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The BEST Tater Tot Casserole. Jamie Oliver's messy meatball buns are the perfect easy lunch recipe. Looking for a new tasty lunch recipe to try at home with the family?

Jamie Oliver's messy meatball buns are the perfect easy lunch recipe

Then Jamie Oliver's latest Instagram post may tickle those tastebuds. The Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast star has shared his recipe for 'messy meatball buns' which look rather delicious – the kind of satisfying food you want more and more of. "These are always a winner in my house!! Messy meatball buns from #QuickAndEasy! All you need is FIVE ingredients," wrote the father-of-five besides a clip of himself cooking the dish. Perfect every time mince and dumplings recipe. Mince and Herby Dumplings - Recipes - Hairy Bikers. What’s not to love about mince and dumplings?

Mince and Herby Dumplings - Recipes - Hairy Bikers

This is a total northern classic that we’ve both eaten since we were kids and still love. When it comes to the dumplings, though, our tastes differ. Dave prefers a natural dumpling – just steamed like this – while Kingy likes his slightly tanned. If you’re with Si, just pop the dish under the grill to brown your dumplings and give them a crunchy crust. Ingredients 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 large onion, thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 celery sticks, finely sliced 2 carrots, diced 500g beef mince 400g can of chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato purée 450ml beef stock pinch of caster sugar 1 bay leaf sea salt and black pepper Dumplings 250g self-raising flour 125g beef suet, shredded ½ tsp fine sea salt 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh parsley 1 tsp finely chopped rosemary 1 tsp finely chopped thyme Method.

Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe - How to Make Easy Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs. Making your sauce is always better—it's cheaper and so much more flavorful. This one comes together in about 15 minutes and is the perfect accompaniment to the big garlicky meatballs. (If you have leftovers, try our Spaghetti & Meatball Cups. Kids LOVE them.) Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Yields: 4 Prep Time: 0 hours 20 mins. Smashed cucumber & beef stir fry. Indian-style cucumber salsa (VG) (GF) This makes a moreish snack, or try it alongside your favourite curry Serves 2 • Ready in 10 mins ½ cucumber 1 tomato, finely diced½ red onion, finely diced1 green chilli, deseeded and finely dicedSmall handful coriander, roughly chopped1 tbsp Co-op dry roasted peanuts, chopped1 tsp Co-op desiccated coconut½ tsp Co-op vegetable oilJuice of ½ lemon¼ tsp ground cumin Pinch of cayenne pepperCo-op plain poppadums, to serve (optional)Slice the cucumber in half vertically, remove and discard the seeds (use a teaspoon), then cut into small cubes.

Smashed cucumber & beef stir fry

Put the cucumber in a bowl, along with the tomato, onion, chilli, coriander, peanuts and desiccated coconut, then mix together.Add the oil, lemon juice, ground cumin, cayenne pepper and season to taste. Give it a good stir, then serve — with poppadums, if you like. Smashed cucumber & beef stir fry Pickling the cucumber means it holds its shape and adds a real freshness to the dish Serves 2 • Ready in 25 mins. Hearty vegetable soup (whole 30 approved recipe) - I Heart Naptime.

Hearty mince & vegetable soup. Easy at-home burgers – itison. Who knew the hardest part of being a grown-up would be figuring out what to have for dinner night after night after night?

Easy at-home burgers – itison

And now we can’t even go out for dinner?! Get a restaurant-worthy dinner during lockdown with Brel’s guide to making the perfect burger. Missing Brel? Buy a voucher to use later (it’s valid right up until Feb 2021). You’ll need 🍔500g steak mince🍔Garlic🍔Half a red onion🍔Tomato sauce🍔Dijon mustard🍔Rock salt🍔Pepper🍔One egg🍔Your choice of spices/herbs. Asian-style beef stir fry - Recipes - Co-op. Cheeseburger salad. Homemade © J Sainsbury plc 2016 Ingredients For the burgers.

Cheeseburger salad

Low-Carb Shepherd's Pie With Cauliflower Mash Recipe. Beef mince curry. Homemade © J Sainsbury plc 2016 Ingredients.

Beef mince curry

Baked Potato with Chili Con Carne. Cottage pie with horseradish mash recipe. Sunday Chili. This recipe is an irreplaceable staple in my house.

Sunday Chili

There’s just absolutely nothing more satisfying or comforting than a bowl of chili, topped with melting cheese, sour cream and zingy guacamole. I call it Sunday Chili because it’s a dish you can throw in the oven during the day, go off and do your Sunday chilling, come back a few hours later and serve up a supper dreams are made of! Chili recipes are pretty controversial things, surprisingly enough! People like different cuts of meat, different flavours, some like a dark, dry chilli and others a much thinner, brighter, saucy chilli. This is one I’ve made since my school days, so I make no claim that it’s traditional… but good god, it’s good!

Rich, deep, spicy flavours, a smooth texture and a gentle lift from the fresh tomato kick at the end. My top secret ingredient? Proper chocolate. The Saint Lucians make some of the best chocolate in the world, but don’t limit themselves to baking cakes and warming up hot chocolate. Cottage pie with horseradish mash. Meatballs with soupy tomato and herb risotto Recipe.

Mini beef wellingtons. Close Buying sustainably sourced fish means buying fish that has been caught without endangering the levels of fish stocks and with the protection of the environment in mind. Wild fish caught in areas where stocks are plentiful are sustainably sourced, as are farmed fish that are reared on farms proven to cause no harm to surrounding seas and shores. When buying either wild or farmed fish, ask whether it is sustainably sourced. If you're unable to obtain this information, don't be afraid to shop elsewhere – only by shopping sustainably can we be sure that the fantastic selection of fish we enjoy today will be around for future generations. For further information about sustainably sourced fish, please refer to the useful links below: MEATZZA.