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The future of everything. Home. Evri Corporate. Inscription. 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry.

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

They are wrong. K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies. The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to Twitter in the classroom to create important and lasting lessons. 1. Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments. One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in the classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes. 2.

Subscribe to different mainstream and independent news feeds with different biases as a way to compare and contrast how different perspectives interpret current events and issues. 3. Teaching strategies that can entice reluctant readers to crack open a book. Some helpful technology in the classroom research tips to share with your... 4. Keepstream - Organize your tweets with curation.

Silk. Griddeo. Welcome to - The easiest way to clip, share and discuss things that interest you. HootSuite. See, search, and share your life. - The easiest way to save links online. Alltop, all the top stories. Redux. – Be a publisher. - Discover Yourself! Pinterest / Home. CHEM 1411. Texts for English 7542 Fall 2011.

Literary Theory. Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines. CT231 - IT Professional Skills module. BS2064: Bioinformatics. Plant Biology Teaching Resources (Higher Education) Storify · Create engaging social stories. All About the Tundra Biome · knewton. Strategic Creative Development · edwardboches. How the semester will go.

Strategic Creative Development · edwardboches

Guest speakers are confirmed in most cases, but could always cancel on us at the last minute. January 23: The End of Us and Them The transition from Bernbach to Zuckerberg January 30: Strategy in the age of participation What is the brief, what does it look like, what does it inspire? Guest: Kelsey Hodgkins, digital strategist planner, Mullen (confirmed) February 6: Is the big idea dead or alive? Do we need them? Guest: Dave Weist, Tim Vaccarion, ECDs Mullen (VW, Cadillac, Jet Blue, Google) (confirmed) February 13: Social from within Being social vs using social Guest: Daniel Stein, CEO and Founder of EVB, creator of Elf Yourself and Facebook Studio (semi-confirmed) February 22 (Tuesday make up) I am away this whole week: maybe a work session and visiting creative to work with students?

Week 27: Transmedia story telling Complex narratives that inspire participation Guest: Helen Klein Ross, Founder Brand Fiction Factory, Betty Draper on Twitter (confirmed) Having a purpose. Five steps to a basic news video for the web · kellyfincham. Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and Annotation, Personal Learning Network. Best content in CCK 12. Best content in UW-Madison Chem 104 Spring 2010. Best content in Teaching of Programming.