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How to Sell Specialized Software Products and Solutions

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The Best Way to Use Social Media in B2B Sales Lead Generation The most critical part of any B2B sales process is lead generation. Without lead generation, there are no sales, and when there are no sales, you will have to kiss your beloved business goodbye at one point or another. It’s necessary that you make use of all the means, especially social media, to keep generating leads.

Callbox Seamlessly Pivots Campaign as HR Software Firm Rebrands 1. The Client submitted a list of 300 companies (100 from each target country) for Callbox to profile. 2. Case Study: Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist ABOUT The Client is a Marketing Consulting Agency which was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2002. The company is an event specialist mainly for IT and Software industries providing Signature Campaigns, Event Management, Retail Services, Partner Programmes and Content Development in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and had ran several successful events for IT giants like Intel and Microsoft. As the Client’s reputation grew in 2007, more industry giants like Bosch, Castrol, DiGi and Disney Channel entrusted them to handle major events which brought them more acclaim in the region. ABOUT The Client is a Marketing Consulting Agency which was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2002.

Lead Generation Services for Cloud Computing - Cloud Computing Leads Callbox software lead generation helps software companies grow their sales pipeline by connecting with their target customers and turning them into qualified sales leads and opportunities. Connect with C-Suite Software Decision Makers We equip your Callbox campaigns with a complete range of tools and resources, which enable your Callbox team to attract the right software decision makers such as: Chief Security Officers (CSOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), IT Managers/Directors, Administrators, Product Managers, Project Managers and Line of Business (LOB) Managers (Accounting/Finance, HR, Operations, etc.) through marketing technology and proven sales prospecting approach. With over 14 years, we generate software sales leads and set appointments for companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions including:

Weeding Out Junk Leads with Predictive Lead Scoring Guide Download our free ebook: If you’re having a hard time figuring out which among the thousands of leads in your pipeline should be passed to sales and which ones should be nurtured further, then predictive lead scoring may just be the right tool for the job. This eBook is a primer on predictive lead scoring. It walks you through some key questions and tips to help you get started on using a predictive lead scoring system for ranking and classifying leads. Read this eBook to find out: What is lead scoring and why does it matter?

ERP Software Leads: Effective Lead Gen for ERP Solutions If you are in the tech industry and you are selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you know how challenging it is not only to market your products but also to get quality B2B leads. That’s because potential customers are not aware that there are ERP solutions available for various specific needs they have. ERP solutions can help streamline and expedite their processes without compromising the quality. However, since not a lot of people and businesses are aware of ERP software, firms in this field are hard-pressed to find high-quality ERP software leads. The competition to get a bigger bite of the market is very stiff. More so, they cannot be lax about their lead generation strategy, or they will end up in the dumps. Lead Nurture Tool - Lead Management System - Callbox Lead Nurturing Done Right. Simple. Smart. Effective.

Cloud Consulting Firm’s Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox Industry IT Consulting and Software Applications Campaign Type Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Target Industries