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DAKOTALAPSE — Timelapse and still photography - Milky Way, night and daytime, time lapse stock footage

DAKOTALAPSE — Timelapse and still photography - Milky Way, night and daytime, time lapse stock footage

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Best of British Beer: 13 Crazy Craft Brews It’s an utterly sparkling, adventurous and intoxicating time for beer right now. The number of British breweries is pushing 1400, and there are 70 in London alone – in 2006 there were only two in the capital. Hundreds of small, highly experimental craft brewers have sprung up in garages and industrial estates using borrowed, begged or second-hand equipment. They are infusing beer with chilli and chocolate, ageing it in whisky barrels, hopping the hell out of it, and they still can’t make the beer fast enough to satisfy a new, young, discerning drinkers who want to be floored by the hop-smacking, flavour-packing, tongue-partying beers. Big-brand bland beer it ain’t.

Flight to stratosphere Among thousands of comments on our website, there was one that caught our attention: "You have photographed the entire Earth. Now it is time to shoot in Space". We thought "Why not?" and in the summer of 2012 we sent a probe with photographic equipment to the stratosphere, taking spherical panoramas from the near space. We have a small team and we're always busy running behind. Recent record-breaking jump from the stratosphere by Felix Baumgartner reminded us about this flight, and we decided to cancel the planned publication of the panoramas from Europe.

Sorrow passes and we remain In July of 1883, the novelist Henry James received an emotional letter from Grace Norton — a good friend and fellow writer who, following a death in the family, had recently become depressed and was desperate for direction. James's beautiful response can be seen below. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest letters of advice I've ever had the fortune to read. For more information about depression, visit Mind. (Source: Henry James: Selected Letters; Image: Henry James in 1912, via.) 131 Mount Vernon St., Boston July 28thMy dear Grace, Before the sufferings of others I am always utterly powerless, and the letter you gave me reveals such depths of suffering that I hardly know what to say to you. The Day It Became Truly Real (Fair warning, this is the angriest post I think I’ve done. Just so you know…) Alistair Darling came to Greenock today.

Make 2014 the year you start investing Modern technology allows you to start an online Isa or other savings plan in minutes, while there is a wealth of advice and information available on the internet to help you decide on your actual investments. Our guide will help you get started. No two investors are the same, so we’ve looked at three broad types: those who just want the simplest possible way of investing in the stock market; those who are prepared to do a little work at the outset but would like to take a “buy and forget” approach; and people who are happy to keep their investments under regular review. There are two main ways to invest in the stock market.

This Is What The Underside Of An Iceberg Looks Like A rare sighting of an upside-down iceberg has been captured on camera, revealing a striking deep blue underbelly that once resided beneath Antarctica’s frigid waters. Credit: Alex Cornell, with permission. Usually icebergs are white because they are made of compressed snow, which reflects all frequencies of visible light.

Balance of EU competences review: trade and investment - Consultations The Foreign Secretary launched the Balance of Competence Review in Parliament on 12 July 2012. This follows the Coalition’s commitment to examine the balance of competences between the UK and the European Union. The review will provide an analysis of what the UK’s membership of the EU means for the UK national interest. See the Review of the balance of competences for full details of the review programme. Big Mouth Strikes Again From the wonky opening that brought you “Fuck you Star Trek fans” and “Phwooar, Princess Leia”, comes this … “Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantalize the consumer as a means of non-aggressive control.” It has come to my attention (thank you google), that the excellent website, Io9 picked up on some controversial comments I made to the Radio Times, which can be summed up in the above headline. Now, maybe I was being a little bit trollish, I can be a bit of a Contrary Mary in interviews sometimes. When you do lots of them, you get sick of your own opinions and start espousing other people’s.

Hitting a different note in Vienna Karlsplatz is one of Vienna’s largest town squares, and its busiest transport hub. From the U-Bahn station the state opera and the Museums Quarter are each a short walk away; the Kunsthalle, a treasure trove of modern art, and Vienna’s most famous concert venue, the Musikverein, sit on the square itself. This is one of the most culturally rich city centres in the world. And just a few minutes’ walk south, away from Vienna’s famous attractions, is a very different place altogether, the city’s fourth district – Wieden.