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Snapchat - Real-time Picture Chatting for iOS and Android

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Plastic Surgery Disaster: Powerful Animation About Trying to Obtain "Female Perfection" - 10 Daily Things This disturbing, powerful and eye-opening animation, “Supervenus” by Frédéric Doazan doesn’t mince… meat with getting its message across, does it? In it, a female anatomical drawing goes for plastic surgery. She is cut up, given botox and liposuction, and is finally transformed into a blonde bombshell. The procedures do not stop there, however, and take on nightmarish proportions.This animation is painful to watch—it documents the pressure that women face as they feel like they have to look a certain way, as well as their love-hate relationship with their bodies. Living in Los Angeles this is something you’re faced with every single day in the most mundane places.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages LINE reshapes communication around the globe, allowing you to enjoy not only messaging but also free voice and video calls wherever you find yourself. Download LINE and discover the reasons for its global popularity and number one ranking in 52 countries. LINE's latest features

Best Practices Teaching with Twitter Twitter has become a common tool for communicating and collaborating that is part blog, part social networking site, and part mobile phone/IM tool. During this session at the 2012 SLATE Conference, October 12, 2012, Jason Rhode shared his experiences of incorporating online resource sharing chat activities, via Twitter, for mobile learning in an online course, as well as practical recommendations for those considering utilizing Twitter in teaching and learning. Participants were encouraged to bring their Twitter account to participate and use hashtag #twitterinedu Also, this HootCourse was setup and used as an example of creating a restricted Twitter group for a course. Click here to join our backchannel on HootCourse!

Snapchat Over 100 million people use Snapchat every day because they feel free to have fun and express themselves. We take the security and privacy of all that self expression seriously. That’s why we’ve filed a legal brief today supporting Apple in its dispute with the FBI. At the heart of this dispute is a locked iPhone linked to Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the terrorists behind the San Bernardino terror attack. ‎ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the App Store Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New Meeting," and invite up to 100 people to join you on video! Connect with anyone on iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices, Windows, Mac, Zoom Rooms, H.323/SIP room systems, and telephones. VIDEO MEETINGS FROM ANYWHERE-Best video meeting quality-Easily join a meeting or start an instant meeting with phone, email, or company contacts-Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and all later models

The ‘Active Shooter’ Is Never Far Away Photo Thirty-two hours after Omar Mateen began murdering people with a Sig Sauer MCX rifle at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla. — the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history — an entrepreneur named Jeffrey Isquith arrived at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, a cavernous Art Deco building overlooking the Chicago River, for the NeoCon trade show, which bills itself as “North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors.” The show would bring the official debut of a product that his company, Ballistic Furniture Systems, had been developing for five years: bullet-­resistant panels that could be fitted inside chairs, cubicles and doors. That morning, several manufacturers of commercial furniture — the kind you find in hospital waiting rooms, offices and hotel lobbies — were rolling out models using the new technology.

CLIP-it CLIP-it! is a free screen-video and voice-over recorder closely coupled with a website called With a single click recorded clips can be saved locally or to Zuvuu, with an optional Desktop shortcut your clips are just a click away! Zuvuu is organized into software product channels and is free for all users. How to Use Twitter with an ESL group In a previous post I briefly talked about Twitter and how teachers could use it as a resource for lesson ideas and material. However, after having used it with a group here at my school, I think I have some suggestions as to how it could be used with students to help them learn English more effectively. Here are some initial ideas: 1. Create a private Twitter group. This is not really an activity as such, more a useful thing to do to make sure that all the information shared on Twitter is private to your class (unless of course you want to share it with other people).

Snapchat - Wikipedia Photo messaging application One of the principal features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. The app has evolved from originally focusing on person-to-person photo sharing to presently featuring users' "Stories" of 24 hours of chronological content, along with "Discover", letting brands show ad-supported short-form content. Snapchat has become notable for representing a new, mobile-first direction for social media, and places significant emphasis on users interacting with virtual stickers and augmented reality objects. Wikispaces - Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers Blogs Versus Wikis Blogs and Wikis have some common denominators:  They are both websites  They are both user-generated (the content of blogs and wikis is created by the actual people who use the blogs or wikis)  They both allow users to comment on the content Wikis are better than blogs for:

The psychology of narcissism - W. Keith Campbell Interested in learning more on narcissism? Here are the abstracts for two good papers: Narcissism at the crossroads: Phenotypic description of pathological narcissism across clinical theory, social/personality psychology, and psychiatric diagnosis and Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism: A nomological network analysis. These papers describing vulnerable and grandiose narcissism can be found on Google scholar or at your local university library. The clinical description of narcissistic personality can be found in the . But, for a quick overview, there are web resources like those found at the Mayo Clinic website or at this Medscape link. There are also some wonderful books on the topic of narcissism.

‎Twitter on the App Store Join the conversation! Retweet, chime in on a thread, go viral, or just scroll through the Twitter timeline to stay on top of what everyone’s talking about. Twitter is your go-to social media app and the new media source for what's happening in the world, straight from the accounts of the influential people who affect your world day-to-day.

Authentic ESL writing practice through social media and news websites Hello, NEALLT 2014! I’m an educational technologist and ESL teacher who teaches adult students at the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute. I’m giving a presentation on how we can use social news and media websites to help ESL students practice written English. It’s an especially exciting method of writing practice because it enables students to interact with native speakers through text. Of course, ESL students often get to interact with native speakers verbally, but opportunities for authentic written communication are more limited! See my tips below for how teachers can take advantage of Twitter, Reddit, and to engage students in authentic writing practice.

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