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1 Corinthians 7 NIV - Concerning Married Life - Now for the. Concerning Married Life 7 Now for the matters you wrote about: “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.” 2 But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband. 3 The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband.

1 Corinthians 7 NIV - Concerning Married Life - Now for the

10 Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict Worksheet. “Don’t find fault, find a remedy” Henry Ford.

10 Steps for Resolving Couple Conflict Worksheet

101 Things to Do with Your Husband (rather than watch TV) 101 Things do to with your husband, rather than watch TV.

101 Things to Do with Your Husband (rather than watch TV)

Matt and I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary this June 30th. I’m as crazy for the guy as I was the day I laid eyes on him. I remember seeing Matt in early 1998 and thinking to myself, “That’s the kind of guy I want to be with.” Fate had its hand in securing that later that year and my life was suddenly “complete.” Here we are – almost 15 years later – and most nights (OK, all of them!) So – without further adieu… 25 little things you can do to make your partner love you even more. 1.

25 little things you can do to make your partner love you even more

Write a short letter to them listing the reasons you love them and post it to them at work. 2. 26 Questions To Get A Marriage Talking. 75.9K Flares75.9K Flares × I don’t think insightful people always have all the right answers, but really, the right questions.

26 Questions To Get A Marriage Talking

When someone asks me a question I would never ask myself, they are doing something God can use to change me. They embody both Christ and the Holy Spirit. First, as Christ they bring sight to blind eyes. The Bible addresses the darkest places of human experience. 5 Rules for Bipolar Relationships - Bipolar. Co-dependancy. The word ‘love’ is perhaps one of the most casually used terms in the English language – so much so that it has become an umbrella term for a whole variety of very different emotions!


Couples Quizzes. ENFP vs. ISFJ. Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend. Relationships can reach a point when suddenly you realize you have nothing to talk about. Relax girls, it's not the end of the world. Happens to everyone. The best thing you can do is use this absence of interesting conversation to ask some totally random but fun questions to your boyfriend. Genius. Great Love. Healing the Cycles that Tear Couples Apart. Respect and intimacy are the foundation on which loving relationships are built. Without such safety and connection, there can be no trust; without trust, we lose the ability to be playful, spontaneous, and joyful The following are common issues in relationships that, if unaddressed, can kill love and happiness. For each relationship-ruining issue below, I explain what it is, why it is a problem, why we do it, and what we can do instead to heal and repair this issue.

When people have the courage to look at these patterns, admit their own contribution, and are willing to change and put their relationships first, even the most difficult relationship problems can be healed. (1) Lack of Trust Definition. How to Fuck Up. You know what blows big time?

How to Fuck Up

The other night I was sitting with my family, most of whom are very successfully married. Love from Afar: Staying Close While You Live Apart. My grandmother always refused to let us say goodbye to her. ... Rekindle the Romance. If your relationship has become a bit stagnant, it likely lacks sufficient self-expansion.

Rekindle the Romance

As we’ve discussed previously, self-expansion refers to people’s inherent desires to improve themselves and relationships serve as a key route to accomplishing this goal.1 However, many relationships are in a rut or otherwise feel a bit stagnant, stale, or boring. This sense of boredom can occur because you’re not learning or doing new things in the relationship. The consequences of such stagnation are serious: according to a recent study in Psychological Science, those who were more bored with their marriages reported less marital satisfaction 9 years later.2 Clearly, boredom isn’t something to ignore. <3 Quotes <3. Ten Ways to Keep a Husband. Willis and I have been married for 15 years. Better and worse, sickness and health, richer and poorer – we’ve lived through it all. I don’t think that either one of us are particularly easy to live with, but we’ve smoothed out the bumps over the years and settled into a comfy equilibrium.

He could probably write a dissertation on how to stay married from a man’s perspective, but as a wife, here’s what I’ve learned over the past decade and a half about keeping a husband. Good food and good sex. The 12 Ties that Bind Long-Term Relationships. That crazy thing we call love is perhaps one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology.

The 12 Ties that Bind Long-Term Relationships

One reason is that many studies of romantic relationships are carried out not in real life, but in the lab. Making matters worse, many of these studies involve dating relationships between samples of convenience, consisting of undergraduate students. Though these students are certainly capable of close relationships, many of them haven’t matured enough to know themselves, much less what they want out of a romantic partner. The Notebook <3. The OTHER 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage. Almost two weeks ago, I told you all about my family’s tradition of going around the room and having everyone give their best marriage advice to the bride and groom on the eve of their wedding.

The OTHER 15 Ways I Blew My Marriage

While sitting in that circle on the night before my sister’s nuptials, I felt so valueless having been divorced not just once but twice. Not a lick of what I had was good marriage advice. Therapy.