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How to Make the Best ORMUS: AA Method; Cheap, Simple, and Highly Effective 1 of 2. Permaculture Free Press | Interview With Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm. Mark Shepard has created something of an environmental oasis at his Wisconsin homestead, New Forest Farm. Shepard, a farmer and author, is a longtime proponent of restoration agriculture, the practice of recreating healthy, naturally occurring, economically viable perennial farms.

Packed with biodiversity, these restored ecosystems are a far cry from the large scale mono-cropping so prevalent today. However, according to Shepard, who literally wrote the book on the subject, “Restoration Agriculture,” this radically natural approach to farming is exactly what the earth needs. Read our fascinating interview with Mark: What is restoration agriculture and how does it differ from farming practices most commonly used today? Restoration Agriculture is essentially producing staple food crops in systems that are designed after natural native ecosystems. New Forest Farm has been called one of the most ambitious sustainable agriculture projects in the country.

Your family has an interesting story. How to build an earthbag house by Kerry Bingham. - THE MUD. Capricorn One. E-Books | — Philosophical Research Society. Building a Round Wood Spiral Staircase | Spiral Staircase Design. Forbidden Knowledge ; Machines of the Ancient Orient (Documentary) Blog Archive How Much Should I Plant To Feed My Family For A Year? Style="display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-9578209313417986" data-ad-slot="7848854655"> *This article has been edited and updated since it’s original posting in 2009.

When you really start thinking about gardening in terms of raising enough food to sustain yourself and your loved ones throughout an entire year, it can be hard to comprehend just how much you should plan on planting. Most of us have no idea what a year’s worth of home-grown food even looks like. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a very specific and exact answer, I’m afraid you just won’t find it.

As you learn more about what suits your family’s needs you can adjust the amounts appropriately. How Much Should I Plant To Feed My Family For A Year? Here are a few recommendations mostly found in the book Reader’s Digest Back to Basics. If you are an experienced gardener, and have a good suggestion for planting amounts, or want to share what works for your family, I’d love to hear from you!

American Stonehenge Connected To Global Powerhouses For Coming Judgment? Mysterious Gateways & Spiritual Portals Around the World (Pictures & Video) | Prophecy. (Before It's News) Is this some sort of a pre-planned Nephilim—Illuminati Apocalyptic energy source/powerhouse for end times events? It all comes together, but the answers are still complicated. America’s Stonehenge—Salem, N.H. America’s Stonehenge is an archaeological site made up of large rocks and stone structures carefully scattered approximately 30 acres in the town of Salem, New Hampshire.

Salem N.H. connects to Stonhenge in England and straight through Beirut, Lebanon (the ancient home of the Phoenicians) through summer solstice lines of latitude. This question has plagued academia for years. And, the answer makes things even more interesting! T. Salem, New Hampshire is the home of the Freemasons (illuminati) having been established in New Hampshire is 1735.

What do you make of it? Straw Bale Building: Case Study, Howden. Author: Dr Gareth Evans - Updated: 7 March 2014| Comment Carol Atkinson's interest in straw construction arose during her studies for a Master's degree in architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth - and she's been putting theory into practice ever since. Originally setting out to add a straw bale cottage as part of a diversification of the family's farm near the small Yorkshire town of Howden - planning delays first led her to make a cabin from straw, before finally going on to build the first two bedroom holiday cottage of its kind in Britain. With three main objections raised to the cottage - the open countryside location, the lack of a bus route and the use of non-traditional materials - the cabin was built on a steel, twin-axle chassis, making it legally a caravan - and so falling within the definition of 'temporary building' status.

Despite the obvious frustrations along the way, all the hard work has clearly paid off. Starting the build First Pick Your Bale. Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition - Apprenticeship Program. June, 2012 Straw Bale Building Apprenticeship Are you interested in becoming a straw bale builder? The new Straw Bale Wall Installer and Plasterer Apprenticeship Program is a great way to get your career as a straw bale builder underway! The apprenticeship has been developed by the professional members of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition to create the type of training that will result in real-world skills and understanding to help apprentices on the path to becoming proficient practitioners. The Apprenticeship Program is being managed by The Endeavour Centre (, a not-for-profit sustainable building school in Peterborough, Ontario.

Based on current apprenticeship models for trades like carpentry and timber framing, the straw bale apprenticeship sees participants work on-the-job with qualified professionals. Each apprentice is responsible for finding and making arrangements with qualified trainers. Atelier Werner Schmidt - Aktuelles. Passivhaus. Detailed and wide ranging workshops featured at the annual AECB conference this year, as well as the best opportunity to meet up with the most knowledgable green people around. Having been involved in organising it, I still managed to enjoy it enormously - the only problem was wanting to go to workshops that were happening at the same time! On the wide ranging, I heard Blanche Cameron from Resit talking about unusual partnerships for change, she had some great examples of action where one would least expect it - and Chris Baines also talked about working on the Elephant scheme to retain a huge mature tree canopy as a starting point for redevelopment while Neil May talked about an 'uncertainty principle' approach to retrofit.

On the detail, some great discussion of ventilation from Mark Siddall and WARM Associates, retrofit and dealing with moisture by Andy Simmons among others. It will all be on the website soon, so do go and have a look at those you missed. IEA SHC || Must Read Publications. Vladimir KovalSky: The Star Gate of Sri Lanka. First of all I want to express my thanks to my friends from Sri Lanka, who inspired me to write this article and provided me with really unique ideas and materials:- Chanaka Dev Chathuranga Hettiarachchi;- Tharaka Chathuranga;- Rishan Dileepa;- Dilantha Maneth Perera;- Soorya Bandara (Sun™).

There is an amazing and unexplained artifact of an ancient civilization of Sri Lanka carved on the rock in Ranmasu Uyana (Gold Fish Park), which is located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura. This artifact is called Sakwala Chakraya, also known as The Star Gate of Sri Lanka. It is sandwiched between the Thissa Wewa reservoir and the Isurumuniya Rock Temple. All of them are forming the pleasure garden of the ancient Sri Lanka royals, full of secrets still unexplained by modern knowledge. Sakwala Chakraya appears to be a carving on the surface of a granite rock as some kind of a "weird circular diagram". For a start, let's investigate a meaning of a phrase "Sakwala Chakraya". Sakwala: Chakra: 1. 1.1.

Jeff Andrews - Music. Urine therapy. Urine Therapy Jeff Lowe At the end of the winter of 1996, something historic occurred. During that February in India, the First World Conference on Urine Therapy took place. Scholars around the world gathered together to discuss the age-old practice of "urine therapy. " Although urine therapy had been around for thousands of years, it had fallen into obscurity over the last century.

Now, urine therapy was officially back in business. What is urine therapy? Urine as a lifesaver: What is in urine? What happens when you consume your own urine? A closer look at the details: How to use urine therapy? What are the claims by urine therapy advocates? Examples of scientific hypotheses involving urine therapy: Urine, enzymes and heart diseases: Urine, urea and liver cancer: So what can we conclude? The basic definition of "urine therapy" is using (your own) urine internally or externally as a way to aid or sustain your heath. Whats in urine? Alanine, total ..... 38 mg/day Arginine, total ..... 32 mg/day 2] Urea.

Micro-community of tiny homes flourishes on rehabilitated vacant lot. Natural Building | Aprovecho. May 18th – June 7th, 2014 Are you interested in building your own tiny home using natural materials and simple techniques? Have you always wanted to learn the timeless craft of timber framing: joining large timbers with a traditional mortise and tenon? During this three week timber frame intensive students will be guided through the design, layout and joinery of their own timber framed tiny home by a team of experienced timber framers. This course is intended to not only build confidence in the participant’s ability to cut timber frame joinery in the future but, if desired, to actually cut a basic frame for the participant to take home and raise. Read more… June 9th – June 13th, 2014 Traditional yurts are big baskets covered in woolen felt, and designed for portability. Natural building and green design from the ground up! August 3rd – September 20th, 2014 Watch this short video to get a feel for the program and hear from the teachers and past students.

Summer/Fall Session. Farmer builds a house for just £150 using materials he found in skips... and the current tenant pays their rent in MILK. Michael Buck used only natural materials or unwanted items to build 'cob house' at bottom of his gardenHe said he wanted to challenge the notion that paying for a house should take a lifetimeHe is now renting out the property to a worker on a neighouring farm, who pays for her lodgings in milk By David Wilkes for the Daily Mail Published: 11:32 GMT, 25 November 2013 | Updated: 02:06 GMT, 26 November 2013 It looks like something straight out of Middle Earth – and the story behind it is almost as fantastical. This cottage cost just £150 to build, using only natural or reclaimed materials, and is now rented out for a fee of fresh milk and cream. And with no mains electricity, gas or water, the bills don’t come to much either.

Scroll down for video Cob house: Michael Buck built this house at the bottom of his garden for just £150 using natural or unwanted materials he found in skips Homely: The cottage has a kitchen and dining area, along with a bunk-style bed to maximise space below Loaded: 0% Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other | A Sheep No More. A new island has appeared in the Pacific. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. The Japanese Navy noticed the explosions as boiling lava met sea water giving rise to plumes of steam and ash. Almost 7,000 miles away in Mexico, the Colima volcano blew its top after a period of relative calm. A steam and ash cloud rose two miles into the sky and the grumbling of the mountain could be heard in towns a few miles away.

In Guatemala the ‘Fire Mountain’ belched out lava and sent up a moderate ash cloud causing an ash fall over nearby towns. In Vanuatu the Yasur volcano is giving some cause for concern. Over to Italy, Mount Etna is putting on quite a display. The Etna eruption (Nov 17th) In Indonesia a four mile high ash cloud is making life hard for residents. So, we have eruptions big enough to prompt evacuations. The Mount Pinatubo eruption lowered temperatures by around 0.5°C across the Northern Hemisphere. Sources: Time Team S13-E03 Rubble at the Mill, Manchester.

Permaculture Free Press | Farmer-scientist group wants to ‘hack society’ through open-source technology. By Bonnie Azab Powell OhmmmMG: Some of the Open Source Ecology members demonstrate the strength of the Lifetrac II prototype frame.Photo: Sean Church One of the most frequent criticisms leveled against the sustainable agriculture movement is that its proponents want to send farmers back to 19th-century hard labor, with hand weeding and harvesting.

Here’s an incredibly cool group of eco-minded “farmer-scientists” who aren’t in the least afraid of technology — and in fact believe in “creating industrial processes that are fully in harmony with ecologically responsible living.” The Open Source Ecology team’s first, ambitious project is the Global Village Construction Set — a sort of life-size Erector set of the most essential machines for building a “small civilization with modern-day comforts,” including housing and the means for food, energy, and technology production. The proposed set of essential machines. Eight prototypes have been built so far.Drawing: Courtesy of Open Source Ecology. 19 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living | Freedom Prepper. Do you have the desire to be self sufficient? Imagine maybe you live on a farm where you grow your own food, you have a nice size garden, or maybe you’ve chosen the aquaponics route, you’re growing super vegetables while harvesting some tilpia.

You might have installed a rocket mass stove to help heat your house, and maybe you have some solar panels installed to help with electricity. How realistic do you think that image is? You may already be living some of this lifestyle, but if you live in the city and still dream about buying some land, raising chickens, etc., do you see this as something you can work towards? It seems that as you start on your journey to self sufficiency you hit road blocks at every turn. Start with your vehicle, it is dependent on gasoline, so right from the get go you are depending on an outside source.

So what can you do to work towards self sufficient living? 19 Baby Steps Toward a Self Sufficient Lifestyle1. The Grand Illusion: Archive. Return Of The Ancients TV. Uno de los mejores programas para mantener el PC limpio y seguro | Mundo Digital. Cada vez que navegamos por Internet, corremos el riesgo de que nuestro ordenador se infecte de programas espías. Estos envían información personal, como por ejemplo, las páginas que visitamos, las contraseñas que introducimos, los correos que tecleamos, etc. También cambian la página de inicio del navegador, abren páginas de sexo o juegos online de forma automática e incluso provocan el mal funcionamiento del ordenador.

Spywareterminator es una aplicación específica para la protección y análisis de este tipo de programas. Por un lado, evita que el pc se contagie por medio de los módulos Real Time Shield (protección en tiempo real) y el HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System). Ambos se encargan de bloquear las aplicaciones maliciosas o de avisar al usuario cuando cualquier programa desconocido, intente instalarse o modificar el sistema operativo.

Ficha técnica: Spywareterminator Sistema Operativo: Todos los Windows, incluido Vista. Tamaño: 7.42 MB. Found in a Junk Shop: Secrets of an Undiscovered Visionary Artist. Found in the Trash: A Box of Otherworldly Notes. You know why the internet is awesome? Because you can share the experience of someone discovering a mysterious treasure. Reddit user TramStopDan documented and shared his recent experience of unlocking and discovering the contents of a box which his friend found discarded on the street next to the trash. When he managed to open it, Dan found a mind-boggling collection of posters, illustrations, text, maps, technical drawings and personal belongings.

Speculating on the original owner of the case, Dan writes: “Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29″ by 38″ and almost all the drawings are very large… It appears that he was making a diorama/tabletop display. (Why? So let’s take a peek at what he found… Pretty normal so far… Text on a poster with corrections and a few eyebrow-raisers to quote, such as, “…but after 12 years it developed that this picture of an obvious other-world invasion…” Hmmm… Getting weirder… (or cooler) …

Angel Numbers - Number Sequences - Repeating 2's. ANGEL NUMBER 444. A Detailed Path to Global Transformation and Sustainability. Moon phase for 21 December 2013 Saturday. The Best Party Trick Ever: How to Make Thirty Minute Mozzarella. Artizans of Wood | China is Going to the Moon - The Reason Why NASA is Worried. China is Going to the Moon - The Reason Why NASA is Worried. Extensive System of Caves Discovered Under the Pyramids. Extensive System of Caves Discovered Under the Pyramids. 15 FREE Educational Websites - endoRIOT. Feuillette house. Grandes frases de ilustres mentes de la historia.

Sin acidez humoral no hay cáncer. NATURAL TEETH WHITENING AT HOME... WITH TURMERIC?! #383. ECOALDEA. LA VERDAD OCULTA - PROG.01 - SOMOS UNOS INCONSCIENTES. Jobs - Experienced Part II Architectural Assistant / Architect - London. Amateur Mycologist Makes New Mushroom-Plant Companion Discovery | Radical Mycology. WikiHouse. Funny Looking Tower Generates 600% More Electrical Energy Than Traditional Wind Turbines. Funny Holiday Cards and Merry Christmas eCards. Funny eCards, Happy Birthday eCards, and Holiday eCards. Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind: Gene Logsdon, Brooke Budner: 9781603582513:

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie. Home | Revista Athanor. Página de Inicio. Permaculture's Achilles' Heel. Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson - Johnny Cash, Country Style Strumming. Forbidden Knowledge ; Machines of the Ancient Orient (Documentary) Impossible Army Machines - Ancient Discoveries (History Documentary) New to QuiBids. Pay Just Pennies For Brand New Products. UN Report Says Small-Scale Organic Farming Only Way to Feed the World.

Innovate: Look Ma, No Blades! - March/April 2013. How it Works | Sheerwind. The Gift of Death. THE VENUS PROJECT - Inside the New Cities | via TVPD. Pelicula en español concursante. 50% Off Half Price Sale Orgonites Energy Orgone Pyramids : Orgone Pyramids, Pendants, Towerbusters, Tb's, Chembusters, Cloudbusters, Beck Protocol Zappers. HUMANIDAD LIBRE. - Orgonite Information, Links and Resources. Fastwalkers - UFO Documentary FULL - Top Secret Reveals.

Ecotect Tutorial 8.1 - Lighting Analysis Introduction. Suzanne Powell, Demo toque Zen. WILHELM REICH - ORGONE ENERGY. Combind TESLA & ORGONE ENERGY. Orgonite & Illuminati Mind Control. Orgone Energy -- A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012. VIDEO The ALUMINIZATION of Our Soils! Understanding One of the Reasons for Chemtrails - Chemtrails Global Skywatch.

HUMANIDAD LIBRE. Orgone Energy -- A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012. The Institute for Orgonomic Science. Orgonite and Orgone Zapper from Orgonise Africa - Free world wide shipping. Orgonite what it does and how to make it. How to make an Mini Orgone coil transmitter. "La Tierra es hueca" Jose Luis C. en Sabiens 2010. MURDER of STAN Meyers for his Water Powered CAR. Stanley Meyer’s water powered car | Stanley Meyer’s water powered car | Congresos Ciencia y Espíritu - Congresos por la Verdad.

"Los Angeles y Seres de Luz" Rosalía Zabala en V Congreso Ciencia y Espíritu. LA CAJA DE PANDORA. Planeta Encantado. Escribamos de nuevo la historia. J.J.Benitez 11x13. Mis enigmas Favoritos La Magia Egipcia .09-06-04. URANTIA. Orgonite Experiments: RESULTS! Seeds Of Death - Full Movie.