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It's magic! Polaroid-like smartphone case to print selfies & turn pics 'alive' (VIDEO) Published time: November 15, 2014 21:03 Screenshot from Printing pictures right from your phone has never been easier.

It's magic! Polaroid-like smartphone case to print selfies & turn pics 'alive' (VIDEO)

How To Make Your Own Website - Best Website Builder. Storehouse: Your stories, as they happen. Quad - Mobilize Your Group. Full. The 5 Best Calendar Apps For 2014. While we often struggle to find the best email app, in many cases finding the best calendar app has a bigger impact on how we stay productive.

The 5 Best Calendar Apps For 2014

From apps that will find documents for your upcoming appointment to apps that will notify attendees how many minutes late you'll be for your meeting, calendar apps are becoming smarter and more functional. Here are five solid solutions for better calendar management on your smartphone (iOS and Android). If you have others you love, please let us know in the comments.

Sunrise (iOS--FREE)--For the everyday professional This little app was a big star in 2013, and for good reason. Como App Maker - Create Android and iPhone Mobile Apps. Wordeo. Fly Video Editor. Cameo. Como App Maker - Create Android and iPhone Mobile Apps. Send scheduled text messages on iphone. Due: The Superfast Reminder App for iPhone & iPad. iPhone App Prototyping Made Easy. The 5 Best Calendar Apps For 2014. Tagwhat.

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New Indoor Navigation Technologies Work Where GPS Can’t. Today you can easily find your way to, say, the nearest Starbucks in a strange city, thanks to a cascade of events that began a little more than 30 years ago, when a Soviet Sukhoi interceptor flying high over the Sea of Japan fired off two heat-seeking missiles.

New Indoor Navigation Technologies Work Where GPS Can’t

The long-term result: You now have no trouble locating a cappuccino. Of course, you’re not finding that coffee by the heat it gives off. You are most likely guided to it in missile-like fashion by the GPS receiver in your smartphone or on your dashboard. That ubiquitous piece of consumer technology works—indeed exists—only because the U.S. Department of Defense allowed civilian use of its satellite-based positioning system. The Department of Defense dutifully carried out Reagan’s instructions to make GPS signals available for civilian uses, but it hedged at first, adding random timing errors to the satellite signals accessible to nonmilitary GPS units so they could determine locations to no better than 100 meters.

The U. Meridian - Indoor GPS. Explory. Split expenses with friends. Crushed Social Media Wine App: track, search & share. Video for food lovers. SlowCam brings slow motion video to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. One of the most talked about features of the iPhone 5s has been the new “slo-mo” camera mode that shoots videos at a very high frame rate of 120 fps (regular frame rate is 30 fps), which means the video can be slowed down to quarter of the speed and still appear normal to the human eye.

SlowCam brings slow motion video to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c

Although older iPhones didn’t get “slo-mo,” Apple did add a new API in iOS 7 that let apps shoot videos at 60 frames per second. Using this new shooting mode, SlowCam, a new iOS app, lets you shoot slow motion videos on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. From the app description: Record amazing slow motion videos in real time with SlowCam. Tap and hold slow motion button during recording to capture video at 60/120 FPS* for ultra smooth slow motion capture. Videos shot with the app on the iPhone 5s will be 120 fps, while those shot with the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c will be 60 fps. Here’s a sample video shot with the app on an iPhone 5: The app costs $1.99 and can be bought from the download link below. Mobile Event Apps and Activity Walls in minutes. Reinventing The Tech Conference Experience. If you had to name one thing that could have been better at the last conference or meetup you attended, what would it be?

Reinventing The Tech Conference Experience

I bet you’d say that the content or the interaction could have been better in some way. I created Onslyde to solve this problem. It’s a free service and open-source project1 that (hopefully) will make public speaking easier and conferences better. The motivation for the project came from my own speaking engagements in the tech industry. I wanted to see how many people in the audience actually agreed or disagreed with what I was saying. Presentations today are mostly unidirectional, with a single presenter giving information to the audience. “… a diverse collection of independently deciding individuals is likely to make certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts.”

For the past year, I have been putting this thesis to the test, enabling people to interact with and change the content that I deliver. Ratings And Feedback Link. Circa News – Save time, stay informed. Zula: Mobile Team Communication. Convert Your Site into a Mobile App – Conduit Mobile. HeroButton wants to be the IFTTT of the Siri world [video] Canadian-based startup AffinityClick has an app that is absolutely perfect for those of us who like to stay updated, but who also want complete control over how that’s going to happen: HeroButton.

HeroButton wants to be the IFTTT of the Siri world [video]

The app lets you set up custom notifications using your voice. Here’s the official pitch from their About page, typos and all: 24/7,365, HeroButton is working for you. Tell hero button what you want and it will find it and notify you. IT’s the world’s greast digital assistant! Yet that doesn’t really explain what the app is really about. As you can see, it’s not marketed as such, but in my mind HeroButton is trying to be the IFTTT (If this then that) of the Siri (Apple’s digital assistant) world. HeroButton is a much more “set it and forget it” app. While HeroButton supports voice commands, they’re not required, nor are they necessarily better than just using the included templates.

Image credit: stock.xchng. Kodable. Pressly. Snapchat - Real-time Picture Chatting for iOS and Android.