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Helpful Advice & Why It Matters Who You Hire to Sell Your Home - JD PDX Real Estate. How to Sell a House on a Busy Street. Home Selling Tips for Picture Day! 8 Essential Homeowner Tools for Every Household Toolbox. Should I Stage My Home or Leave it Empty. 5 Simple & Low Cost Fixes To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers. Tips To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers When Selling 5 Simple & Low Cost Fixes To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers Are you planning to put your home on the market? Great timing because it’s a seller’s market out there. But as a seller, you still need to be smart and attract genuine buyers, if you want to get your desired price.

You can even seek help from trusted good real estate agent in this regard, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to make your house as welcoming as possible so buyers can connect with it immediately. Did you know that home staging can help increase the chances of selling your home? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and think…Would you rather opt for a house that is clean and nicely decorated, instead of another house in the same area which has neither of these qualities? It is important to make a great first impression. Tip #1 – Clean Up One of the first things that a buyer notices is whether or not the area around the house is clean.

5 Home-Selling Tips Everyone Hears—and Should Ignore. One of the hardest parts of selling your home is all the unknowns: Who will buy your place, and for how much? How long will it take? That uncertainty might make you particularly eager to soak up advice from just about anyone who's willing to share. Problem is, just because your sister or co-worker swear by certain rules that worked for them, it doesn't mean they'll be a magic solution for you, too.

Fact is, a lot of the real estate advice circulating out there is outdated, region-specific, or just plain wrong. 'You should always list your home in the spring' Common knowledge says home-buying season starts in the spring and goes through the fall. "January is a great listing month," she points out. Well, at least in places that don't have a nasty winter, like Miami. Besides, when it comes to deciding when to list a home, there are two sides to the coin. 'You'll find your buyer at an open house' Of course, you don't want to skip the open house entirely. Top 15 Staging Rules For Frederick Sellers. 8 Tips on Selling an Empty House - Selling a home is a stressful process, but it can be even more intense if the homeowner no longer lives on the property. What makes selling a vacant house so much more stressful? An empty property is a vulnerable target for vandals and the chances that someone will break into the house are much higher!

This means that sellers have to take extra caution to ensure that the home remains in the best possible condition and that unsavory characters don’t find their way onto the property. Here are 8 handy tips that one can use in order to make sure that selling an empty house goes smoothly: Selling an Empty House Tip No.1: Speak to the neighbors Inform the neighbors that your home is empty and up for sale, and make sure that they have your contact details.

If you live in a neighborhood that makes use of community watch or patrols, you can inform them that the house is empty as well. Selling an Empty House Tip No.2: Timers on lights Selling an Empty House Tip No.3: Install a security system. Bedroom Count Misrepresentation With Septic Systems. Bedroom count misrepresentation with septic systems happens far more often than you might think. When you go to list your home, you naturally want to list as many bedrooms as you reasonably can—more bedrooms mean a better price for your home, more often than not. But if you have a septic system, you will want to pull on the reins for a minute before you throw up that listing. You can get into some serious trouble if your septic system is not rated for the number of bedrooms you claim, the kind of pain that can include a lawsuit.

The last thing a buyer wants is to be duped by a seller or real estate agent who doesn’t know a simple regulation. More often than not it is the real estate agent who is negligent in not understanding this aspect of the business. Part of a real estate agents job is to educate sellers on what they can and can’t do. Unfortunately, the real estate agent industry is littered with agents who should be allowed to hold a license, but they do.

Additions to the home. Home Remodeling Budget - Creating Your Renovation Finance Plan. The Best 22 Real Estate Blogs of the First Quarter of 2018. In order to analyze residential real estate trends, promote cross-country referrals and network on behalf of our seller clients, we collaborate with real estate agents across the U.S. Reaching across our extensive network of agents, we’ve curated the best real estate articles for homebuyers and sellers that have been published in the first quarter of 2018. 1. How to Get a Mortgage — Luke Skar Inlanta Mortgage A straightforward topic, right? Well, not really. From pre-approval to closing the loan, you’d be surprised by how many hiccups and roadblocks homebuyers can face along the way.

Luke Skar’s guide to mortgages holds your hand through the process. From there, Skar walks readers through the next steps: finding a home, completing the application, processing the loan application, underwriting the loan and closing the loan. Be sure to read Skar’s guide on how to get a mortgage over at Madison Mortgage Guys. 2. Sure, staging costs money, but is it worth it? 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. 13. 14. 15. How To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal In Rochester NY. 9 Tips To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal How To Improve A Homes Curb Appeal in Rochester NY – 9 Actionable Tips Inside If you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future, you’ve probably been running around the interior, applying fresh coats of paint and steaming the carpets. But what about the exterior — the first thing a potential buyer would see when they show up for a tour? Fueled by high demand, the housing market is hot this year. Rents for apartments in Rochester and tons of smaller cities across the nation, for example — Minneapolis, have increased since the start of this year, and things might not slow down anytime soon.

If you’ve recently considered unloading the place you call home, then this might be the time to capitalize on a hot market and think about finally selling your Rochester NY home. If selling is an option, there are a few simple changes you can make to your home’s exterior to give it years of new life and enhanced curb appeal without dropping thousands. Final Thoughts. Why You Should Repair Your Home Before Selling It. If you are putting your house on the market soon, you may be wondering if you need to make repairs or renovations.

After all, many homeowners want to sell “as is,” getting a return on their house and leaving the buyers to make any needed repairs. Most often, it really a good idea to repair your home before selling. Remember, homes need to pass inspection to be sold. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 23 percent of home sales fall through due to inspection issues or environmental issues. Buyers can also make their purchases contingent upon certain repairs. In other words, more than one-third of total home sales initially fail because of potential issues with the condition of the home, or differences between seller and buyer perspectives on the condition. Considerations When Deciding Whether to Repair But there is more. Market conditions will matter in your decision.

Red-hot markets are typically sellers’ markets. The competing housing inventory also matters. The Roof. Staging the Master Bedroom- Think Retreat! - Tewksbury REALTOR© The master bedroom can be one of the more important rooms in a home you are about to sell. I recently did an article on staging a bathroom and I said think “spa“. When it comes time to stage your master bedroom think “retreat”! Remember staging and presenting your home for resale can be very different than how you actually live in your home. Staging is about presenting possibilities and potential and not about decorating. It is about giving a buyer a clean slate to envision how they see their life in that room. Not yours. The master bedroom should be a retreat for the owner of the house.

You want your master bedroom to be quiet and peaceful. De-Personalize by Removing All Personal Items and Clutter Any room your are staging for a sale should start with a complete de-personalization and de-cluttering. Remove all personal items from view. Your moving so now is a great time to start packing up your seasonal clothing and getting rid of clothing you no longer need. Less is More The Closet Interim. How to Pick The Best Offer When Selling a Home. You are selling your home, and the first offers are coming in. It is an exciting time, and it can be tempting to jump on the first offer or even the highest offer immediately.

But it is best to slow down for a moment and look more closely at the offers you are getting. There is more to consider than the amount being offered. You want to take the offer that is right for you, which may not necessarily be the highest one. Whether the real estate market right now favors sellers or buyers, it is always wise to analyze the offers being presented to you. When it’s a seller’s market, it is not uncommon to receive multiple offers on your property. This, of course, is a seller’s dream because it almost always guarantees the terms and conditions you want. When it’s a buyer’s market this, of course, is not always the case. Whatever the case may be it is essential to understand how to pick the best offer. 1. Some of the costs that you may encounter include: Seller concessions. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How Your Backyard Can Increase The Value Of Your Home.

If you spend enough time working on home improvement projects, you do so for a good reason. Some enhancements, such as a front yard makeover, can drastically improve the image of your home. Others, however, can increase your comfort and even potentially raise the value of your home. This article explores how your backyard can increase the value of your home. Stay tuned for the details! The backyard is often a key component that helps decide your home’s market value. Some projects can be done quickly and cheaply while others may take some effort. Why Does a Backyard Matter? While the front yard serves as the entry point to your home, the backyard offers a piece of privacy and relaxation. Depending on their intended use, backyards can also easily be adapted to fit the needs of their owners. Without further ado, let us look into solutions that you can implement at your own home to increase the comfort, usability, and value of your property by investing in your backyard!

Install a Deck. 7 Ways to Save Money With Your Home - For Smart Homebuyers. 15 Home Trends That Will Make You Want To Remodel (2018) Home Improvement and Remodeling Trends For 2018 and Beyond When it comes to remodeling and decorating your home, it's always helpful to see what's popular and trending. If you haven't updated your home for a while, you're in for a treat. Technologies have improved so that there are more durable and great looking options for more affordable prices, and many innovations have allowed more smart technology breakthroughs with more convenience. This trend report is based on what I see in the majority of higher end and luxury homes, as well as what's trending on Pinterest and Houzz. Some of these trends aren't new...they have been growing in popularity for the last 5 to 10 years, and others are on the brink of rapid adaption. 15+ Remodeling Trends For The Home 1. 2.

During the day, everyone loves to have natural light. 3. The master bedroom suite has really become a true sanctuary, especially among luxury home buyers. 4. The appliances and homes are just getting smarter and smarter. 5. 6. 7. Give Your Home a Pedigree by Documenting Repairs and Improvements. One thing a home buyer loves is a well maintained home.

A great habit of any homeowner is to document the work you have done on the home. It helps give your home a pedigree. So what is the definition of a pedigree? “The background or history of a person or thing, especially as conferring distinction or quality.” Doesn’t that sound great? Of course it does and what home buyer wouldn’t love that. Over the years I have had homeowners that have saved and organized everything they have ever done to their house. On the other hand I have had sellers save nothing and in some cases they don’t even know if permits were pulled, when certain work was done, etc… and that can sometimes work against a seller. As a home buyer, would you rather buy the house that is a pig with lipstick slapped on it or the pedigreed show home where everything is documented? How To Give Your Home A Pedigree Don’t put in every little receipt in your book.

Remember buyers want to know everything about your house. Best Showing Tips For Selling a Home. Don’t Restrict Access if Possible One of the best showing tips for selling a home is being exceptionally flexible! When selling a home if buyers can’t get in when they want to, you’ll make things awfully hard on yourself and your agent. Quite often sellers will put up barriers to access such as making advanced showing notice a necessity. What some sellers fail to understand is that buyers quite often don’t look at one home. They will schedule multiple homes to view on a given day. If your home is the only one with showing restrictions, the buyer may skip seeing your home. A missing showing is a missed opportunity to sell your house. If you don’t want to leave money on the table, it should be a priority to get as many people through your door as possible.

Don’t Make Your Real Estate Agent Attend The Showing One of the more significant misconceptions in real estate sales is that agents somehow influence a buyers decision to purchase a home. Buying a home is a HUGE emotional decision. 1. 2. March 2018 Real Estate Roundup. Spring has sprung and the spring selling season has begun hot in many areas. So whether you are a homer buyer or home seller looking to buy a home, now is the time to polish up on your real estate knowledge so you know how the transaction will take place. Knowledge and having a great real estate agent should be the top go to resources you use to help make your purchase or sale that much easier.

Smart Tips For Giving A Great First Impression With Your Home Deciding to put your home on the market and hope it sells without much preparation is usually never going to happen unless your home is like a museum and just as clean. For most getting a home ready for sale requires preparation, planning and great execution. Military Moving Guide and Checklist Anyone who is or has been in the military knows there are countless guides and checklists for doing everything.

Homebuyer’s Guide For Touring A Home Things To Put Away Prior To An Open House Should You Pay Cash For A House? Final Thoughts. How to Sell a Home with Pets | 3 Pro Tips. Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2018 - Lakeland Real Estate. Weekend Warrior - Homeowner Repairs and Renovations Come Resale. As a Massachusetts real estate agent working with buyers, I see a variety of houses. Some expensive lavish homes, as well as starter homes. And in these homes, I can see professional renovations or work done by the weekend warrior homeowner. While some homeowners can do very professional quality work, their are others that should have left the job to a professional. It is common to go into some homes and see homeowner renovations from laminate floor installation, basement remodels, decks and even complete kitchen renovations or bathroom remodels. Where a problem arises from our weekend warriors doing their own homeowner repairs and renovations is in performing inferior work and now the homeowner is trying to sell their home getting and trying to get full retail value from the poorly done repairs and renovations.

I recently wrote an article that is a great companion to this article, called smart renovations. Always Think About Resale I tell most of my clients to always think about resale. 5 Ways a Seller Can Sabotage Their Home Sale. How to Avoid Leaving Money on The Table When Selling Your House. Anitaclark.kinja. When Should I Contact A Real Estate Agent to List My Home- Tewksbury MA. 1031 Exchange - How It Works! Items Never to Leave Out At An Open House.

How Home Staging Can Help A Home Sell. How to Sell a House After a Relative Dies. Why Cincinnati Investment Property Owners Should Consider Selling Their Investment Property. What Causes a Home to Appreciate? (Real Estate Information) Don't Let the Bank Talk You Into Stopping Mortgage Payments- Loan Modifications. How To Establish A First-Time Home Buyer Budget. What to Know About Real Estate Appraisals. On becoming a landlord – a cautionary tale staring Murphy's Law… | Westchester Real Estate and Homes For Sale. How To Create A Renovation Budget. How to Create a Proper Home Maintenance Checklist. Does the 2018 Tax Bill Affect Real Estate Markets? - ZING Blog by Quicken Loans | ZING Blog by Quicken Loans. Hold an Open House to Increase Your Odds of Getting Burglarized. PROs and CONs of Selling a Tenant Occupied Property. A seller pre-listing home inspection can used to both find issues with the home and be used as a marketing too. Should it be shared with potential buyers?

Pros and Cons of a Pre-Appraisal. Pros and Cons of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection. Should I Sell or Rent My Home. How Grading Your Yard Can Reduce Water Damage. 24 Hour Showing Notice Will Make Your Home Harder to Sell. 5 Ways To Boost The Chances Of Selling Your Home. Home Additions You Should Consider. How To Protect Your Home From Pests. The Best Home Improvement Blogs From 2017 | Advice For Home Remodeling. 10 Ways to Take Your Home's Curb Appeal to the Next Level | Long Beach California Homes and Real Estate. Step 8 - From Contract to Closing for Home Sellers. When Mother Natures Invites Herself to Your Home Sale. 10 Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips. FSBO | Save the commission | Pros and Cons of For Sale by Owner. Step 3 - Hire a Realtor. Step 2 - Prepare Your Home to Sell. Selling Your Home To Millennials - Lakeland Real Estate.

Flooding Issues Homeowners Should Be Aware Of.