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Element OS: Linux on your HTPC. Home - Pencil Project. Open Source Living » Video. The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC. The Windows ecosystem is filled with more programs than we will ever need.

The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC

But while you know to install essential programs like Firefox and Steam onto every new PC, there are plenty of core utilities you should install before downloading any application software. We pick out the 33 most useful utilities that enhance the Windows operating system. These aren't apps used for productivity (like word processing or web browsing) or entertainment (like video playback or gaming). Instead, they strengthen the backbone of Windows by optimizing hardware and system software. From single-purpose diagnostic tools to user-interface replacements, these programs provide general support to overhaul the gestalt of the Windows experience. Open Source Living.

Free Software to Organize Start Menu of Windows. By Garima on July 26, 2010 | Sponsored Links Start Menu Organizer is a free software that lets you organize Windows start menu so that you can look up for your favorite applications in an instant without making much efforts.

Free Software to Organize Start Menu of Windows

Another free software to organize your Start Menu is JetStart Menu. 4 Applications That You Do Not Know (But Should) Most computer users are happy with what they got. They use the same set of computer programs day in day out without spending a thought on the thousands of software programs that might be better suited for their needs.

The majority are using the same programs. Winamp for music, Firefox for web browsing, Windows Media Player for videos, iTunes for managing the music collection, Gmail for email and so on. Oscar winning video editor goes open-source. Oscar and Emmy award-winning editing software ‘Lightworks is going open-source.

Oscar winning video editor goes open-source

EditShare, the company behind Lightworks, see open-sourcing the editing application as a way to “…release its full potential…“’ Developers, aside from being able to enhance, build on and add to Lightworks, will also be able to sell their Lightworks plug-ins, etc through a centralized Lightworks online marketplace. “Lightworks offers intuitive controls, advanced real time effects, 2K native support with DPX or RED, and multi-camera editing features that remain unmatched.” PhpVirtualBox. Well, to be honest I am an IT student.


I have used just about everything for VM's minus Xen for linux. I mainly use VMWare workstation and that works good for almost anything. If you are using a dedicated pc and want to put multiple OS's on it then I would suggest ESXi or Citrix XenServer. Gephi, graph exploration. Some handy Linux commands « The World of VoIP, Asterisk and Linux. On an asterisk system, I usually need the following very often: Sync contents of two folders: rsync -av --progress / / Check disk usage for a specific folder: du -sh.

A Platform to Express Your Ideas and Thoughts. 1.

A Platform to Express Your Ideas and Thoughts

Everything in Linux is a file including the hardware and even the directories. 2. # : Denotes the super(root) user. Build Your Own Server. Why pay somebody to do it for you when you can build it yourself! [global] panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d workgroup = "Name" netbios name = "Server name" invalid users = root security = user wins support = no log file = /var/log/samba.log log level = 3 max log size = 1000 syslog = 1 encrypt passwords = true passdb backend = smbpasswd socket options = TCP_NODELAY dns proxy = no passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u passwd chat =*Enter\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n *Retype\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n . obey pam restrictions = yes pam password change = no null passwords = no #Share Definitions [homes] comment = Home Directories browseable = yes writable = yes security mask = 0700 create mask = 0700.

Open Source Scripts. Overview. Dolphin7. Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick. The Linux Alternative Project - Recuva.