should you encourage your son or daughter to go--assuming that you're a parent? As a college professor, I get asked the where-to-go question frequently, and I know that all of us teaching in colleges and universities do too. How should one answer? What is the right thing to say to someone deciding on his or her future? For myself, I'm inclined to respond by posing another question. I hate Strong Female Characters.

I hate Strong Female Characters.

I hate Strong Female Characters

As someone spends a fair amount of time complaining on the internet that there aren’t enough female heroes out there, this may seem a strange and out of character thing to say. And of course, I love all sorts of female characters who exhibit great resilience and courage. I love it when Angel asks Buffy what’s left when he takes away her weapons and her friends and she grabs his sword between her palms and says “Me”. In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I love Zhang Ziyi’s Jen sneering “He is my defeated foe” when asked if she’s related to Chow Yun-Fat's Li Mu Bai. No, you're not entitled to your opinion. Every year, I try to do at least two things with my students at least once.

No, you're not entitled to your opinion

First, I make a point of addressing them as “philosophers” – a bit cheesy, but hopefully it encourages active learning.


The HBR List 2009 - Just Because I'm Nice Don't Assume I'm Dumb. When we encounter someone new, we quickly seek answers to two questions rooted.

The HBR List 2009 - Just Because I'm Nice Don't Assume I'm Dumb

Forgive Me Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick. Posted on August 13, 2013 by thereadingzone The first day of school is imminent and this new YA book is one that I want to make sure all high school teachers place in their classroom library.

Forgive Me Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

What Speak did for awareness of sexual assault, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock will do for teen suicide and depression. It’s a must read for every teacher. It’s not an easy read by any means, but it is an important one. It’s Leonard Peacock’s 18th birthday and he is prepared to end his life. Directions Against Man-pleasing. Or that overvaluing the Favour and Censure of Man, which is the Fruit of Pride, and a great cause of Hypocrisy; or, Directions against Idolizing Man. by Richard Baxter Direction I.

Directions Against Man-pleasing

Do Not Run to the Opposite Extreme The Proper Respect We are to Have Towards Men Consider the Nature of Man in General Direct II. The Favour of Men is a Snare Direction III. Remember How Silly a Creature Man Is Direction IV. [Bottom] Anti-vaxxers: Why parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should be sued or criminally charged. Photo by Yuri Gripas/Reuters What if a mother decided not to vaccinate her daughter for measles, based on rumors that the vaccine causes autism, and her daughter gets the disease at the age of 4 and passes it to a 1-year-old, who is too young for the vaccine, at her day care center.

Anti-vaxxers: Why parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should be sued or criminally charged

The Poet Speaks of Art. Harry Rusche, English Department, Emory University.

The Poet Speaks of Art

This project is designed for the students of English 205, "Introduction to Poetry. " Introductory Remarks Additional Readings. President Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients. The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release.

President Obama Names Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients

Being an UPstander to Bullying: First Responders. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard with a fantastic team to prepare for our pilot launch of A Culture of Civility, a comprehensive bullying prevention program for 6-12 schools. I’ve long been passionate about finding more innovative and high-impact ways to address bullying in schools for two main reasons. First, I was bullied heavily in late elementary school and middle school, so I know first hand the short-term and long-term effects bullying can have on young people.

Second, as a diversity and inclusion consultant, I’ve seen too many times with the way that bullying prevention approaches (whether formal or informal) treat bullying as if it is some sort of general problem requiring general solutions. Quite to the contrary, bullying is a specific problem of student diversity that varies drastically from school to school. The Poet Speaks of Art. More Students Are Taking Both the ACT and SAT. George Saunders's Advice to Graduates. 'This Did Something Powerful to Me': Authors' Favorite First Lines of Books - Joe Fassler. Jonathan Franzen, Margaret Atwood, David Gilbert, Roxane Gay, and other writers share their thoughts on what makes an inviting and memorable opening sentence. AP and Library of Congress. When I interviewed Stephen King for the By Heart series, he told me about some of his favorite opening lines in literature.

Infographic: How Money Rules Elections. We can talk policy until we’re blue in the face, but it’s money that wins campaigns. In fact, in 95% of House elections last year, the candidate who spent the most won. It’s one of a few incredibly depressing facts from Let’s Free Congress, an animated infographic by Tony Chu. He calls the topics of lobbying and campaign finance a “morbid fascination,” so much so that after reading Republic, Lost, Chu was inspired to summarize the 500-page book into a quick graphical message. His result is a visual whirlwind of facts, riffing on the trope of a single orange dot to drive his point home. “I wanted something that was active and in your face,” Chu tells Co.Design. 16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney.

The Shirley Jackson Lottery Letters. Blogstitute Week 2: Erik Palmer on practicing speech. June 26th, 2013. Blogstitute Week 1: Debbie Miller on letting kids “dig in” June 20th, 2013 Welcome! A few reminders as we kick off our third annual Stenhouse Summer Blogstitute: A new post will appear every Wednesday morning for the next 9 weeks. Blog Post: Rotters Through and Through. Writing Prompts for Kids: Fun Ways to Keep Kids Writing All Summer Long. Many parents and childcare providers face the challenge of keeping kids' minds engaged during the summer.

There's no replacement for long, idyllic days of playing outside, but if video games are turning your children's brains to mush, I highly recommend encouraging them to try creative writing. When I facilitated a drop-in creative writing workshop for elementary school students, I found that the kids responded especially well to a world-building activity that spanned multiple weeks.

Each week, the kids created new elements of their own invented society, then wrote origin myths, adventure stories, and character sketches to flesh out their creations. Big egos don't produce results, says study. By:AAP with AG staff | May-21-2013 Those who feel they deserve success are more likely to fail when challenges arise.

What if the Tsarnaevs Had Been the "Boston Shooters"? MOOCs. Reading Wildly Book Review Form.docx. Obama Unveils Proposals for Toughening Laws on Guns. Breaking Link of Violence and Mental Illness. A tribute to Aaron Swartz, the young hero of freedom for information, driven to his death on Friday by the US Department for Justice. Gun-death tally: Every American gun death since Newtown Sandy Hook shooting (INTERACTIVE) Gun Play: An American Tragedy, in Three Acts. Act I. The Gun Control We Already Agree On. Happiness Is a Worn Gun. In the 1943 noir thriller The Fallen Sparrow, John Garfield asks the police inspector whether his permit to carry a gun is still valid.

What Should Children Read? The World of Special Olympics. Texas GOP rejects ‘critical thinking’ skills. Really. - The Answer Sheet. Why Some Students Believe They Have to Cheat (and How to Teach Them Not to) Eileen Flanagan: Where Are the Victims? David Foster Wallace, Authority and American Usage. Colors of Confinement - Slide Show. How Americans view wealth and inequality.