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How to destroy Programmer Productivity. The following image about programmer productivity is making its rounds on the internet: As Homer Simpson might say, it’s funny because it’s true. I haven’t figured out the secret to being productive yet, largely because I have never been consistently productive. Ever. Joel Spolsky talks about this in one of his blog posts: Sometimes I just can’t get anything done.Sure, I come into the office, putter around, check my email every ten seconds, read the web, even do a few brainless tasks like paying the American Express bill.

I’ve read that blog post about half a dozen times now, and It still shocks me that someone who we see as an icon in the programmer community has a problem getting started. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m not here to share any secret methods to being productive, but I can tell you what has kept me from being productive: Open Floor plansDevelopers arguing about Django vs. .NETDevelopers arguing in generalA coworker coming up to me and asking, “Hey, did you get that email I sent?”

How Can I Find Out If My ISP Is Limiting My Download Speed? Créer son entreprise, faire du logiciel libre et ne pas vendre son âme ? Jean-Michel Armand. Titre : Comment je fais pour créer mon entreprise, faire du logiciel libre et ne pas vendre mon âme ?

Créer son entreprise, faire du logiciel libre et ne pas vendre son âme ? Jean-Michel Armand

Intervenant : Jean-Michel Armand ( : RMLL - MontpellierDate : Juillet 2014Durée : 58 minPour visionner la vidéo : Comment je fais pour créer mon entreprise, faire du logiciel libre et ne pas vendre mon âme ? Présentation Il y a de cela maintenant huit ans, j'ai co-créé Hybird avec trois compères. À l'époque nous savions coder et nous pensions que cela suffirait, ou presque. Cette conférence est le récit de nos huit ans. Transcription Introduction J-M. Donc, moi, qui suis-je ? Rapidement, un petit historique. Donc, cette petite conférence est un petit post-mortem de huit ans de vie, huit ans de ce qu'on a fait, histoire que si un jour vous vouliez monter une boîte, vous fassiez mieux que nous.

Des questions à se poser Donc, avant de monter une boîte, avant de se dire « on va monter une entreprise », il y a quelques questions à se poser. À plusieurs ? Choisir les noms J-M.

Librisme etc.

RaspberryPi. Refusez les programmes de surveillance de données comme PRISM, XKeyscore etTempora - PRISM Break. Aiseuô. Oldies. Outils. Matériel. 101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before. You can search Google timer in Google for a timer with alarm Search This in Google for Direct Mp3 Links intitle:index.of?

101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before

Mp3 Your song name here Use your Chrome Browser as Notepad quickly. Just copy the text below to the address Bar. data:text/html, <html contenteditable> Note: You can also bookmark this to use it anytime. View Hidden Password in Browser Go to Google and search any of the texts given below and peep through Live cameras around the world inurl:”CgiStart? Visit to see How Google View You Read: 50 more Google search Tricks Rename Subtitle File same as movie name and VLC will load subtitle automatically every time you open Movie Rename the subtitle file same as movie name (Kept in same folder) and you do not need to load subtitle everytime you play the movie. In your PC just create a folder with the name given below and access everything GodMode. To Undo an Undo Just press CTRL+Y Do you Know you can play mp3, movie directly on chrome browser, Just drag files in Chrome Window. Internet Arcade : Free Software : Download & Streaming.

Internet Arcade by Sega software eye favorite 124 comment 4.

Internet Arcade : Free Software : Download & Streaming


About the WTFPL. The Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License (WTFPL) is a free software license.

About the WTFPL

There is a long ongoing battle between GPL zealots and BSD fanatics, about which license type is the most free of the two. In fact, both license types have unacceptable obnoxious clauses (such as reproducing a huge disclaimer that is written in all caps) that severely restrain our freedoms. The WTFPL can solve this problem. When analysing whether a license is free or not, you usually check that it allows free usage, modification and redistribution. Then you check that the additional restrictions do not impair fundamental freedoms. Full license text DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, December 2004 Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar <> Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed.

You can download a plain text file for inclusion in your projects.


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