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Brilliant! Screenstagram, a screensaver for Instagram - TNW Apps. - Live Flight Tracker! How #FollowFriday is SUPPOSED to work. What I think Obama is meeting with Jobs, Schmidt, and Zuckerberg about. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Pipotronic. Pdviz. Google Couldn't Buy Groupon, So It's Cloning Groupon. Home - EEMI - Ecole Européenne des métiers de l'informatique. Motherhood Uncensored: How Facebook refucked up my marriage. I reluctantly rejoined Facebook last month after enjoying being completely unconnected to ex-boyfriends, college roommates, and my babysitter.

Motherhood Uncensored: How Facebook refucked up my marriage

But since everyone and their ex-boyfriends, college roommates, and babysitters are on Facebook, I had to get myself back into the loop. This time, however, I made myself unsearchable, and really only use it to promote Cool Mom Picks and the Mominatrix stuff, hoping to maintain a fairly low profile, or at least one that doesn't scream "Hey, all my relatives with my husband's last name! Come find me and read what I write about you on my blog! " which is probably a good idea since it also just so happens that my mother-in-law is on Facebook too.

Game On. Man Legally Changes Name to Captain Awesome. The Oregonian man formerly known as Douglas Allen Smith Jr. was inspired by a character on the NBC show Chuck to legally change his name to Captain Awesome.

Man Legally Changes Name to Captain Awesome

The character’s name is Dr. Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb, and is apparently so awesome that people in real life legally change their names due to the sheer amount of awe said character exudes. Funnily enough, Douglas Allen Smith Jr. thought he’d have a difficult time legally changing his name because the judge who was overseeing the name change, Judge Douglas Mitchell, is also named Douglas, and stated that Douglas is a perfectly honorable first name. Luckily for Captain Awesome, Judge Mitchell allowed the name change, and even allowed Captain Awesome to change his official signature to a smiley face flanked by arrows pointing toward the smiley face.

The Department of Motor Vehicles accepted the signature, but apparently Captain Awesome’s bank didn’t, claiming it was too easy to forge. Orange, SFR, Bouygues et Atos s'allient pour contrer PayPal. Gary V: Chatroulette Would Have Worked With Facebook Connect Because The Penises Would Have Names. How the World Googled in 2010. Google Officially Unveils Chrome Web Store. Google officially unveiled the long-anticipated Chrome Web Store at its big Chrome event today.

Google Officially Unveils Chrome Web Store

Think of the Web Store as the App Store, but for the Chrome browser. The apps work both in the Chrome web browser and in Google's upcoming Chrome OS. Google showcased some of the apps that will be available in the Web Store from companies like NPR, The New York Times, EA and Google will be rolling out the Chrome Web Store to Chrome users later today and it will be accessible via. Applications Windows Phone 7: découvrez les nouvelles applications WP7! Top 10 Free Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation. With the explosion of Consumer Generated Media (CGM), ongoing monitoring of your personal or professional reputation has become a must.

Top 10 Free Tools To Monitor Your Online Reputation

Consumer Generated Media consists largely of social networking websites; blogs; photo, audio and video sharing sites; discussion boards; and any other website that allows users to share their experience, opinion and knowledge. Facebook, Twitter, BlogSpot, WordPress… people update and write about anything, anywhere, anytime. In fact, they might be writing about you. You can imagine the devastating ramifications of negative word of mouth about your company or yourself. However, you can be proactive and monitor online reputations before disaster strikes. Here are ten free basic tools to monitor one’s online reputation: 10.

Monitor the external links to your blog, corporate website or personal web page through Yahoo’s Site Explorer. 9. Ad Meter 1st: A doggone tie. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest 'burning platform' memo? (update: it's real!) "The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don't have a product that is close to their experience.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest 'burning platform' memo? (update: it's real!)

Android came on the scene just over 2 years ago, and this week they took our leadership position in smartphone volumes. Unbelievable. " This is just one of many, many pieces of stark knowledge allegedly dropped by recently-appointed Nokia CEO -- formerly of Microsoft -- in a roughly 1,300-word memo to the company's employees that we've received today. Though we can't vouch for the authenticity, it's notable that the memo contains a portion previously reported by , so it would seem that we've simply received the whole thing. Elop goes on to suggest that his company is "standing on a burning platform" and must "change [its] behavior," suggesting that the adoption of a non-homegrown platform like is a more realistic possibility than ever before.

Update: We've now heard from multiple trusted sources that this memo is indeed real, and was posted to an internal Nokia employee system.