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Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - All Sims - PhET Simulations. Examples and Downloads. H5P makes it easy to create interactive content by providing a range of content types for various needs. Preview and explore these content types below. You can create interactive content by adding the H5P plugin to your WordPress, Moodle or Drupal site, or integrate it via LTI with Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard and many other VLEs that supports LTI integration.

Check out the author guide to get started. Control Alt Achieve: Jeopardy Game Templates for Google Slides. Many years ago the height of technology integration was creating an interactive Jeopardy game in PowerPoint.

Control Alt Achieve: Jeopardy Game Templates for Google Slides

So, I decided to go a little retro and recreate the Jeopardy game in Google Slides. The key to making a Jeopardy game is to use the "Link" tool in Google Slides. Normally a slideshow is designed to be viewed sequentially, one slide followed by the next in order. However, Google Slides allows you to put links in slides that can link to any other slide in the presentation, regardless of order. Remove Image Backgrounds Free & Fast - Background Burner - Bonanza.

By Blackboard is a free learning management system for K12 and Higher Ed Instructors enabling blended & eLearning. QR Code Generator: QR Stuff Free Online QR Code Generator And Creator For Brochures, Print Advertising, Business Cards & Stickers. Create Interactive Online Presentations & free Infographic software. HTML5 Animations, download & Publish. Webinar software. Record your presentation. Cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces. Sign in - Google Accounts. Home. SenseMaker®

Critical Theory. Introduction Critical theory is generally defined as the diverse body of work produced by members and associates of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research (or simply, the "Frankfurt School") between 1930 and the present.

Critical Theory

Among the most important of these individuals are Theodore Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Jürgen Habermas, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse. Collaboration in Online Courses. Association for Educational Communication & Technology. Safe Patient Handling and Movement (SPHM) - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic. Patient Handling Hazards Rates of musculoskeletal injuries from overexertion in healthcare occupations are among the highest of all U.S. industries.

Safe Patient Handling and Movement (SPHM) - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that in 2014, the rate of overexertion injuries averaged across all industries was 33 per 10,000 full time workers. By comparison, the overexertion injury rate for hospital workers was twice the average (68 per 10,000), the rate for nursing home workers was over three times the average (107 per 10,000), and the rate for ambulance workers was over five times the average (174 per 10,000).1 The single greatest risk factor for overexertion injuries in healthcare workers is the manual lifting, moving and repositioning of patients, residents or clients, i.e., manual patient handling. Patient Handling Ergonomics Occupational safety and health programs have fostered research to identify injury risk factors and safety interventions to prevent injuries during patient handling. Based on Dr.

When Dr. FREE Citation Machine: Accurate & Easy-to-Use. RefME’s citation generator is the most accurate citation machine available, so whether you’re not sure how to format in-text citations or are looking for a foolproof solution to automate a fully-formatted works cited list, this citation machine will solve all of your referencing needs. Referencing your source material doesn’t just prevent you from losing valuable marks for plagiarism, it also provides all of the information to help your reader find for themselves the book, article, or other item you are citing.

The accessible interface of this citation builder makes it easy for you to identify the source you have used - simply enter its unique identifier into the citation machine search bar. If this information is not available you can search for the title or author instead, and then select from the search results that appear below the citation generator. To use the works cited generator, simply: Instructional Design Templates.

Note: On some browsers you need to right-click the file to download the RTF (Rich Text Format) and Excel files to your hard drive.

Instructional Design Templates

Once you have downloaded the template you can then view and edit them with just about any word processor or text editor, however, MS Office normally works best for keeping the original formatting. Analysis Templates (rtf) A number of templates for assessing training needs, including: System Overview Instrument Business Outcome Job List Instrument Job Description Instrument Task Inventory Instrument Task Survey Instrument Employee Survey Supervisor & Manager Training Survey Task Selection Instrument People, Data, Things Instrument Task Performance Measure Instrument Training Analysis Overview Report Course Evaluation (Word document)

Progress and SOAP Note Maker. Home > Medsoft > Progress Note Maker Create a simple progress note by putting in the margins and selecting to put in the time and normal exam.

Progress and SOAP Note Maker

This can be printed onto a blank sheet or onto medical progress note paper. This will hopefully cut down on the time writing notes and will hopefully lead to more legible notes. This page can be used to make templates for SOAP notes or to store daily progress notes. It can be used in the outpatient clinic or inpatient setting. Advanced Directions for printing the background image of the progress note only work in the latest version of Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Please consult your hospital or clinic's billing department to see if these notes are compliant. HTML Instructions <p>Starts a new paragraph with a space above. Simple Progress Note Template. AARC Mobile Apps. AARC Mobile AARConnect Interact with AARC’s social network, AARConnect, from your phone or tablet Read and respond to discussion postings Find other AARC members and communicate with them directly Read AARC news and tweets Available on the App Store Available on Google Play Read full text articles, browse for content, review past issues of the AARC’s science journal, RESPIRATORY CARE.

AARC Mobile Apps

Available on the App Store Available on Google Play. Get started with Google Drive - Drive Help. Store your files securely and access them from any device using Google Drive.

Get started with Google Drive - Drive Help

You can also open and edit your files from any device. SMART Notebook® collaborative learning software - SMART Technologies. Free Survey Software - University Students. Free SAS software for higher education : SAS University Edition. RubiStar Home. Free practice questions for teachers and students - Learningpod. Technology Support Tools. Lesson Plan Maker. Trello. Mobile Photo Editor and Collage Maker. About Us. UpToDate® is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions.

About Us

More than 6,000 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality. More than 1 million clinicians in 174 countries and almost 90% of academic medical centers in the United States rely on UpToDate to provide the best care. That trust has been earned because of the integrity of our recommendations, including the fact that we never accept funding from pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers or other commercial entities.

Watch a video by the founder of UpToDate, Bud Rose, and hear the inspiration behind why UpToDate was developed. Download Free Micromedex Mobile Apps. Taber’s Medical Dictionary Online + Mobile.