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Brad Pitts Younger Brother Pokes Fun at Self in New Commercial, is Awesome: LAist. It's a little unfair when one sibling becomes a world-famous billionaire and the other is left behind with a ho-hum, average lifestyle, but for at least one such set of brothers, things are about to even out: Brad Pitt's younger sibling Doug has his first celebrity endorsement deal, courtesy of Virgin Mobile. In the following ad, Doug gives viewers a tour of his uber-suburban house, which doesn't really have anything to do with Virgin Mobile, but go with us here.

He shows off his minivan, his man cave (which consists of a pair of headphones), and his black and white printer that also faxes and scans. The idea is simple: Virgin is giving Doug a fair shot at experiencing what Brad goes through all day, every day, by enlisting him to star in the ad. And at the end of the day, Doug basically comes across as the most well-adjusted man on the planet. 10 Bets That You Will Always Win. Upload Video Welcome Guest !

10 Bets That You Will Always Win

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