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Traveller Character Generation. Traveller Ships. Zhodani Base. Traveller Fiction. Traveller Cartoons. Traveller Races. Traveller Software. Heaven & Earth. Jumpsites - Links. Links to Traveller and related websites! FarFuture Enterprises – Marc Miller's company, the creators and owners of the rights to Traveller.

You can find details of the Classic Traveller Reprints, Twilight 2000 reprints and the MegaTraveller and 2300 Canon collection CD ROMs on this site. - the website for our Traveller Full Thrust space combat game, PowerProjection. Now available in both the quick play Power Projection: Escort and campaign and capital ship Power Projection: Fleet versions. GURPS Traveller - licensed by Steve Jackson Games, Inc, with the line edited by Loren Wiseman (formerly of Game Designer's Workshop - GDW) this is the official licenced alternative universe for Traveller.

Ad Astra Games - Ad Astra are publishing Power Projection in the USA and have a range of Traveller miniatures. Traveller RPG - The Traveller website maintained by Quiklink Interactive. Freelance Traveller - the electronic fanzine for Traveller afficionados. Shops and Distributors: StuffOnline (Traveller) Stellar Reaches | A Fair Use Fanzine for Traveller. Starships_index. Throughout technological development sophonts have found that standardization promotes the advancement of infrastructures.

This was a concept mastered millennia ago by the First Empire. Standardization promotes trade. Technological products from one world find a better market on another world if they are standardized to use common power systems, common control interfaces, common communication protocols. Operators, designers, and technicians can better utilize their skills when working on standard systems. In star ship construction standards have helped to ensure safe transport in a very hostile environment. The purpose of this technical guide is to familiarize the student with starship systems.

The Douchey DM - Mongoose Traveller Character Generation. Even young gamers remember the original Traveller character generations system — the one where your character could die before the game even started. I personally didn’t mind the death result, it gave character generation a real push-your-luck mechanic. The new Mongoose system has softened this mechanic — the chance of pre-game death is gone, but your character can get seriously maimed. We did character generation for the Traveller game I’m planning on running, and I’m almost overwhelmed with tidbits of character back story.

How Char Gen Works For those who haven’t played the game, here’s how MGT chargen works: Roll 2d6 six times and assign these numbers to your six stats.Determine which career you want and attempt to qualify.Once you’re in a career you roll ever term (4 years) to gain skills, etc.You also roll every term for an “event.” As a home brewed rule, one of the players, Tappy, suggested everyone roll a final mishap from their last career. Events, Life Events and Mishaps Connections.

Across the Spinward Main - Traveller. Across the Spinward Main - Traveller. All character know this stuff. Any unfamiliar terms found in the text can be looked up from the Library Data page. The Third Empire contains roughly 11000 star systems and has existed for about 1100 years. As the name suggests, it is the third incarnation of a large scale political entity in this region.

The second empire collapsed into a period of barbarism and technological backwardness called The Long Night which lasted for 1500 years. There were many causes for the collapse that are only of interest to academics. The Third Empire grew out of this period and former colonies are still being re-contacted today. Within the Empire there are two major human races. The other major human race is the Zhodani. Three hundred years ago, the equivalent of the Salem witch trials swept the Empire. The area of the Empire you are in is known as the Spinward Marches. The Zhodani Consulate shares the spinward border of the Marches. Return to top. Traveller, GRiP, Classic Traveller and T20. Daryen's Traveller Page. What's NewMy favorite role playing game of all time was Traveller. Today, the version of Traveller I played is known as Classic Traveller, but at the time it was just Traveller. While we never actually did the adventure (we detoured badly in the first episode), the start given to our group by The Traveller Adventure sustained our group for a solid two years.

(Even today, if I had to get rid of all of my Traveller material, the two items I would keep are The Traveller Book and The Traveller Adventure. To me, those two volumes are The Quintessential Traveller.) Also, be sure to check each site's links and check out the webcomics they like. Tavonni Repair Bays. Last Updated 6 March 2007. This is Beowulf Down's maintenance and repair area, dealing with the game mechanics or Real World background to Traveller. Contents A Plea for Help Caradoc LIC's Logo Can you help me find this font? Canon Problems CANON PROBLEM 1: Jump Torpedoes Reconciling Leviathan with Traveller. CANON PROBLEM 2: The Feasibility of Virus Virus can be be made plausible - with a little work... CANON PROBLEM 3: The Kinunir Question How do we reconcile the differences in canon over the Kinunir? CANON PROBLEM 4: The Annic Nova Backstory (164k, unformatted) What is the Real Story behind the Annic Nova?

Design Spreadsheets Mayday Missiles Modified Spreadsheet Spreadsheet based on the House Rules variant, shown as a link below. MT Robots Spreadsheet Build a MegaTraveller robot with this ?? This is my version, ported from Amiga Maxiplan to Lotus 1-2-3. MegaTraveller Starship & Vehicle Spreadsheet Build your own MegaTraveller starship! This is my version, ported from Amiga Maxiplan to Lotus 1-2-3. Images. Distant Places. Freelance Traveller - In A Store Near You. Welcome To Traveller The Phoenix Project, Science Role Playing in the Third Imperium.

Mike's Marauders - Your No-nonsense Gaming HQ. The Children of Earth - Traveller Support Site - Frontier Report Issue 1. The First Ever Issue of Frontier Report Frontier Report is a Traveller Fanzine released under the fair use policy and supports all versions of Traveller with the exception of the present ruleset published by Mongoose Publishing.

Frontier Report complies with the Fair Use Policy, for further details please see the Traveller Developer Pack available for Free from Mongoose Publishing's Website. Download Here (14 Meg) Alternative Download Here (4 Meg) (many Thanks to Beech) for this compressed file. Frontier Report is a Living Document so check back regularly and make sure you've got the latest version, as articles can be updated as and when contributors wish to send more stuff... Anyway, this has been a labour of love and I hope you all enjoy. Traveller Trader :: Traveller RPG :: Science Fiction Books. Traveller - ZOZER GAMES. Freelance Traveller - Doing It My Way - Conversion Rules - Travelling Light: A Risus Conversion for Traveller. Travelling Light: A Risus Conversion for Traveller by S.

John Ross with Christopher Thrash Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on the Freelance Traveller web site in 1999, and was reprinted, lightly edited into this form, in the November/December 2012 issue of the magazine. Risus is a complete Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to provide an “RPG Lite” for those nights when the brain is too tired for exacting detail. Risus is especially valuable to GMs assembling a quick convention game, or any late-night beer-and-pretzels outing. While it is essentially a Universal Comedy System, it works just as well for serious play (if you insist!). Best of all, a Risus character takes about two minutes to create! Character Creation Characters are defined by Cliché (sometimes several of them).

Clichés are defined in terms of Dice (by which we mean the ordinary six-sided kind). Characters are created by naming and describing them, and listing their Clichés. Sample Clichés The Game System. Index of /archive/software. RPG Archive: Role Playing Community Site and Online Adventure Database. Walt Smith's Traveller Page. Various Contributions to the Traveller universe.

Essays High Guard Variants High Guard Battle Reports Contacts Starships and Deckplans Businesses Essays Piracy IMPHBTPEITU - an essay on the rogue starmercs and ethically-challenged merchants of my Traveller universe. Piracy, an Economic Analysis - an essay on income and expenditures for an example case of piracy in the Traveller universe. High Guard/Trillion Credit Squadron Variants Fleet Logistics : First draft of supply rules for HG/TCS fleets. High Guard Reports Battle of Beaumaris : High Guard 2nd Ed. battle report - commerce raider vs. frigate, TL12. Contacts Contact: the Quarmas - a minor human race, the innkeepers and stewards of the galaxy. Businesses Valshanti's Spice Experience Starships Classic Traveller: Deep Rift Highliner Intrepid Class Type S Scout (from GDW's Snapshot) Mistral's Daughter Type Y Yacht (based on the type-Y from The Traveller Book) Xanadu Custom Yacht (a variant on the standard type-Y) Marc Miller's Traveller: A Site for the Game Traveller.

Futurese (JBR Precoglang) Justin B Rye 2003–2013 (now fully Unicodified) Predicting the future of the English language is rather easy, in the short term. The odds are, over the next few decades its New World dialects are going to gain increasing global dominance, accelerating the demise of thousands of less fortunate languages but at long last allowing a single advertisement to reach everybody in the world.

Then after a century or two of US dominance some other geopolitical grouping will gain the ascendancy, everyone will learn Chechen or Patagonian or whatever it is, and history will continue as usual. Ho hum. But apart from that… what might the language actually look like in a thousand years time? For comparison, the English spoken at the turn of the last millennium looked like this: (From the Colloquy of Aelfric.) 2013 POSTSCRIPT: for its tenth anniversary (we're one percent of the way there already, folks!) LANGUAGE SF – Futurese Bibliography Next Year's Slang Post-Holocaust Vowel Mutations Galactic Empires Sounds.

/tg/ - Traditional Games. Diaspora. Happy customers "I started giving Diaspora an honest read (rather than a skim) last night. It kept me up an extra hour. INCREDIBLY well-written. I'm now in danger of blowing off most of the day just to read more of Diaspora. . [ . . . ] — Fred Hicks, king of Evil Hat Productions "I finished it last night, and it's really good. . — Clinton R. "If you were to walk into a hypothetical Ice Cream Shop which operated on the same principles that Diaspora works on, the attendant behind the counter would inquire as to your preferred flavors and textures, what toppings you enjoyed and disliked, what form of cone you like and the consistency you like it to be baked to, and collating this information, the attendant would serve you the most delicious frozen dairy treat you've ever been offered.

. — Matt Greenfelder, enthusiastic fan at Fan pics! Brick and Mortar There are several brick and mortar stores carrying Diaspora now! Endgame in Oakland, California. Leisure Games in the UK. Old news VSCA at Lulu. Traveller Web Portal :: Traveller RPG Week Day Three: Starships | Greywulf's Lair. One of the most awesome things about Classic Traveller (and derivatives) is that the in-game values and role-playing data is present in the game itself. Your character’s stats – his Universal Personality Profile or UPP – can be looked up by your character in the game on any convenient info-terminal.

If your crew is looking for a new Engineer (the last one having been accidentally flushed out of the airlock) they can stipulate they want one with a UPP of at least 779878 and have Vacc Suit-1. Picture your character looking at his own character sheet, then watch out for flying brain-matter as your head explodes. Traveller is one of the few games where the in-game stats break through the Fourth Wall and enter the game itself. Paranoia is the only other one that comes to mind, and that doesn’t come close to the depth of Traveller’s commitment to the concept. I can’t stress it enough – this makes a huge difference to how Traveller plays compared to any other game. On to starships. Ouch. Mongoose Publishing • View topic - LBB 9 ADVENTURER ! Traveller, Original D&D and What if. Hello all. I've been less active on the boards partly becuase of work, and partly becuase I decided to dedicate posting time to writing time on a pet project.

For years the traveller community has tossed around the possibility of using the traveller engine for a fantasy (or at least sword age tech) RPG, and some great variants have resulted - (Mercator, Wanderer, Flynn’s guide to magic, Golans modifications, Jaime's Mace ) I hesitate to mention any for fear of missing some, butI've been inspired by all of them, so thanks ! It’s a simple premise that started this attempt: that Gygax and Arneson had different inspirations than the one(s) that became D&D. From this premise (so far) has come at least two variants I really like: Mazes and Minotaurs and Xplorers ; these ask “what if the font of inspiration for original three little brown book D&D was Greek myths, or Science fiction and a different miniatures campaign was being run in those fateful years by the authors and contributiors.

" JTAS Sample Issues. Freelance Traveller - Doing It My Way - Occasional Cargos. Occasional Cargos by Eris Reddoch This system is intended for goods occasionally available on the current planet. The goods generated here could be in transit through the system, a minor local product, or a "quick and dirty" method of building local trade tables.

Once you have determined that a Good is available on the current planet, follow the following procedure to determine the type, quantity and cost. Procedure to Generate an Available Good (Cargo or Freight) on Current Planet Roll 1D100. Modify the roll according to the following table: Transfer the Good Description and Special Handling Instructions from the Trade Items Table (at end of this document) to your worksheet. Inkwell Ideas » Creating Traveller Style Sub-Sector Maps in Hexographer. Last month’s Hexographer update (and yesterday’s) included some features to make it easier to create Traveller style sub-sector maps in Hexographer. Specifically the updates made it easy to add “feature decorations” (small icons or text) placed at different clock locations on the map. These icons or text are used to name a star system or to denote it has a naval base, repair facilities, etc.

All of the steps below can be done in Hexographer’s free version. Start/Setup Initial Map (click to enlarge) Once Hexographer starts, you can set up the map to be created. Since sub-sector maps are 8 hexes across and 10 high, set the “Width” to 8 and the “Height” to 10 hexes. Some Extra Configuration You’ll now have a blank map with the right side tools showing the “Terrain” tab. Placing Star Systems Sub-Sector So Far (click to enlarge) Adding Customized “Feature Decorations” Use this step to name your systems, note the system’s type or add symbols that aren’t on the Cosmic tab/toolbox. Adding Lines. LBB Front-Cover Rendering Machine. Design - Starflight - The Lost Colony. Kategorie: Traveller. JTAS: Article Ratings. Freelance Traveller - Doing It My Way. Traveller Page. Index of /archive/General.

Martyn's Traveller Links. Deciphering the Text Foundations of Traveller. Distant Places. Different Worlds Publications - Gamelords - Traveller. Traveller, Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. Classic Traveller Rules Enhancements. Welcome to Traveller Central. Freelance Traveller - Columns - The Fifth Imperium. Daryen's Traveller Page. Freelance Traveller - Doing It My Way - Travelling Alone. Traveller - Wayne's World of Books - Info & Sources. Allegiance Codes. Freelance Traveller - Doing It My Way. Freelance Traveller Home Page. RPG Blog II: Using Classic Traveller for Fantasy. Droyne and Hivers. December 2010. Six Traveller Campaign and Adventure Ideas. 300 Club Ventaurans. Index. Solomani Rim, Map of the. - Home of The Imperial Archives. Space Characters for GURPS Third Edition. Planet Daryen/Darrian Resource Page. SignalGK: Online Traveller Resource. Traveller Infodata Library.

Traveller RPG. Library - Traveller RPG. Weapons - Traveller RPG. Ancients - Traveller RPG. Security Leak Magazine (TM) Traveller RPG [Archive] - Pen & Paper Games. Citizens of the Imperium. Traveller Fantasy RPG - Citizens of the Imperium. Scientific Research for T4. Jump Points. Robert Eaglestone. Jump Points by Port Rating (then by Title) Beowulf Down. Traveller Library Data: Megacorporations. Traveller Library Data. Traveller Library Data.

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