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Rating list. Progs and Boards. Programmazione. Old. Lezioni. Lc0. Human Rating. ChessRoots - Chess opening graph from over 800 million Chess games. Chess opening explorer and repertoire builder - Chess Cloud Database Query Interface. Google Translate. Chess Opening Explorer - SoloScacchi | Home | Forum | TCEC - Live Mode. Event The Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC) Season 9 runs from May 1st to December 1st 2016.

It is a competition between 32 of the best chess software engines, divided into three stages and a Superfinal. TCEC runs 24/7 until all games have been played. One game is played at a time - the next one starts automatically. Time control Classical time control will be used through the season and it is increased the deeper the Season goes. For Stage 1, the time control is 120 minutes + 15 seconds added per move for the whole game. For Stage 2, the time control is 120 minutes + 15 seconds added per move for the whole game. For Stage 3, the time control is 150 minutes + 15 seconds added per move for the whole game. Game adjudication A game can be drawn by the normal 3-fold repetition rule or the 50-move rule. Opening Book In Season 9 TCEC uses openings put together by Nelson Hernandez (Stages 1 to 3) and Jeroen Noomen (Superfinal).

Season 9 Superfinal server TBA Did the engine move instantly? TCEC - Live Chess Broadcast. Computer Chess Championship with Top Engines. Standings Schedule Match Info Stockfish (3443) Houdini (3408) Lc0 (3300) Fire (3298) Ethereal (3057) Komodo (3409) Shredder (3292) Andscacs (3251) Laser (3147) Xiphos (3116) Chiron (3201) Booot (3228) Pedone (3098) Fritz (3204) Komodo MC (3184) Gull (3182) Arasan (3126) Texel (3149) Vajolet (3048) Nemorino (3102) Equinox (3177) Critter (3161) Nirvana (3193) Fizbo (3286) Wasp (3046) Senpai (3127) Hannibal (3156) Ivanhoe (3114) Bobcat (3027) Protector (3140) Black Mamba (3124) Crafty (3013) Alfilx64 (3139)

My TCEC Experience. Home of JBF Software. Arena Chess GUI. Lucas Chess Fresh News. Preview versions – BanksiaGUI. • Scacchi Online Gratis. Board Games (Unlimited) by Zillions of Games - Submissions. Chess Endgame Study Composition. KvK – Syzygy endgame tablebases. Chess Games Database & Community. Chess Games Database Online - Chess Links and Websites. Les Echecs Electroniques. Chess On The Web - Home Page. Chess Tactics. - The Biggest Chess Database. Chess-Brabo. Chess-Results Server - Homepage. Play Chess on ChessBomb. Chessforeva. 10,000 Puzzles. Computer Chess Timeline. IBM's Deep Blue, 1997 Here is a timeline of some of the major events in computer chess.

In 1912, Leonardo Torres y Quevedo (1852-1936) built an electro-mechanical machine that could play King and Rook versus King endgames. It was called El Ajedrecista (the chessplayer). It was first demonstrated publicly in 1914 at the Paris World's Fair. It used a mechanical arm to make its moves, and electrical sensors to detect its opponent's replies in a King vs. King + Rook endgame. The writer of a Scientific American article on the device was worried that machinery might someday substitute for the human mind. In 1920, a second version of El Ajedrecista was constructed that eliminated the arm and moved the chess pieces via magnets under the board instead.

In 1922, the second version of El Ajedrecista was exhibited in Paris. In 1941, the German engineer and computer pioneer Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) developed the first computer chess-playing algorithm. In 1945, Alan M. In October 1948, Claude E. J. Computer Chess History, a lot of links inside - Vinvin wrote:I reread your post and the lists and I understand better the problem ... for the "Rybka" years (2006-2010).

I found some info here . As I remember the first Rybka 1.0 beta was 100 elo stronger than close opponents and there was a new release about each year, each about 100 elo stronger than the previous one.In those years appeared on the top too : Naum Zappa Fruit You'll find all of them on the SSDF lists and their history in Wiki's.The followers still the same : Shredder, Hiarcs, Junior, Fritz.Vincent Yes, thanks. The links from the wonderful chess programming wiki to archived SSDF lists is a good record of progress from 1995-2009. And although Rybka eclipsed everything, I don't want to forget Naum! Although the SSDF list has most of the strongest engines, there are still some notable ones missing, such as the ChessMaster series. Computer_chess:wiki:links - Computer Chess Wiki.

Your trusted source for computer chess information! Links Chess Tournaments / Ratings Chess Websites Of General Interest Chess GUI - an interesting Chess GUI by Matthias Gemuh Glarean Magazine - Difficult chess puzzles and endgame tests from Walter Eigenmann (translated from German by Google) The Chess Portal - Per-Åke Lindblom's up-to-date categorized links to chess-related sites. Winboard FAQ - Up to date information, hosted here at the wiki Engine Download Sites Owl Chess - downloads in alphabetical order etc. Live Games Broadcast / Watching Chess Tournaments Online Pairings Managers Chess Pairing by Harald Lögdahl - Supports Swiss, Nordic Swiss and Monrad pairings GSwiss - tool by Stefan Knöfel to allot pairings of a chess tournament using the usual “swiss” system - it it basically designed to handle a large number of players JavaPairing by Eugenio Cervesato.

Playing Strength Calculations (Elo-System, Evaluation) EloRater by James Garner - Harkness System or a USCF style systems File Search. DGS - Dragon Go Server. Download PGN Files. G 6 - Gruppo Scacchi e Informatica (gsei) Home - Computer Chess Wiki. Your trusted source for computer chess information! If you like Computer Chess, then you will love our site! It is the best place to discover hard-to-find information about how to download, set up, and run chess engines – both free and commercial – in various chess GUIs such as: Winboard, Arena, Chessbase, etc. We urge you to join us by hitting the 'Login' button at the top right of this page. (Find more information here.) There's no fees and there's no tiresome ads here at the wiki or by email.

Membership has privileges: only members can create new wiki pages or edit existing ones. If enough members want additional features, then we will add them: message boards, polls, calendars, chat – if you want it, you will get it! People sometimes get lost in wikis. Table Of Contents - A box at the upper right helps you navigate the current page Navigation - A box at the upper left lists popular choices Search - This is a box on the left side. Main Sections of this Site The History of this Site. mACE Chess. MECA FORO • Ver Tema - La Máquina Preservadora. Programas de Ajedrez.

La máquina preservadora 3. Programas para PC Hemos visto en las anteriores entregas la variedad de ordenadores y sistemas operativos que imperaba en los años 80. Esto finalizó en los 90 con la irrupción del huracán PC que barrió las grandes marcas (Atari, Commodore, Amstrad) dejándolas en una posición de marginalidad. Para darse esta situación se unieron dos factores: 1º Los PC de IBM derivaron en los PC clónicos, lo que permitió abaratar costes, y con una arquitectura abierta. Permitió una proliferación/competencia de placas madre, tarjetas y periféricos que evolucionaron sin fin permitiendo cada vez más potencia a un coste más barato. 2º El sistema operativo para integrar todo este conglomerado lo puso Microsoft de Bill Gates.El método que usó fue el de ir incorporando capas al MSDos original para preservar la compatibilidad con los millones de programas y equipos diferentes, hasta el Windows XP.

En el ajedrez/ajedrez electrónico supuso una revolución que acabó con los Dedicados. Saludos. Nuova pagina 2. Play Chess Online. Play Chess Online - Free Online Chess on GameKnot. Scacchi Archivi - Blog Dott . Cesare Vacca. Scacchi64. Shredder Computer Chess Download. Susan Polgar Global Chess Daily News and Information - Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov. The Chess Variant Pages: Zillions index. Our Featured Variant: Try the Chinese game of Xiangqi, one of the most popular and enduring Chess variants in the world. Turn your Windows machine into a Chess Variant monster! This webpage gives the index to the files on the Chess Variant Pages about or for the program `Zillions of Games': a review, and additional downloadable game rule files.

Note that this webpage, and the other webpages of the Chess Variant Pages are not a publication of Zillions-of-Games Co., but of a happy user of their program. Reviews Links Zillions of Games. Zillions Rules Files Files in the ZRF-format can be used by the Zillions of Games program to play new games that are created by users of the program. Most of these files are packed together in three zipfiles, allowing faster downloading these.

O - 9, A - I. Al-ces. Bach Dang Chess. Cannibal.zrf ( Dart6x6chess.zrf ( Eight Stones Chess. Fantasy Grand Chess. Top download. Obecné odkazy s velkým množstvím informace Freeware for chess Výborný ruský web, kde je mnoho odkazů Encyklopedie motorů rusky ChessEngines Jim Ablett Pavel Háse Další skvělé sbírky odkazů Engines Arasan Andscacs Booot GUIs Databases, ebooks, books Tarraschm, Hora věnuje čtenářm Jan Tůma, Český KrumlovSedat Canbaz opening books, benchmarks Android Chess Net Others Demos CPUs. Variantiscacchistiche - Tutto sugli scacchi eterodossi!Variantiscacchistiche | Tutto sugli scacchi eterodossi!