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DIY Projects That Increase Your Home's Salability. The last thing some homeowners want is to attempt a DIY projects, yet when you are getting ready to sell your home there are some you handle/hire out because there are some DIY projects that increase your home salability. Read on to find out which projects you can do yourself and reap big benefits from. Every homeowner knows the importance of sweat equity in increasing your home’s salability. Pick the right DIY project, and you can add significant value without investing a lot of money. On the other hand, you’ve no doubt heard other homeowners’ horror stories about DIY projects gone wrong. These can discourage many people on the verge of selling from undertaking improvement projects.

The last thing you want is a costly mistake that drops your home’s value just as it hits the market. Just before selling isn’t the time to undertake major home renovations. Factors to consider: What makes a good DIY project? A finished DIY project can add significant value to your home. Tools required: 9 Ways To Avoid Final Walk Through Issues When Selling Your Home.

You have decided to sell your home, listed it with an agent, left for open houses, received an offer, made it through the home inspection and now is the day to pass papers and for your buyer to do their final walk though on your home. You have taken the time to do everything right, so now it’s time to avoid final walk through issues that can delay or kill the sale of your home. There is nothing worse than spending all that time and effort only to have your deal go sideways on the day of the closing because you had issues with the buyers final walk through. The Day of Closing 95% or more of the time the buyer of your home is going to exercise their right to a final walk though of your home. The final walk though will usually be the morning of or the day prior to you closing. The final walk through is the buyers last opportunity to make sure the home is delivered in the manner that is contractually spelled out in your purchase and sale agreement. 9 Ways To Avoid Final Walk Through Issues.

Interior Remodeling Projects You Should Not DIY. In many respects, it’s easier than ever to remodel your own home. After all, there’s a world of instructional videos and step-by-step guides out there on the internet. At face value, DIY interior remodeling makes sense: why should you pay someone to do something that you can do just as well on your own? That “just as well” qualifier is actually a key distinction. While the average homeowner is fully capable of tackling something like installing new tile or repainting their hallways, there are some aspects of a home remodel that are best left to the experts. From working with your home’s plumbing, electrical, and gas lines to the removal of walls and the placement of new countertops, this article will review some of the remodeling projects that require the expertise and tools of a trustworthy contractor. Handling Advanced Electrical or Plumbing Work There’s a reason that both plumbers and electricians have to be certified and licensed.

Tearing Down Walls Installing Countertops and Cabinets. Renovating Your Basement to Boost Your Home's Value. If you are thinking of renovating your basement or are already in the process of making the magic happen, you know that home improvements are not only a huge investment of money but also time. As you plan your project, consult renovation experts for advice and tips, and determine how it all fits into your overall vision for your property.

A smart tip is to ask yourself how long you plan to stay in your home or if you are looking to sell as soon as possible, as this can alter how you should go about your home renovations. You may be wondering whether the renovations are worth the cost in the end. Does renovating your basement increase its value? Basement Upgrades That Boost Property Value Like with many renovations, you will be in a better position to install upgrades that will successfully boost your property’s value if you go into your renovations with a plan. You should probably ask yourself: how long do you plan to live in your house? Be organized This probably goes without saying. How To Stage A Bedroom To Sell Your Home. A bedroom can feel like a friendly, serene retreat when staged appropriately.

As a matter of fact, according to the National Association of Realtors March 2019 report, staging the bedroom was the second-most critical and pivotal space for home buyers. For that reason it is critical for home sellers to understand how to stage a bedroom to sell your home! Of the agents of the home buyers surveyed, forty-two percent claimed it was the most crucial space to stage, ahead of the kitchen (thirty-five percent), and just behind the living room (forty-seven percent). For this reason, if you are planning to sell your home, consider staging the bedrooms. Staging a bedroom can be, for the most part, a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. High-quality Mattress And Pillows Staging a bedroom is something most sellers must do if they would want to receive many offers on their property.

With that said, it’s best to change the mattress of the bedrooms. Fresh Coat Of Paint Upgrade The Lighting. Fall Roof Maintenance 101. Before that very first snowflake hits the ground, there is plenty to be done when it comes to home maintenance, and no – the first thing to check off the box isn’t hanging up your Christmas lights. Unfortunately, when prepping your house for the icy grips of winter, it isn’t all fun, games and decorations. You’re going to want to ensure that your home is adequately prepared to endure the harsh reality of an unpredictable winter by weatherproofing its infrastructure and employing general fall roof maintenance and upkeep tasks. So, what’s first on the list? Well, as colder weather starts to creep in, fall roof maintenance should be pretty high on your to-do list. Roofing Protects Your Home Your roof is your home’s first defense against hailstorms, heavy winds and leaks.

It’s likely that you might want to push off all that grunt-work into the winter. So if you need to reshingle your roof, your best bet is to get everything done before the winter months come along. How to Inspect Your Roof. How To Prevent Pest Infestations In Your Home. Does A Roof Replacement Affect Your Home's Value? Never Allow a Dual Agency Agreement in Real Estate.

Why You Should Never Accept Dual Agency Our homes are likely to be the most significant investments that we ever make in our lives. It is essential to get the best “deal” possible, but we often forget that it is also vital to get the best representation available. That is not something that you are going to get with a dual agency agreement. When you are buying or selling a home, dual agency should be avoided. You should never allow your real estate agent to stop exclusively representing YOU. It is precisely what happens when you allow dual agency. Thank you for joining us! Does that sound stupid? These are the kind of agents whom you want to avoid in real estate. What Is a Dual Agency Agreement? The term dual agency agreement means that the seller and buyer are both represented by the same real estate agent in the transaction. There are some strict terms which apply to the broker during a dual agency transaction, like full disclosure.

Think about it this way. Confidence and Confidentiality. Mistakes That Keep Your Home From Selling. What are the top mistakes that keep your home from selling? Most homeowners assume selling a home is not a big deal. Selling your home is more than a big deal - it is an art form. If you can avoid making the most common home selling mistakes, your property will sell quickly and at the best possible price. But, how do you do achieve that? Do you have a pen and paper ready? Overpricing Any article written about mistakes that will keep your home from selling will bring up pricing. If you are working with a real estate agent, you trust then listen to them! Your Real Estate Agent There is a reason I mentioned "skilled" real estate agent above.

Be forewarned; you don't want to jump in with both feet first. What this means is you need to conduct a serious vetting process. The process of selecting a real estate agent should have very little to do with the price. Thinking an Open House is a Priority One of the biggest misnomers among sellers is that an open house is a critical marketing activity. How Will IoT Change the Data World? How Will IoT Change the Data World? There is a rise of a new breed of electronic devices called smart products.

Smart devices are no longer only confined to mobile phones. Smart device applications and their uses have spread to every device you can imagine. Any room in a house can be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). But, what does that mean to the world? What is a Smart Home Product? A smart home product is any device that can be installed in a home that also connects to the internet. What is IoT? The Internet of Things is not so much a product or a tangible thing that can be pointed out. Smart devices connect to the internet.Information is shared with authorized partners.That information is stored and accessed by authorized entities.

What to Expect for IoT and Marketing? Experts from SafeAtLast claim that it’s no longer business as usual. New Devices and Inventions Inventors have always looked to fulfill a need. Contextual Marketing Will be Revolutionized by IoT Data 1. Beacons. How Water Softeners Can Help Sell Your Home : Home Owners Guide to DIY Home Improvement. Is it Easier to Sell a Home in the City or Suburbs. 7 Ways Real Estate Consumers Can Capitalize on High Interest Rates. Smart and Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value. Winter is a great time to engage in home remodeling. The right project will not only make your residence more beautiful and comfortable, but it also has the potential to increase energy efficiency and reduce potential maintenance costs before a sale. To maximize value, choose an upgrade that both adds valuable for potential buyers and increases the pleasure of living in your household. Other than general home repairs, these are some improvements that could bring good band for your buck when it comes time to sell.

We all want to do things that will bring a high return on investment right? Begin by selecting from one of these seven simple and resourceful activities: 1. While bathroom remodeling projects like tile installation or shower replacement can be time-consuming and expensive, there are many easy and cost-effective ways to give the space a facelift. Measure the size of your cabinet and drawer handles, then head to the home improvement store to purchase on-trend metals. 2. 3. 4. 5. Should I Decorate My Home When Selling During the Holidays?

Home Improvement: Where is the Best Return On Investment - Frederick Real Estate Online. Seven Reasons Why a Seller Overprices Their Home. Sellingwarnerrobins. Should I Refinance My Home? - Tewksbury MA Homes and Real Estate. During the course of your home ownership the question will come up…. should I refinance my home? The simple answer is that it is a very personal choice for each homeowner depending on their individual circumstances. There are a variety of factors to consider when making the choice to refinance your home. There are two types of refinances to look at. First is rate and term refinance, where you are looking to lower the rate to reduce your monthly payment. Second is a cash out refinance where you take the equity out of your home typically to fund home improvements or consolidate debt. Below are a few reasons why you may want to consider a refinance. There are other factors to consider to make sure it is beneficial or not which we will go into later on in the article.

If Interest Rates Have Dropped A drop in interest rates is usually what triggers a home owner into wondering if they should refinance their home. Your Credit Profile Has Improved To Lock Into A Thirty Year Fixed Mortgage Example 1: Preparing Your House For Sale: Home Sellers Guide. How to Know You Picked a Bad Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House. Live Off the Grid - What We Can Learn from Those Who Do. One advantage is knowing that you and your family can be prepared and will be able to survive quite well when a disaster happens. Others have found peace and confidence in their new learned skills along the path to grid-less-ness, but do not conjure up a romanticized version of happily churning your own butter and building an outhouse. Off-grid living, whether urban, suburban, or rural, isn’t the easiest choice you’ll ever make! Urbanites Live Off the Grid The type of home in which you are living determines, in large part, the extent to which you can go grid-free. If you are in a home with a yard, it is easier to become more self-sufficient.

Apartment life can accommodate a degree of off-grid living, probably in a smaller scale. You are not alone in your thoughts, as more people are choosing this lifestyle. Some are able to escape the noisy concrete city and move to quiet acreage in the Midwest or another idyllic country setting. Going Off-Grid with Your Water and Food Supply. Steps to Selling a House: Learn How to Reduce Your Stress & Headaches. Top Home Selling Tips. When selling a home it always pays to have advice you can use that is based on years of experience. Take advantage of some of these helpful resources below, whether you are selling a home in Massachusetts or elsewhere. These posts come from multiple sources across the web by agents that are well respected in the real estate industry.

Why You Should Avoid Dual Agency! Dual agency benefits one party - the real estate agent! When you allow dual agency they are no longer allowed by law to exclusively represent you anymore. Dual agency optimizes what is wrong in the real estate industry. How to Sell Real Estate By Owner? One of the most challenging things to do as a homeowner is to sell a home without the assistance of a real estate agent. In fact, many reports site that the success rate is less than 20 percent. How Important is an Open House? One of the pitches you are bound to hear from a real estate agent who is interested in procuring your business is doing an open house.

Don't believe it! Virtual Staging Tips and Advice. Key Virtual Staging Tips for All Real Estate Markets When you are selling a house, your primary goal is to get it sold as quickly as you can for the maximum price. That is no surprise to you. The tricky part is creating a strategy that will make that goal a reality. With today’s real estate markets shifting rapidly, a recent study showed 35% of homes get a bid before the buyer even steps foot into the property.

Strategies that were successful a few years ago, such as weekend open houses, may not work in today’s market. Home staging is one of the most popular ways to show a property to its best advantage, and statistics show that staging your home can help sell a house faster and often for a higher selling price than comparable vacant properties. However, physical staging is not right for every property whether it is due to cost, location, or the rapid turnaround of homes. What Is Virtual Staging Virtual staging allows you to use technology to show your properties to this best advantage. Understanding Fair Market Value- Tewksbury Massachusetts Real Estate. Steps to Selling a House: Learn How to Reduce Your Stress & Headaches. Shade Gardens That Inspire! | Eileen Anderson, REALTOR® | Berkshire Hathaway. Shade Gardens That Inspire Home Improvement and Home Staging with Shade Gardens Whether you are in the market for a new home or selling one, landscaping can make or break the deal.

If you are in the market for a new home and come across the perfect house but the yard is lacking in design, don’t despair! In this article you will have many pointers and tips to enhance the property. Many new homeowners will ignore the fact that mature plantings can enhance the value of their property not to mention the fact that the shade will keep the home cool during the summer months. Perhaps the property is full of tree roots and shade and you are wondering how to turn this dark landscape into a backyard oasis. Start your design by observing the various views. Full sun perennial beds are beautiful and I can’t live without one or two, but I find the various foliage colors of a shade garden to be enchanting. Tall Trees and Understudies Tall trees create a canopy over the shade garden. Ground Cover Herbs. Selling Your Home 101 | Mistakes to Avoid as a “New Listing” Tips for Downsizing Your Home - Lakeland 55 Plus Homes. 7 Tips To Make Moving Stress-free When Buying a Home.

What Low-Cost Home Improvements Should You Make Before Selling Your Home? 11 Reasons Your House Is Not Selling: Plus Your Options. Tips for Selling Your Kingstowne House When You Have Kids - Ask A Walker - Helping Homeowners in Northern Virginia. Unique, New (and Some Not So New) Home Staging Tips for 2018. Downsizing Mistakes to Avoid. Helpful Advice & Why It Matters Who You Hire to Sell Your Home - JD PDX Real Estate. How to Sell a House on a Busy Street. Home Selling Tips for Picture Day! 8 Essential Homeowner Tools for Every Household Toolbox. Should I Stage My Home or Leave it Empty. 5 Simple & Low Cost Fixes To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers. 5 Home-Selling Tips Everyone Hears—and Should Ignore. Top 15 Staging Rules For Frederick Sellers. 8 Tips on Selling an Empty House - Bedroom Count Misrepresentation With Septic Systems. Home Remodeling Budget - Creating Your Renovation Finance Plan. The Best 22 Real Estate Blogs of the First Quarter of 2018.

How To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal In Rochester NY. Why You Should Repair Your Home Before Selling It. Staging the Master Bedroom- Think Retreat! - Tewksbury REALTOR© How to Pick The Best Offer When Selling a Home. How Your Backyard Can Increase The Value Of Your Home. 7 Ways to Save Money With Your Home - For Smart Homebuyers. 15 Home Trends That Will Make You Want To Remodel (2018)

Give Your Home a Pedigree by Documenting Repairs and Improvements. Best Showing Tips For Selling a Home. March 2018 Real Estate Roundup. How to Sell a Home with Pets | 3 Pro Tips. Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2018 - Lakeland Real Estate. Weekend Warrior - Homeowner Repairs and Renovations Come Resale. 5 Ways a Seller Can Sabotage Their Home Sale.

How to Avoid Leaving Money on The Table When Selling Your House. Anitaclark.kinja. When Should I Contact A Real Estate Agent to List My Home- Tewksbury MA. 1031 Exchange - How It Works! Items Never to Leave Out At An Open House. How Home Staging Can Help A Home Sell. How to Sell a House After a Relative Dies. Why Cincinnati Investment Property Owners Should Consider Selling Their Investment Property. What Causes a Home to Appreciate? (Real Estate Information) Don't Let the Bank Talk You Into Stopping Mortgage Payments- Loan Modifications. How To Establish A First-Time Home Buyer Budget. What to Know About Real Estate Appraisals. On becoming a landlord – a cautionary tale staring Murphy's Law… | Westchester Real Estate and Homes For Sale.

How To Create A Renovation Budget. How to Create a Proper Home Maintenance Checklist. Does the 2018 Tax Bill Affect Real Estate Markets? - ZING Blog by Quicken Loans | ZING Blog by Quicken Loans. Hold an Open House to Increase Your Odds of Getting Burglarized. PROs and CONs of Selling a Tenant Occupied Property. A seller pre-listing home inspection can used to both find issues with the home and be used as a marketing too. Should it be shared with potential buyers?

Pros and Cons of a Pre-Appraisal. Pros and Cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Should I Sell or Rent My Home. How Grading Your Yard Can Reduce Water Damage. 24 Hour Showing Notice Will Make Your Home Harder to Sell. 5 Ways To Boost The Chances Of Selling Your Home. Home Additions You Should Consider.

How To Protect Your Home From Pests. The Best Home Improvement Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Home Remodeling. 10 Ways to Take Your Home's Curb Appeal to the Next Level | Long Beach California Homes and Real Estate. Step 8 - From Contract to Closing for Home Sellers. When Mother Natures Invites Herself to Your Home Sale. 10 Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips.

FSBO | Save the commission | Pros and Cons of For Sale by Owner. Step 3 - Hire a Realtor. Step 2 - Prepare Your Home to Sell. Selling Your Home To Millennials - Lakeland Real Estate. Flooding Issues Homeowners Should Be Aware Of.