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IKEA is working on robotic furniture designed for small spaces. Four Modest Sized Homes Going Big On Style. Like Architecture & Interior Design?

Four Modest Sized Homes Going Big On Style

Follow Us... Never let the modest size of your home restrict your sense of style–someone somewhere must once have said. If they didn’t, then we’ve just said it, right then. So let’s get serious. Serious about the brave punch of style that each of these four little interior designs have whacked into their truly restricted dimensions. Kicking off the small home style scene is this 31 square metre studio apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Beneath the copper lighting is a cluster of gold coffee tables with black glass tops at varying heights. The bed is pushed to one side of the studio apartment, nestled in an alcove.

The kitchen area contains an eating area with a couple of modern ghost chairs. Beyond the bijoux dining spot lies a white minimalist kitchen that has been given the golden touch. Urban Cocoon Is a Compact Apartment in Paris That Gets a Modern Renovation - Design Milk. A 1950s Micro Apartment Is Renovated for Modern Times - Design Milk. A Super Space Saving Solution for Small Apartments. While many people might dream of making their home in an expansive mansion or countryside estate, that’s simply not the reality for most people, particularly those that choose to live in cities.

A Super Space Saving Solution for Small Apartments

Urban life comes with many advantages — cultural, culinary, creative — but it often does not come with a lot of space. Instead of succumbing to a lifestyle that is cramped and uncomfortable, Ori Systems has come up with a much better idea. With their creative bed console, a small space can be simultaneously a bedroom, living room, work area, and closet.

With just a push of a button, the bed slides away, leaving room for other activities. 3 Small Apartments That Make The Best Of The Space They Have. Like Architecture & Interior Design?

3 Small Apartments That Make The Best Of The Space They Have

Follow Us... Small apartment living is a lifestyle all its own – without much space for furniture and everyday objects, the impact of every single choice grows exponentially. This post explores three compact apartments that make the most of their small floor plans by using creative space-saving techniques, creating multipurpose spaces, and smartly utilizing the simplest color and decor schemes. And despite their restricted sizes, none of these homes sacrifice even an ounce of character.

If you're looking for small apartment inspiration to guide your own decor decisions, this post is a great place to start. This lovely small apartment doesn’t have a super-open layout so popular in interior design today, but it still feels open and spacious considering its relatively restricted floor plan. The interior is split into two parts, with living spaces on the entry side and private spaces behind the bisecting wall.

Decor remains simple. Just Pull Some Strings: 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs for Lazy People. When you’re lazy, even the most intuitive transforming furniture isn’t easy enough to operate unless it’s on the same level as clapping your lights on and off.

Just Pull Some Strings: 8 Easy Transforming Furniture Designs for Lazy People

Luckily for those of us who fall into this category, some furniture makers are creating multifunctional designs for small spaces that work their magic at the push of a button, the pull of a string, a flick of the wrist or even a mere gesture. Retractible Ollie Chair by RockPaperRobot You really have to watch the video of how this chair works to fully appreciate its brilliant simplicity. It starts as an entirely flat panel of slatted teak wood with a slight curve at the top. Pick it up, pull a string and the whole thing unfurls into a seat in a single fluid motion that’s very satisfying to watch, and it works the same way in reverse. A Small Condo Gets a Multifunctional Loft. When you live in relatively small spaces, you have to think big, which is what Charles Irby and Peter Suen did when it came to this condo in San Francisco.

A Small Condo Gets a Multifunctional Loft

It's a bed in a box. Neat Apartment. YO! Home Is a Convertible Apartment Concept. Simon Woodroffe, the man behind the Yotel hotel and the YO!

YO! Home Is a Convertible Apartment Concept

Sushi chain, has come up with another clever concept to add to his resume – the YO! Home. Space is always a factor in living situations, especially these days, and that was the main drive behind the YO! Home. Woodroffe believes that luxury should be available to all, not just the rich and famous. Clearly the most inventive aspect of the design is the bed. When sleep time is over, raise the bed and enjoy the U-shaped sofa. When it’s time to eat, pop the dining table up electronically with the touch of a button. The pocket kitchen is neatly tucked away be doors. They embedded storage compartments within the floors. Hidden Coffee Table Hack. Used IKEA modules: Besta Frame 60x40x192 (W,D,H)2xBesta Shelf 56×36 (W,D)Besta Drawer frame 60x40x25 (W,D,H) (optional)Besta drawer runner push-open (Optional)Lappviken door 60xx64 (W,H)Lappviken drawer front 60×38 (W,H) (optional)Lack Side table (only the legs are needed)Utrusta push opener Additional parts: 4x carriage bolt4x Tessauer nut This is a quite simple hack for creating a hidden, space saving coffee table almost completely out of IKEA parts.

Hidden Coffee Table Hack

(all the sizes are in mm) Step 1 Build the ordinary Besta tall frame. An Architecture Student Couldn’t Afford Housing, So He Put His Degree To Use And Built Something Amazing. House Cube. Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table. How it Works After you purchase a vanity number, we will contact you within 1-2 business days with all the information you need to provide to your carrier to transfer your number.

Lift-Top Nightstand Side Table

You should be able to use your new number within 1-3 days of contacting your carrier. The number is yours to keep. If you decide to change carriers or phones at any point, you can continue to use your vanity number. Small Apartment Uses Movable Shelving to Create Endless Design Combinations. Fold-Out Life: 13 Space-Saving Expanding Room Elements. Compact Cube Home: Storage Unit Turned Micro Apartment. Comment faire tenir 8 chambres dans 39m² Des villes telles que Paris ou New York ne sont pas réputées pour être accessibles, sur la question du logement.

Comment faire tenir 8 chambres dans 39m²

Graham Hill s'est penché sur la question et a trouvé une solution au problème. Graham Hill, entrepreneur de renom et fondateur du site a trouvé un moyen pour parquer pas moins de 8 chambres (ou tout du moins, 8 lits) dans un espace de 39m². Evidemment, un gros travail d’optimisation a été réalisé. La vidéo présentée ci-dessous et tournée par nos collègues d’outre-atlantique va détailler le projet de Hill, et prouver qu’il est possible de jouer de l’optimisation extrême dans un espèce restreint, tout en mettant l’esthétisme en avant.

Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems. Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems Article by Steph, filed under Furniture & Decor in the Design category.

Fold-Out Room: 12 Ultra-Compact Living Pods & Systems

When you live in a small space, every square inch counts, and furniture that can expand and contract on demand makes it a lot easier to fit all the functions you need into your home without feeling overwhelmed with clutter. Modular furniture sets and rooms-within-rooms containing fold-out and slide-out components make clever use of the space available, and the ability to hide things away when they’re not in use will please minimalists, too. Sleepbox: Tiny Bedroom for Public Spaces. The Unfolding Workspace. Flexible Interiors: 13 Shape-Shifting Small Apartments. Flexible Interiors: 13 Shape-Shifting Small Apartments Article by Steph, filed under Fixtures & Interiors in the Design category.

Transforming furniture and living pod systems help make the most of a small space, but when entire rooms shape-shift in unexpected ways, the results can be astonishing. These compact apartment designs feature walls that slide and unfold, beds that descend from the ceiling, and interiors that can literally be turned upside down to change the function of built-in elements. Yo! Home by Simon Woodroffe An 80-square-meter space about the size of a one-bedroom apartment is transformed into a much larger-feeling home with 12 moving parts, including a bed platform that comes down from the ceiling just above the couches in the living room. Fluid Shapeshifting Berlin Apartments Two apartments in Berlin feature exceptionally fluid layouts thanks to pivoting and sliding walls.

A Small Office Becomes a Private Apartment. Beriot, Bernardini Arquitectos transformed a tiny, 28-square-meter (300 sqft) office into a private apartment located in the historic center of Duque de Alba, Madrid. The design challenge was to create a comfortable home, despite its size, that includes all the comforts of everyday living without having to incorporate things like sofa beds. Thanks to the tall ceilings, a system of levels were incorporated to house all of the necessary functions, like a sleeping area over the bathroom and kitchen. A typical mezzanine level wouldn’t fit but the split levels work perfectly crafting just enough space for each use.

Rotating Rooms: Push a Button, Change Your House Layout.