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Resources for Real Estate Sellers. Real Estate Resources for Military. Mortgage Information. Real Estate Compilation Sites and Blogs. Real Estate Pros to Follow on Social Media. How To Use LinkedIn for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide for Realtors. 3.

How To Use LinkedIn for Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide for Realtors

Building Your LinkedIn Network to Generate Real Estate Leads The success to LinkedIn is all about connections. If you build them [connections], the leads will come, we’d like to think at least when it comes to LinkedIn for real estate agents. Bonus tip:To build your network quickly you can add connections from your existing email contact list or by importing a .csv, .txt, or .vcf. file. Once you’ve imported or connected with contacts from your email database, you can start organically connecting with fellow agents, brokers and prospects. Start by connecting with your own network of realtors and brokers, then connect with their connections and their connections and their connections… get it? If you’re wanting to find more qualified leads to connect with, you can use LinkedIn’s “Advanced Search” feature. From the “Advanced Search” page, you can specify keywords and the location of where you would like to search for connections. You’ll notice an area that says “Relationships”. 4.

Top 10 Examples of Real Estate Blogs Done RightReal Estate Side Hustles. Top 50 Female Real Estate Agents You Should Follow on Twitter - RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News. The "Who's Who" Of The Real Estate Industry To Follow On Social Media - LinkedIn. Top Real Estate Professionals To Follow On LinkedIn 20 Real Estate PROs To Follow On LinkedIn – The Who’s Who LinkedIn is an excellent social media website for many reasons.

The "Who's Who" Of The Real Estate Industry To Follow On Social Media - LinkedIn

What I especially like about LinkedIn is that you will not find out what your friends ate for breakfast or that they just celebrated their dogs first birthday. LinkedIn is a place to connect with like minded professionals and find quality content and information. Another perk to LinkedIn is that you find very few real estate professionals who will blast their latest and greatest listing, which is a surefire way to fail in social media. In the past here on Rochester’s Real Estate Blog, we’ve covered the “Who’s Who” of other social media websites and have had some incredible reach with the articles.

Field Guide to Social Networking for REALTORS® (Updated September 2014) Every junior high kid seems to have a Facebook page.

Field Guide to Social Networking for REALTORS®

Why should you, a real estate professional? Learn about social networking websites, see how other real estate agents have embraced social networking to increase their presence on the Internet to attract more clients, learn about the variety of social networking websites and much more. (A. Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist) Q - ProQuest articles available for NAR members only. Why Zillow Estimates Are Not Accurate.

37 Pinterest Board Name Ideas that Will Get You MORE Clicks, Pins & Followers. 575 Shares Facebook 218 Twitter 87 LinkedIn 26 inShare26 Google+ 159 Pin It Share 85 84 575 Shares × Need help with your Pinterest board names?

37 Pinterest Board Name Ideas that Will Get You MORE Clicks, Pins & Followers

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Social Media. Advanced Real Estate SEO Tips and Tricks. Once upon a time, the most important search engine optimization (SEO) factor was undeniably keyword usage.

Advanced Real Estate SEO Tips and Tricks

The more real estate SEO keywords you had in your blog posts, the more likely they were to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Keywords still matter when it comes to SEO for real estate, but there are many other factors that affect how pages rank in search. Metrics like click-through rate, time on page or site, social shares, and backlinks play a pivotal role in how your real estate content gets found online.

Improve your real estate SEO strategy by learning advanced SEO tips and tricks that will increase your findability online and ensure your real estate website gets seen by potential buyers and sellers. Use popular, long-tail keywords — and variations of them. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a few long-tail keywords thrown into a blog post or landing page. Fix any broken links and images that exist on your website. Images also tend to incur problems every so often. 10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LinkedIn. Bill Gassett By Bill Gassett.

10 Ways to Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

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How to Use Zillow to See if You Have a Good AgentWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088. When you are trying to buy/sell a house, choosing the right agent is a critical part of the process.

How to Use Zillow to See if You Have a Good AgentWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088

Every agent will put a sign in your yard, and many will go through the motions of holding an open house, but is that really all you want from your agent? Sometimes, it is hard to judge the quality of an agent without having personal experience with him/her. But there are a variety of ways to check agents out before deciding to hire them. One good way, is through Zillow Agent. If your agent has a Zillow Profile, it can tell you a lot about their experience and effectiveness. Look for Quality User Reviews User reviews are one of the main things to look at when you are using Zillow to try to see if you have a good agent. Is Your Agent a Star? The easiest and first thing to do, is to check the overall star rating of your agent.

You are looking for both quantity and quality of reviews. How To Get More Traffic To A Real Estate Website And Blog. Digital Tools for Real Estate AgentsWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088. The real estate industry has been changing rapidly.

Digital Tools for Real Estate AgentsWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088

With new technological developments and the way Realtors® do business has evolved from door to door prospecting to automating many real estate related tasks including prospecting for new clients. Real estate involves many different tasks from research and risk analysis to mortgage calculations, property presentations, lead generation and more. There are a wealth of digital tools available on the internet and now through apps that can save you enormous time and make your life as a real estate agent or broker much simpler and pleasant. The How and Why of Real Estate Round-ups. When trying to drive traffic to your website or blog, it makes sense to work hard on the things that will benefit your site and your business the most.

The How and Why of Real Estate Round-ups

You write interesting, informative blogs, provide reliable information and do your best to give insight into real estate in a way that serves your readers. With all the effort you put in, it may seem like a weird idea to showcase the work of other real estate bloggers – people who could arguably be considered competitors – on your site. But as unlikely as it may seem, sharing the work of other writers in a real estate round-up can bring big benefits your way, including improving your exposure, your SEO and your subscriber base.

What Is A Real Estate Round-up? A real estate round-up refers to showcasing different articles from other real estate writers either on your site or another real estate platform. Why Go To The Trouble? Although SEO strategies can change from time to time, some are more worthwhile than others. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The Best Small Business Blogs of 2017. Great #RealEstate Related Accounts To Follow On Twitter. Great #RealEstate People To Follow On Twitter As much as some like to claim Twitter is no longer relevant compared to other social media platforms most active users know that is far from the truth.

Great #RealEstate Related Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Twitter still has many active users with plenty of information to share. This list represents some of the top real estate related bloggers, social media experts and all around great people and companies to follow on Twitter. Not only are they sharing their own informative well written content they are sharing great real estate articles, tips and tricks from many different sources thus truly embracing the social nature of Twitter. If you are not following any of the accounts below be sure to add them to your feed and you won’t be disappointed!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Giving Prospects Information They Can Use. Anita Clark By Anita Clark People visit your website for one of two reasons: 1. They might be looking for an agent. If that is the case, they are already half sold. 2. Best Real Estate Website Builder Platforms of 2018. Gone are the days when people would roam around neighborhoods looking for vacant properties. That’s not the way real estate business will be done in 2018. With real estate websites, the agents and dealers establish a more upfront, professional and clear-cut channel where property owners and prospective buyers can meet and interact. There are tons of website builders out there that will help you design and establish your own real estate website. Some of the top options are listed below, check them out: is what we call the king of all blogging platforms.

WordPress is also integrated with the cloud, giving you unlimited storage space and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the listings and content posted anymore. Wix Wix is a multipurpose website builder that you probably must have already heard of (or worked on) if you’re into web development. uKit. The Top 100 Real Estate Blogs in 2018. Top 10 Examples of Real Estate Blogs Done RightReal Estate Side Hustles.

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