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A Software Company’s Guide to More Software Clients and More Sales. Ten (10) Affordable Marketing Ideas for Software Startups. Top Technology Predictions that Will Sure to Blow your Mind - Suspended. What Drives Businesses to Depend on IT Managed Services? Multi-channel Marketing and Why Your Business Should Embrace It. Answering Quora: How do I sell medical devices to hospitals?

Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology... - Callbox Success Stories - Quora. The Client The Client is the largest independent Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards consulting organization in Australia and New Zealand as well as the largest Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Microsoft SQL Server support organization in Australia and New Zealand.

Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology... - Callbox Success Stories - Quora

The Client is a specialized technology consulting organization focused on building and supporting long-term relationships with enterprise and government customers. The Client is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, the highest level of partnership with Oracle, only achieved by a few companies globally. They provide a complete service continuum of Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and SQL Server including: sales, planning, design, implementation, project management and support. Their offices are based in Australia and New Zealand and their support centre services a large diverse client-base located across five countries. The Challenges The Callbox Solution The Results Read full story here.. Cloudy with a Chance of Fog: A Quick Cloud Computing Update. SaaS HR Firm Speeds Past 2.5x Sales Pipeline Growth with Callbox.

Building on the success of its cloud-based time attendance management solution, the Client recently rolled out a more internationalized version of its flagship product. As of February 2018, the current platform served 9,500 companies with over 600,000 users, mostly located in Japan. To accelerate its customer acquisition initiatives, the Client sought to expand into several key Southeast Asian countries. The Client’s own research indicated a strong potential for tight product-market fit in the region, placing Southeast Asia as the next major growth driver for the company. By providing an open API that allowed global customers to integrate any payroll system with the Client’s suite of HR software solutions, the company aimed to bring its product portfolio in front of a broader group of potential customers.

But first, the company needed help with a key part of their customer acquisition strategy: direct outreach. ERP Software Leads: Effective Lead Gen for ERP Solutions. If you are in the tech industry and you are selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you know how challenging it is not only to market your products but also to get quality B2B leads.

ERP Software Leads: Effective Lead Gen for ERP Solutions

That’s because potential customers are not aware that there are ERP solutions available for various specific needs they have. ERP solutions can help streamline and expedite their processes without compromising the quality. However, since not a lot of people and businesses are aware of ERP software, firms in this field are hard-pressed to find high-quality ERP software leads.

The competition to get a bigger bite of the market is very stiff. More so, they cannot be lax about their lead generation strategy, or they will end up in the dumps. IT Consulting Expert Reclaimed Prized Customer Conversations [Case Study] Gym Software Firm Gets Pipeline in Shape After 3-Month Callbox Program. Callbox Integrated Digital Marketing Services - Build. Attract. Engage. Case Study: Software Retailer Revamps Marketing Strategy, Improves Conversion. Software Lead Generation: Keys to Selling Cloud BI Solutions. The Building Blocks of a High-Impact MarTech Stack [VIDEO] How to Upsell Telecom Products Using Multi-Channel Marketing. How to Sell Specialized Software Products and Solutions. Selling Software and Services: A Short Guide to SaaS Marketing. The Ultimate List of Must-Have Multi-Channel Marketing Tools for 2019. Innovative Techniques to Drive Software Leads and Grow CRM Sales.

Callbox Seamlessly Pivots Campaign as HR Software Firm Rebrands. 1. The Client submitted a list of 300 companies (100 from each target country) for Callbox to profile. 2. Callbox then identified all relevant decision makers (persons in charge of HR, recruitment, and talent acquisition) from each company, using records from Callbox’s in-house database and through desk research. 3. Callbox also provided additional contacts from other organizations that matched the Client’s target customer profile. 1. 2. 3.

Utilize a Data-Driven Approach to Generate Technology Leads. How to Make a Compelling Presentation For Your Software Product. Ten (10) Affordable Marketing Ideas for Software Startups. Callbox DialStream: Dialer Solution - Salesforce Integrated. IT Lead Generation Services - Technology Sales Leads - Callbox. Data Cleansing Services: Data Validation, Database Management. By logic, if you’ve been using the same database in the last 2 years, it is likely that about two-thirds of your marketing communications could be going to waste. With a campaign as off-targeted as that, you get a snowball’s chance in Houston of getting a sale. Now more than ever, you need to put more emphasis on data quality. Why Back-up and Recovery Solutions Matter – Judy Caroll. As an owner of a company, you can never be too sure if things would go wrong.

Why Back-up and Recovery Solutions Matter – Judy Caroll

As we all know from Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Natural disasters, virus attacks and many other events that can bring your business down for the count are all there to stunt your growth no matter how far you have already been. And what’s even more daunting is that we cannot keep bad things from happening — like ever. And while you can always repair damaged equipment and facilities, you can never recover lost data when you have to. The least you can do is hope that nothing bad ever happens to your business. But we are not here to tell you to stack up on some cans of sardines and sacrifice a lamb in the name of good fortune. To protect your business’ gains from the inevitable and, uh, evitable, you can always invest in back-up and recovery solutions. B2B Direct Marketing for IT Products and Services. Case Study: Australia's Leading Technology Broker Captures More Leads. The Client The Client is a certified Microsoft Partner, and Australia’s leading technology broker and retailer of a wide range of brand name technology products.

It operates an online store serving a wide client base composed of corporate organizations, academic institutions, government sectors, and resellers throughout the country. The Challenge. The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation For IT Leads. One of the many reasons why collecting leads for the Information Technology sector is so complicated is because they never want anything to have some kind of possibility which will jeopardize their business in any way.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation For IT Leads

If a product or service will still have defects, then they would feel very skeptical right away about a company's market offerings. Lead Generation for Technology Companies - IT Leads. Our profound understanding of IT-specific demographic market characteristics allows us to ensure solid market coverage targeting only the right organizations and contacts.

Lead Generation for Technology Companies - IT Leads

Unlike generic telemarketing lead generation companies, we make sure that each lead we deliver is relevant to your IT sales and marketing campaign so you won’t get sidetracked by poorly-targeted leads that are outside your industry. Our lead generation and appointment setting services are designed to shorten conversion cycles and cut down marketing costs by blending the strengths of simple, old-fashioned customer service values and the most current tools in contemporary telemarketing business. With our group of young, friendly, and talented telemarketing professionals, we deploy lead generation and appointment setting campaigns in behalf of some of the world’s most innovative and respected IT organizations. We connect and set appointments with IT prospects across the globe.

Want to Increase POS Software Sales? We Got you... - Marketing and Lead Generation Hacks - Quora. Selling point of sale (or POS) systems is tricky business.

Want to Increase POS Software Sales? We Got you... - Marketing and Lead Generation Hacks - Quora

For some reason, companies that offer a wide range of POS software products are always faced by the dilemma of increasing sales for such highly technical stuff. In much as the same way as selling IT products, POS systems require a certain amount of knowledge to create messaging that is responsive to potential customers. Managed Marketing Automation Services - Callbox.

Callbox Concluded Success for Digital Marketing Analytics Leader. A PIECE OF MARKETING PIE FOR CLOUD COMPUTING. November 3, 2015 Barbara McKinney Cloud computing continues to grow and make a difference in the way we work.Forecasted to reach $106B in 2016, it is an opportunity that no technology vendor would want to pass up.


While the technology aspect is agog over migration issues and benefits, how has marketing placed their respective companies as cloud players? First of all, like any technology company, even marketers need to cope with the technology jargons. However, this is not to say a technology-laden marketing campaign is what you should launch. Contrary, nobody likes gobbledygook anymore. Consequently, technology translated in layman’s terms should not alienate any other team member in your customer’s decision making panel. Selling Tips to Make Prospects Buy Your Software. IT Lead Generation - Technology Sales Leads - Callbox.