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National Novel Writing Month. Mata Nui Online Game II. This ‘Seinfeld’ 9/11 Spec Script Is Insane and Incredible. Here’s a great way to make a name for yourself as a comedy writer: write a pitch-perfect spec script for the classic sitcom Seinfeld… set in the days after 9/11.

This ‘Seinfeld’ 9/11 Spec Script Is Insane and Incredible

Yes, Seinfeld may have gone off the air in 1998, but comedian Billy Domineau imagined a world in which the show kept airing and Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer acted like the entitled, selfish, near-sociopathic New Yorkers that they always were during one of the most trying and intense times in the city’s history. It also includes Newman, George’s parents, Uncle Leo, Jackie Chiles, Mr. Fan films better than big budget blockbusters. OpenToonz.


C.S. Lewis Was a Secret Government Agent. Mashup of “Uptown Funk” and Hollywood Golden Era movie dancing (VIDEO). Nerd Fest UK put together this genius mashup of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars) and iconic dance scenes from old movies.

Mashup of “Uptown Funk” and Hollywood Golden Era movie dancing (VIDEO).

It’s a companion piece of sorts to an earlier mashup with the same song, except this time it’s filled out with Golden Age classics. The result is totally infectious—the song’s been stuck in a lot of people’s heads for some time already, and this is not going to help one bit. The Index.


My Online Chess. Creative Commons. Geneaology. Games. Art. Writing. Writing. Let us go then. Top 100 Anime Movies Of All Time. Tolkien. Along with half the rest of the world, last weekend I went to see 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug'.


My reaction was probably in line with half the rest of the world's, too: awesome dragon, shame about the love-sick elves. But with my academic hat on I was also playing 'spot the medieval motif' which, as always with Tolkien, is not difficult ('medieval motif Tolkien bingo' would not be a very long-lasting game) but is both rewarding and fun. With The Hobbit it's even easier than with The Lord of the Rings because - well, mostly because there's a dragon. Whatever flaws the films might have, it's still an exciting experience to see scenes from much-loved medieval stories brought to life on screen: dragons and goldhoards, competitive riddling, Gandalf the Odinic wanderer, fierce dwarves with lovely Norse names... the list goes on.