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10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness. You ultimately become what you repeatedly do.

10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness

If your habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you. Here are a few examples of the latter that will steal your happiness if you let them: 1. Focusing on everyone’s story except your own. 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Mind. After Armen’s list of 100 , my own 100 Ways to be a better leader and now several readers creating their own lists of 100 topics, I thought I would continue this trend and build one more on 100 ways simplify your life and mind.

13 Tips for Dealing With a Really Lousy Day. We've all had terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. A bad work evaluation, a disappointing grade, a potential crush who turns out to be interested in someone else, a fight with your mother, a worrisome report from a doctor, a broken resolution…lousy days take many forms. 18 Truths to Start Telling Yourself. Post written by: Angel Chernoff Email This is your journey, and yours alone.

18 Truths to Start Telling Yourself

Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Email At the cusp of new beginnings many of us take time to reflect on our lives by looking back over the past and ahead into the future. We ponder the successes, failures and standout events that are slowly scripting our life’s story. This process of self reflection helps maintain a conscious awareness of where we’ve been and where we intend to go. It is pertinent to the organization and preservation of our dreams, goals and desires. 21 Ways to Comfort a Friend in Crisis. 42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself.

Are you someone who likes to grow?

42 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself

Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better? If you do, then we have something in common. I’m very passionate about personal growth. It was just 4 years ago when I discovered my passion for growing and helping others grow. 7 Not So Obvious Habits To Maximize Your Productivity. I was a big fan of productivity, and, in some respects, I still am.

7 Not So Obvious Habits To Maximize Your Productivity

I’ve been a very early adopter of GTD, and, for years, I did my weekly reviews with the discipline of a zen monk. But, eventually, I hit a roadblock. GTD is about getting things “done”, but in life we have much more to experience than “doing”. We feel. We dream. So, I confess I fell out from the GTD wagon. But enough with all this shameless self-promotion intro. 8 Ways to Defeat Persistent Unwanted Thoughts. Repressing thoughts doesn’t work so here are 8 ways to get rid of negative thoughts.

8 Ways to Defeat Persistent Unwanted Thoughts

It’s one of the irritations of having a mind that sometimes it’s hard to get rid of negative thoughts. It could be a mistake at work, money worries or perhaps a nameless fear. Whatever the anxiety, fear or worry, it can prove very difficult to control. The most intuitive method to get rid of negative thoughts is trying to suppress them by pushing it out of our minds. Unfortunately, as many studies have shown, thought suppression doesn’t work. 9 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Negative Mindset. “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” ~ Gandhi Getting into a negative mindset is far too easy, which invariably leads to unhappiness and depression.

9 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

Abstract and concrete - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In philosophy[edit] Abstract objects have often garnered the interest of philosophers because they raise problems for popular theories.

Abstract and concrete - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In ontology, abstract objects are considered problematic for physicalism and some forms of naturalism. Historically, the most important ontological dispute about abstract objects has been the problem of universals. In epistemology, abstract objects are considered problematic for empiricism. Addictive personality. An addictive personality refers to a particular set of personality traits that make an individual predisposed to addictions.[1] Many scientists[who?]

Addictive personality

Believe that addictive behaviors are defined by the "excessive, repetitive use of pleasurable activities to cope with unmanageable internal conflict, pressure, and stress. "[2] This hypothesis states that there are common elements among people with varying addictions that relates to personality traits.[2] People who are substance dependent are characterized by: a physical or psychological dependency that negatively affects their quality of life.[1] They are frequently connected with substance abuse; however, people with addictive personalities are also highly at risk of becoming addicted to gambling, food, pornography, exercise, work, and codependency.[1] Scientists have been better able to understand addictive personalities as researchers delve further into understanding the chemistry of addiction.[1] Alan R.

Description[edit] Alan R. Do You Make These 10 Common Mistakes When You Think? Image: *Zara (license). ”The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”Albert Einstein “It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”William Shakespeare “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.”Voltaire Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.

Do You Make These 10 Common Mistakes When You Think?

This can be an awesome thing. Facts About Smoking. I am a smoker.

Facts About Smoking

I smoke roughly one pack of cigarettes a day-it is killing me both physically and financially. How to Hack Your Brain. Psychometric Tests : Psychology. The Psychology Department has the following tests which may be used only by Psychology staff and students for testing purposes. They are available to be borrowed from Karen Fleet in the Psychology & Philosophy Library which is staffed 9-5 on weekdays during term-time. For more detailed information on which test is appropriate for your study please consult your supervisor or demonstrator. Reboot your life: 20 mental barriers you should let go of. Photo by admitchell08. The 9 Epiphanies That Shifted My Perspective Forever.

Top 10 Solutions to Real Life's Most Annoying Problems. Great post, but here are my 10 Annoying Life Problems 1. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. Tutorial: Concrete vs. Abstract Thinking. WHAT ARE CONCRETE AND ABSTRACT THINKING? Abstract thinking is a level of thinking about things that is removed from the facts of the “here and now”, and from specific examples of the things or concepts being thought about. Abstract thinkers are able to reflect on events and ideas, and on attributes and relationships separate from the objects that have those attributes or share those relationships. Thus, for example, a concrete thinker can think about this particular dog; a more abstract thinker can think about dogs in general.