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Lost Camera
UPDATE: The Quirky Nomads Podcast has made this comic into a radio production! More info here » ALSO: Now avaiable as an 11×17 print! Check it out here. This is a followup to one of the more popular comics in the archive, famously featuring “figure out purple”. Hitting conflict in the face with more conflict never seems to help, as both sides immediately identify the other as the enemy and shut off any ability to listen to reason. The System 472: Road Sage The System 472: Road Sage
Planning Vs. The Internet
Channel ATE
They Will Never Have A Girlfriend | Smosh
Real Life Version of Up
Number Munchers
Procrastination Pie Chart
"_____" will "_____" you
50 Cent is a Pussy The comparison alone is irreverent, but maybe it says a little about whom we idolize today. Luckily, in 1912 they were uninformed that the "kill shot" came from a sideways Glock. Hey kids! Which of these fine fellows is a Rough Rider? [3/28: UPDATE: The artist has requested we make a note that this image IS NOT an official Smithsonian commissioned ad. 50 Cent is a Pussy
Japan You Suck at Art
Drugs explained with animated GIFs by Alice in Wonderland |
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How Women And Men See Colors
They Will Never Have A Girlfriend | Smosh
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Don't Be A Negatron
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Procrastination Flowchart
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Astounding Video Game Propaganda
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