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Investing In Real Estate

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Great real estate blog articles about investing in real estate. Whether you want to invest for income or for capital gains here are some great articles to help you get up to speed!

Different Kinds Of Home Rehab Investments To Be Aware Of. Real estate investors looking at the fix and flip model or the buy and hold model often look for properties that have some sort of value-add feature so that they can boost their investment through price appreciation.

Different Kinds Of Home Rehab Investments To Be Aware Of

Houses come in different conditions and investors should understand the different type of house repairs that will be needed as part of their investment decision making process. This article looks at the different conditions investors can expect to find in a home bought for investment purposes. Fix and Flip vs Buy and Hold The two main strategies are fix and flip and buy and hold. Understanding Risk When Buying Investment Real Estate. More investors are considering real estate when it comes to investing their hard earned money.

Understanding Risk When Buying Investment Real Estate

Some investors are looking for a better return on investment through higher yields as compared to other investment vehicles or they think real estate is a great and easy way to invest based on investment seminars or real estate investment websites where everyone is sharing their success stories. Investing in real estate can be a great way to own some land and build long term wealth.

The caveat though is real estate investing is more costly than other investments (buying stocks) and if not done properly can quickly lead to an investor feeling financial pain due to mistakes made. This article will explore some of the different types of real estate investment risks there are so potential investors can make fully informed decisions.

A Podcast About Hard Money Loans. For this podcast about hard money loans I sat down with Kay Battle of Common Sense Capital Solutions.

A Podcast About Hard Money Loans

During the podcast we discussed investing in real estate, hard money lending, and how hard money loans can help investors. If you want to learn more about hard money loans and how hard money lenders operate this is a great pdocast for you. I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it informative. Please consider sharing with those who also may benefit. Listen via YouTube: You can connect with Kay on LinkedIn. You can connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. About the author: The above article “Podcast #12: Hard Money Lending” was provided by Luxury Real Estate Specialist Paul Sian.

Buying a Vacation Rental: Tips for First Timers. Buying a Vacation Rental: Tips for First-Time Investors Purchasing a vacation rental home is a big decision, but many people are making the move to real estate when it comes to investments because it’s a relatively easy way to diversify a portfolio and earn extra income throughout the year.

Buying a Vacation Rental: Tips for First Timers

Whether you want to buy a pre-existing vacation home or purchase a house with the intent to make some renovations for renters, there are quite a few details you’ll need to work out. Securing funding is, of course, one of the most important things to consider, but you’ll also need to make sure you’ll be able to keep up with the maintenance and insurance on the home. Location is another crucial element to consider since you won’t want to be limited when it comes to the amount of time you can rent the property out during the year. Tips For Buying A Fix And Flip Real Estate. Popular these days is buying a house which is in average or poor shape and fixing it up in order to sell it for a profit.

Tips For Buying A Fix And Flip Real Estate

Some buyers purchase these homes and repair and remodel the homes themselves whereas others are using local contractors to do the work. After the purchase price and repair costs have been accounted for the investor is hoping the home will be worth more so that once sold they can pocket some profit. Obviously there is a lot more to buying a home with the intent of fixing and flipping it for profit as this article explores. How Do Investors Find Their Homes To Rehab? Many investors will work with local real estate agents to get access to the multiple listing service (MLS) and have the agent setup a search so that once any property comes to market that meets their criteria they are notified about it via email or text. How Do Buyers Estimate After Rehab Value? 6 Smart Tips For Selling A Tenant Occupied Home. 6 Great Tips For Selling A Home With A Tenant Whether you purchased a home for investment purposes or inherited a home with a tenant and now no longer want to deal with the property it still can be sold even with a tenant in place.

6 Smart Tips For Selling A Tenant Occupied Home

Sometimes you are unable to have the tenant move out since there may be a lease in place and the cost to buy out the lease may not make financial sense. With high interest in individuals wanting to buy investment real estate it can make sense just to sell the home with a tenant in place since a future potential buyer may like that the home is already cash flowing. Whatever the reason may be, selling a home with a tenant in place is something can be done as this article will explore. Lease Considerations. 5 Smart Tips For Buying Investment Real Estate. With the recent boom in real estate markets all over the US many people are looking to real estate for investment purposes.

5 Smart Tips For Buying Investment Real Estate

Buyers are looking to buy commercial and residential properties with the goal in mind of renting out those properties and generating cash flow. Investment in real estate can generate good cash flow with better rates of returns than stocks and other similar investments. This article provides a number of great tips for the new real estate investor or the seasoned investor to make sure when the right property comes up they are ready to take advantage.

Having Your Funds Or Pre-approval In Order While this is often repeated when it comes to buying any type of real estate it bears repeating since it is so important. When it comes to an offer where a buyer must get pre-approved versus a cash offer the cash offer will win every time assuming everything else is the same. Know Your Investment Goals Have Your Contractor Team Ready To Go Before You Buy Anything. How to Build a Profit Generating Real Estate Investing Team. House flipping is all the rage today.

How to Build a Profit Generating Real Estate Investing Team

Fix and flip TV shows have certainly inspired people to purchase, rehabilitate and sell properties. Unfortunately, they oversimplify the system of flipping assets for money. This causes many first-time investors to overextend themselves. The shows don’t communicate the inherent paperwork or even decision-making ability demanded by the flipping business. They fail to mention the importance of building a flipping team to streamline things. Have you ever worked with people who are not a good fit because they do not have the needed skills to do the job? Nothing can be more frustrating on a construction project than realizing that the team is not up to the task.

We all know what poor results look like. Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes it’s subtle. When a project is not up to expectations with what buyers want the bottom line will suffer. The market is not bashful about screaming “NO” when presented with a sub-par remodeled house. Why Investment Property Owners Should Consider Selling Their Investment Property. With real estate prices increasing all over the United States many investors are seeking lower costs investment properties in a number of cities in Ohio.

Why Investment Property Owners Should Consider Selling Their Investment Property

Notable cities in Ohio that these investors are looking at include Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. These investors are looking for lower costs properties with a good history of rents in order to better invest their money than they can in high real estate cost areas like Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY, Seattle, OR, Las Vegas, NV and more. As a result investment property prices in the Cincinnati, Ohio area are at multi-year highs and Cincinnati investment property owners might find it advantageous to sell their properties now while the prices are high.

What Are Some Of The Reason For High Investment Property Prices In Cincinnati, Ohio? Cincinnati has long been known as having great overall affordability. Close by is selling for $125,000.00. Genius Tips For Selling A Multi-Family Building. Many out of state buyers are looking to make a purchase of a multi-family building here in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky due to the lower cost as compared to other states.

Genius Tips For Selling A Multi-Family Building

With the lower cost and higher Return on Investment (ROI) out of state investors are lining up to purchase great cash flowing properties and as a result Greater Cincinnati multi-family properties are at 5-7 year highs. While demand is high that does not mean multi-family building owners can expect a cake walk when it comes time to sell. Multi-family building owners still need to prepare their buildings so that they attract buyers who want a ready to cash flow building as opposed to those buyers looking for a bargain. Bargain hunters will only be interested in a building if the price is in the bargain range. A multi-family home is a building that allows for two or more families to live together in separate apartment/living spaces but generally under one roof. Leave One Unit Vacant Vacant Unit Preparation.

8 Smart Tips for Finding a Rental Real Estate. Owning a rental property is an excellent way to ensure a stable income and grow wealth. For you to succeed, however, you must invest in the right asset and at the right time. Time to Move Up? What to Consider When Renting Out Your Condo. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter When you first purchased your condo you may have wanted to settle down in your own space and enjoy the advantages of owning your own space. However, condos are typically rather small, and your current space may not meet your growing needs for storage space, bedrooms, a large yard and more. Five Super Smart Ideas For Buying An Investment Property. Whether you want to buy a home that doubles as an investment property where you live in one unit and rent out the others to reduce your mortgage payment or you want to strictly buy a property for investment property to earn income from it, these tips are for you. Many are realizing the benefits of buying and holding investment properties for their rental income potential.

The tips in this article will help you make sure your investment is a sound purchase that provides you with income for years to come. 1. Get Pre-Approved Or Have Your Cash Ready Prior To Buying An Investment Property Buying a multi-family with four or fewer units allows buyers to use conventional mortgage financing, whereas investors wanting to buy buildings with more than four rental units will require the use of commercial financing. If a buyer is wanting to buy a multi-family home and live in one of the units then the requirements can be even lower than a non-owner occupied mortgage. 2. 3. How To Sell A Rental Home. Owning a rental home is the Holy Grail of passive income and revenue streams.

It can provide a great path to achieving financial freedom — or so you thought. There are a lot of “gurus” out there who promise and talk about how to buy homes and create a positive cash flow in your life so that you can quit your job, sip mojitos on a beach, and live the life you always dreamed. They tell everyone that they just need to get started. Our world seems to celebrate and applaud people who dip their toes in the water and go for it. Podcast: Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent and Blogger with Paul Sian. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Paul Sian. Paul is a real estate agent and a real estate investor. Paul started out part-time as a real estate agent and has become very successful in the blogging niche.

Paul works on his own as an agent now, but is looking to hire an assistant to build his business. He has also invested in rentals properties and is looking to start flipping homes as well in the Ohio and Kentucky area. How did Paul get started as a real estate agent? Paul Sian was going to law school in Michigan when he first got his real estate license. How was Paul able to be successful part-time? Paul had a pretty flexible schedule and other agents who could help him when needed. Paul started out part-time working with buyers, but has moved into real estate full time working with buyers and sellers.

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