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Dyson funds German male contraceptive device. The groundbreaking device promises to give men a reliable, pain-free form of birth control by using heat on their private parts.

Dyson funds German male contraceptive device

A groundbreaking form of male contraception which uses a kind of “testicle bath” to prevent pregnancy has been unveiled in Germany. Rebecca Weiss, an industrial design graduate from the University of Munich, took out the top prize at Germany’s James Dyson Awards for the ultrasound-based contraception for men. Named COSO, the device uses ultrasound deep heat to cause sperm mobility in the testicles to be modified and temporarily cease. It means the female egg cannot be fertilised by sperm during sex, with users simply needing to use the device every few months for the contraception to take effect. 10 Best Teeth-Whitening Kits To Buy In Australia In 2021. 30 Important Signs That May Indicate a Heart Attack. Cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent cause of death globally.

30 Important Signs That May Indicate a Heart Attack

Wine is the only alcoholic drink with health benefits when consumed regularly, study finds - 9Coach. Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK have found a surprising health benefit for those who enjoy a glass of wine on the regular.

Wine is the only alcoholic drink with health benefits when consumed regularly, study finds - 9Coach

READ MORE: You can eat chocolate and drink wine and still live a long life (phew) The study, which followed 446,439 participants over seven years, found a decreased risk of coronary heart disease in those who drank wine regularly. While those who drank beer, cider and spirits at low levels were at an increased risk of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular events, coronary heart disease and overall mortality. Can the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines affect my genetic code? The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are set to become the mainstay of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout as the year progresses, according to the latest government projections released this week.

Can the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines affect my genetic code?

From September, up to an average 1.3m doses of the Pfizer vaccine plus another 125,000 doses of the yet-to-be approved Moderna vaccine are expected to be available per week. These figures are set to rise from October, as use of the AstraZeneca vaccine drops. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines, which contain tiny fragments of the genetic material known as “messenger ribonucleic acid”. And if social media is anything to go by, some people are concerned these vaccines can affect their genetic code. Here’s why the chances of that happening are next to zero and some pointers to how the myth came about. Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota. Nearly half of adults in the United States have hypertension, a condition that raises the risk for heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the U.

Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota

S. At Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Intermittent Fasting in Cardiovascular Disorders—An Overview. Better sex: Experts say Mediterranean diet increases libido. A sexpert has revealed the diet that helps “increase your libido”, claiming the cuisine will make for better partners between the sheets.

Better sex: Experts say Mediterranean diet increases libido

If you want to ensure you’re giving it all you’ve got between the sheets, then follow a Mediterranean, according to experts. For years it has been hailed as the healthiest lifestyle. But as recently reported, research by Athens University has found men who eat fish, vegetable and olive oil are better lovers too. Benefits of Whiskey: Health and Side Effects. Can a shot a day keep the doctor away?

Benefits of Whiskey: Health and Side Effects

Prob not. But whiskey might have some surprising health benefits. We’re serving these whiskey facts straight up (and letting you know what’s a little watered down). Here’s everything you need to know about this spirit’s potential health perks, along with the risks. Cancer prevention. Signs of balding, advice: Can high testosterone cause hair loss?

Welcome to Ask Doctor Zac, a weekly column from

Signs of balding, advice: Can high testosterone cause hair loss?

This week, Dr Zac Turner explains why some men go bald and others don’t. Question: Hi Dr Zac, I’m married to a very macho man. Mum shares 'lifesaving' trick to help your child if they swallow a button battery. Button batteries can cause serious injuries and sometimes death if swallowed by a child.

Mum shares 'lifesaving' trick to help your child if they swallow a button battery

One mum has shown what to do if your child accidentally swallows a button battery, to reduce the effect of the battery until you reach a hospital. Sisters, Nikki and Rachel from Tiny Hearts Education, shared the information via Instagram, demonstrating how the life-saving trick could work by testing it on two sausages, to represent the oesophagus, and placing batteries in them. "Today I did an experiment to test if adding honey to a button battery would reduce the damage caused," they explained. "I added 10ml of honey every 10 minutes and left the other one alone," they continued in the voiceover. "I left this for two hours and then I removed each of the button batteries from each sausage. " In the time lapse of the sausages side-by-side, you can see one of them bubbling and foaming a lot more than the other.

How to get back to sleep when you're wide awake at 3am - 9Coach. If you get to the end of the day and fall asleep easily then find yourself bright-eyed in bed a few hours later, you could be suffering sleep maintenance insomnia (SMI).

How to get back to sleep when you're wide awake at 3am - 9Coach

SMI is defined as difficulty staying asleep or waking too early and struggling to get back to sleep, and it's one of the most frustrating sleep habits going around. "You build up your sleep pressure during the day and are often tired at night so you get to sleep easily but then during the night you don't have as much sleep pressure," Emeritus Professor Dorothy Bruck, sleep psychologist from the Sleep Health Foundation, told 9Honey Coach. Cleaning dummies with chemicals may increase risk of food allergies, study warns. Parents are being warned to avoid using chemicals to clean dummies with a Victorian study linking the method to an increased risk of food allergies.

While keeping them clean is imperative, new evidence suggests there is such a thing as "too clean" when it comes to using antiseptics commonly sold as dummy cleaning sprays or wipes. "We're not sure of the mechanism underlying this," Professor Anne-Louise Ponsonby from the Florey Institute of Neuro Science and Mental Health said. "One of them could be the microbiome that is the gut bacteria underlying the mouth or the baby's gut and the second is, is it a direct effect of the chemicals in the chemical sanitiser," Professor Ponsonby said. Researchers from the Barwon Infant Study followed 700 children from birth to the age of one.

They found a strong link between chemically sterilising dummies and food allergies. Researchers stress the risk is entirely connected to the use of those chemical antiseptics. NewHealthyLife.Club. Pollution is messing with penis sizes and female fertility. Australians are pretty familiar with the effects of climate change. But a new book says pollution has also impacted our downstairs areas in pretty serious ways. We’ve watched our nation burn and our suburban streets be swallowed up by floodwater.

It’s safe to say Aussies know about climate change and how much carbon emissions have messed up the planet. Tips for having the vasectomy talk with your partner - ABC Everyday. Leanne* is pregnant with her fourth child — a surprise after agreeing with her husband they were done after three. "I had just chucked out the last of my maternity clothes and baby things," says the 37-year-old from the Central Coast in NSW. Once over the initial shock, Leanne says they became excited about welcoming a new baby. But it also motivated her to push for the vasectomy they had previously discussed.

Her husband isn't so sure. "He used excuses like 'I've heard the drugs they give you after make you really sick' and 'We will talk about it once the pregnancy is confirmed'. Novel CRISPR system can stop cancer in its tracks. Scientists have developed a new system using the CRISPR genome-editing system to attack and kill cancer cells. The system targets cancel cells directly and, like “scissors,” cuts their DNA, killing them. Additional trials and testing are needed, but the promising new system could eventually be used to fight cancer in humans. The fight against cancer has been ongoing since, well, pretty much since human doctors realized that it was deadly.

There have been many advancements in the battle against the disease, though a true cure has always seemed out of reach. Researchers at Tel Aviv University believe they are making progress toward that incredible goal with the help of the CRISPR genome-editing system. As the scientists explain in a new paper published in Science Advances, the tool that was developed in the hopes of correcting potentially harmful genetic quirks may prove to be the ultimate tool for destroying deadly cancers. Indigenous Australian medicine: How to fight flu and infections using bush fruit and trees. Welcome to Ask Doctor Zac, a weekly column from This week Dr Zac Turner delves into the world of Indigenous medicine.

QUESTION: Hi Dr Zac, I am intrigued by the world of natural remedies and want to learn more. With it being NAIDOC week this week, it got me thinking about Australian natural remedies used by Indigenous Australians. Joint N-11 - Official Website. This is Zenith Labs® we’re talking about, trusted by over 500,000 customers around the world, and well-known for obsessing over the pristine quality of each and every capsule we manufacture. Like all our products, we manufacture Joint N-11 in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, that’s been certified by cGMP for sanitation and quality, and that’s regularly audited by the FDA for potency. In other words, while other supplement manufacturers may skirt regulations to save money, even giving you Vitamin B without effective amounts of Niacinamide, leading to an impure, watered-down product…

COVID-19 will probably become endemic – here's what that means. Ovarian cancer: New treatment could help fight deadly disease. The fight against ovarian cancer has been given a boost with the help of global investors turning a lab discovery into a promising new treatment. Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of all cancers of the female reproductive system, with a five-year survival rate of about 46 per cent. "Women present quite late with it so you are treating a late stage disease often and the treatments that we currently have are limited," Professor Paul Hertzog, associate director of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, said.

The new therapy is based on a protein in the reproductive tract, which Hudson researchers have been investigating for nearly two decades. They discovered that the presence of the protein called interferon epsilon can activate immune cells to fight infections, as well as cancer. Australian National University researchers discover swelling of part of the brain in people with both depression and anxiety - ABC News. Which mask works best? We filmed people coughing and sneezing to find out - 9Coach. Better Bare: Woman creates lollies that will improve your night’s sleep. Coronavirus vaccine: Canadian company claims to have found a cure. A Canadian company has claimed it’s found the cure for the deadly coronavirus. Medicago, a biopharmaceutical company in Quebec City funded by the Pentagon, said that it has produced a COVID-19 vaccine just 20 days after receiving the coronavirus’ genetic sequence, using a unique technology that they soon hope to submit for FDA approval.

Adam Danyal on LinkedIn: #techthatmatters #medicaldevices #medicalresearch. Healthy kids follow these food rules. Growing bodies and learning minds require the right amount of fuel and nutrients to maximise their potential. Arming your little ones with nourishing foods can be challenging, but there are some guaranteed ways to ensure that your child’s daily menu is filled with fun, appealing, tasty and, of course, nutritious foods. These Superfoods Can Stop Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, And So Much More. In an age where most of our food options are nutritionally deficient and loaded with fats, salts, and carbs, it’s hard to know exactly what to eat to have that well rounded and healthy diet. Behind the Scenes of a Radical New Cancer Cure. An unexpected early morning phone call from the hospital is never good news. When Joy Johnson answered, her first thought was that Sharon Birzer, her partner of 15 years, was dead.

Four New Technologies That Will Change The Way Cancer Is Treated. New approaches to tame the immune system in the fight against cancer are getting us closer to a future where cancer becomes a curable disease. Personalized vaccines, cell therapy, gene editing and microbiome treatments are four technologies that will change the way cancer is treated. Birds and Bats Have Strange Gut Microbiomes — Why? Scientists Have a Theory.

Alpha Tau Announces the Publication of Exceptional Clinical Data from Alpha DaRT, its Novel Alpha Radiotherapy for Solid Tumors. Alpha Radiation Cancer Treatment. Bushfire smoke creates ‘awful’ health impacts, doctor warns. Teenager Tayla Egan left disabled after contracting flu - 9Honey. News USA: Med student given last rites saved after discovering his own cure. We’re for Sydney. Sydney Neurofeedback Centre. Neurofeedback Training. How to be successful: ‘Phenomenal’ treatment trains brain to work better. Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Healthier? Bloat remedies: Get a flatter stomach instantly with these tips. How to Remove Chemicals from Water · Waterlogic.

15 Wonderful Uses For Banana Peels - Page 7 of 16 - MyHealthyVibe. Cancer cure could be available within a year, scientists claim. You-ve-got-to-think-it-s-environmental-questions-over-cancer-deaths-20181228-p50ok4. Diy-cancer-treatment-may-end-fatal-outcomes-from-disease-20181228-p50onr. The scientific process to heal any emotional trauma. 9 Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home In 3 Minutes - Page 7 of 9 - Factaholics. How to fall asleep quickly, according to the U.S. army. Life hacks: 10 psychological tricks to get what you want. Stop Buying Ginger. Here’s How to Grow an Endless Supply of Ginger. 10 Straightforward Exercises to Give You Great Eyesight. Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth In Less Than 2 Minutes! 10 Ways to Remove Tartar Stains From Your Teeth. Heal Your Lungs With THIS Tea: Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Rheumatism, Infections.

25 Time-Proven DIY Remedies. Did You Know That This Exotic Indigenous Plant Is a Potential Cure for Cancer and Infertility! Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in Only 48 Hours. Scientists Discover Herb That Fights Dementia And Increases Memory by 75% How to deal with toxic mercury fillings and prevent receding gums. The New Toothpaste That Leaves Dentists Without Work! HOLY GOD! IF I HAD KNOWN BEFORE... FREEZING LEMONS CAN CURE ALL THIS. This Drink Destroys Your Bones From The Inside And Harms Every Organ On Its Way out Life well lived. Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods for Curing in 5 Minutes! Energy-saving Light Bulbs Are a Silent Killer, and This Is the List of Diseases They Cause.

MORINGA – THE HERB THAT KILLS CANCER AND STOPS DIABETES. YOU’VE BEEN THROWING AWAY AVOCADO SEEDS BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD YOU THEY COULD FIGHT CANCER. Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods: Understanding What Causes Cancer. Oncologists urge us to stop eating these 8 foods that cause cancer. Cuba Found Vaccine For Cancer – 100.000 People Cured! Eliminate Gingivitis And Bleach Your Teeth In A Very Short Time With This Home Recipe ⚫healthcare✔️ Foot Doc's Top 7 Tips for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) What Everyone with a Retinal Disease Should Know about Vitamin A - Eye on the Cure. Retinitis Pigmentosa. Restoring possible. - Restore Vision. Rod-Cone Dystrophy – A Complete Overview by Natural Eye Care – Natural Eye Care Blog: News & Research on Vision. This Is What Sleeping on Your Left Side Can Do for Your Brain, Stomach and Lymphatic System. If You Have This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, and Ants Again. Guaranteed! Whiten Your Yellow Teeth in Less Than 2 Minutes!

Discard These Products - They Cause Cancer! Oncologists Are Urged Not to Eat These Eight Products. When You See This Method You Will Be Angry to Your Dentist for Hiding This, You Will Remove ALL Tartar in 2 Days! This Mouthwash Removes Plaque From Teeth Just In 2 Minutes. Hair Loss Quiz. Dementia-prevention-starts-in-middle-age-expert-20180608-p4zkeh. Bank executive speaks out about crippling effects of mould. Product Landing - SmileDirectClub. Adult brains may be able to grow new cells: study. On pins and needles: faith and acupuncture. Is Acupuncture Evil? Acupuncture - a Christian assessment. Exercise can change brains for the better, study finds. 17 Tips To Stop That Annoying Cough. Scientists have found an exciting new clue about how 'super-agers' stay sharp as they age. Daydreaming may be a sign that you're smart. Study reveals three tricks to induce lucid dreaming. Study reveals three tricks to induce lucid dreaming.

The truth about vitamins for kids. Australian-first T-cell immunotherapy clinical trial gives leukaemia and lymphoma patients last new hope. Julie Randall’s cancer battle: How Sydney mother beat death sentence. Daylight savings time 2017: Is it time for a national discussion?