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SaaS HR Firm Speeds Past 2.5x Sales Pipeline Growth with Callbox

Building on the success of its cloud-based time attendance management solution, the Client recently rolled out a more internationalized version of its flagship product. As of February 2018, the current platform served 9,500 companies with over 600,000 users, mostly located in Japan. To accelerate its customer acquisition initiatives, the Client sought to expand into several key Southeast Asian countries. The Client’s own research indicated a strong potential for tight product-market fit in the region, placing Southeast Asia as the next major growth driver for the company. By providing an open API that allowed global customers to integrate any payroll system with the Client’s suite of HR software solutions, the company aimed to bring its product portfolio in front of a broader group of potential customers. But first, the company needed help with a key part of their customer acquisition strategy: direct outreach.

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ERP Software Leads: Effective Lead Gen for ERP Solutions If you are in the tech industry and you are selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you know how challenging it is not only to market your products but also to get quality B2B leads. That’s because potential customers are not aware that there are ERP solutions available for various specific needs they have. ERP solutions can help streamline and expedite their processes without compromising the quality. However, since not a lot of people and businesses are aware of ERP software, firms in this field are hard-pressed to find high-quality ERP software leads. The competition to get a bigger bite of the market is very stiff. Callbox Lead Generation Circuits Medical Devices Firm with Loads of Web Meetings The Client The Client is a two-decade medical provider of safe and effective devices for anesthesia, ICU, Long Term Acute Care and Emergency areas of hospitals and Same Day Surgery Centers, and products for patients in home care. The Challenge The Client produces high performing medical devices that are mainly used in ICU and LTAC, revolutionizing the delivery of humidification to the ventilator dependent patient. One of their core offerings is an anesthesia filter which allows for the multiple patient use of the anesthesia breathing circuit, which the Client wanted to offer to surgery centers across the US.

Multi-channel Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Companies Lead generation cannot just depend on one singular lead acquisition channel. We live in a time where all your potential customers are lurking on different platforms waiting to be tapped. It would be a shame not to create multiple channels of lead acquisition channels. Callbox: Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool Industry Software and Technical Consulting, Technology Campaign Type

Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology... - Callbox Success Stories - Quora The Client The Client is the largest independent Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards consulting organization in Australia and New Zealand as well as the largest Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Microsoft SQL Server support organization in Australia and New Zealand. The Client is a specialized technology consulting organization focused on building and supporting long-term relationships with enterprise and government customers. The Client is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, the highest level of partnership with Oracle, only achieved by a few companies globally.

Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help - - B2B Lead Generation Company Industry Manufacturing and Trading Campaign Type Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Software Sales Strategies for SaaS Sales Reps It may be easier than ever for companies to buy software, but that doesn’t guarantee success for providers. In today’s digital economy, software is sold, not bought, meaning providers must take an active role in educating, engaging, and supporting buyers. Best practices for how to sell B2B SaaS effectively—especially in digital marketplaces—can be hard to come by, which is why we’ve collected 4 strategies that are being used by some of the world’s most successful providers.

Appointment Setting Success for Case Management Software Highflier The Client The Client has more than a decade of experience in providing easy-to-use web-based case management and tracking system to federal, state and local organizations in the USA. Since its inception in 2003, it has steadily grown and became a trusted software for investigative pursuits.