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Amazon. Kunstzone:onafhankelijk trefpunt voor kunst en cultuur in onderwijs en educatie - Kunstzone. Mediabegrip. Vertaal dit maar eens! Codex Seraphinianus. 10 Additional Things You Can Do With Google Classroom - Teacher Tech. Continuing the list of ways to utilize Google Classroom here are 10 more ways to use Google Classroom.

10 Additional Things You Can Do With Google Classroom - Teacher Tech

Link to “20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” Link to “15 More Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” Book: “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” now available on Amazon. Google Apps Essential Infographic - Teacher Tech. The Best Google Docs Features You're Probably Not Using. 14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed. Now that you've written your eulogies for Google Reader, it's a good time to remember that Google has an abundance of other resources that may not be as popular but still deserve a spotlight.

14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed

We rounded up some lesser-known Google tools and applications that could help you cope with the loss of Reader and rekindle your love for Google. From fun tools like Google Ngram Viewer to useful resources like Full Value of Mobile Calculator, you'll find an array of tools for developers to small business owners to the average consumer. Take a look at the gallery and let us know what your favorite Google tool is in the comments. Image courtesy of Flickr, Scobleizer. Rough Science . Rough Science Adventure . Island General Store. Every tropical island needs a general store.

Rough Science . Rough Science Adventure . Island General Store

This one is stocked with lots of useful items to help you and your customers have fun in the sun and enjoy yourselves after dark. Everything on the shelves is a rough science product. The Challenges! To set the mood for meals and have light when there is no electricity, make your own candles.To keep island visitors' teeth white and their breath fresh, concoct homemade toothpaste.In case things come unstuck, make rough science glue.To keep insect pests at bay, make some insect repellent. Make Candles. Tandpasta.compressed. 8 8 Tandenpasta maken v3.1. Techniek in je klas - Opdrachten 2 - WebGUI. Make Your Own BioPlastics - Eva Varga.

Plastics play an important role in our lives.

Make Your Own BioPlastics - Eva Varga

Plastics are used to manufacture many everyday items and have significantly reduced the use of glass. Some plastics are very durable and make things like furniture and appliances. Other plastics make items such as diapers, trash bags, cups, utensils and medical devices. 2_kleuren_onderzoeken. Sun-catcher Sensory Bags. Rosie and Jewel have loved sensory bags since they were babies, and they still enjoy them now.

Sun-catcher Sensory Bags

Today, I made a few sun-catcher sensory bags so that the girls could explore color, texture, and light. Sun-catcher Sensory Bags These sensory bags are very easy to make and allow kids to explore in all sorts of ways. Rosie and Jewel explored color mixing, light, texture, and reviewed the alphabet with a bit of sensory writing. Nuloptie en kleuters. Baking Soda Experiment - Monster Tea Party. Welcome to more Spectacular Summer Science.

Baking Soda Experiment - Monster Tea Party

Today we’ve got a super fun baking soda experiment to share. The girls wanted to have a tea party, so we used a bit of Science Sparks magic to make it more exciting. What you need: Baking soda ( bicarbonate of soda )Baking powderVinegarWashing up liquidWaterTea cupsFood colouringVinegar. 30.%20Doebladen%20schooljaar%202007 2008. Lessen kinetische energie met katapulten en helikopters… What This Guy Did Might Be The Coolest But Possibly Most Illegal DIY Project Ever. The End Result… BRILLIANT. I was really confused when I heard the term Moss Graffiti.

What This Guy Did Might Be The Coolest But Possibly Most Illegal DIY Project Ever. The End Result… BRILLIANT

The name sounds simple enough, but really? After looking into it a little more, this may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Of course, we would only suggest doing this on your own property, especially because it does take a little bit of maintenance to get it going. Make a Wire from a Plastic Bottle. Habitat. Cactus Hotel, by Brenda Z.


Guiberson, is an awesome book that shows kids the life cycle of the saguaro cactus, as well as biodiversity that encompasses the desert ecosystem in the North American Sonoran desert. The book focuses on all the different species that live inside of the saguaro cactus (while it's living and after it dies). The 10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps. Editing your images is a fun and fundamental part of iPhone photography.

The 10 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

However with countless iPhone photo editing apps offered on the App Store, it can be difficult to know whiches to make use of. In this post you’re going to uncover the 10 best photo editing apps that numerous iPhone photographers advise to utilize. Toys from Trash. 20+ Educational Tools and Apps That Support 21st Century Learning. October 8, 2015 Technology has radically transformed the notion of education to the extent that a label such as 21st century learning is a commonplace in the nascent teaching literature.

20+ Educational Tools and Apps That Support 21st Century Learning

There are now multiple forms of learning (e.g flipped, blended, synchronous/asynchronous, mobile...etc) that are primarily shaped and mediated by some sort of technology be it web or mobile based. This is, in our eyes, not technological determinism as some prefer to call it but rather an appropriation of the emerging technologies for the service of education. More Web Tools to Help You Integrate Technology in Class. Excellent Gmail Tips for Teachers. August 14, 2014 Gmail has several hidden features that are just wonderful. Knowing these features will definitely enhance your emailing experience and ultimately increase your productivity. In today's post I am sharing with you one of these hidden features: using operators in Gmail advanced search. 26 iPad Apps to Transform Your Teaching.


Zomerschool. Everything Teachers Need to Know about Google My Maps. Bloom-iPads-Apps.jpg (1024×768) Designing for kids. Kids spend a lot of time online, and their cognitive and physical limitations present many challenges to them when they do so. Pair that with poorly designed content and dark patterns, and you have a bad mix. As designers on the web, we have a responsibility to create things that empower kids and make them smarter, not the opposite. What can Minecraft teach us about creativity? (Seven Ideas) Free Teacher-tested Tools to Try in Your Class. August 12, 2015 What do you do when your classroom has a small budget or no budget at all? Look for alternate resources, like ways to raise funding or free tools! Here are a set of teacher-tested tools at your favorite price: Free.

Free Music Archive 'The Free Music Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free and legal MP3 downloads. It's directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America.' A Minecraft Add-on To Teach Kids Coding and Programming Skills. August 10, 2015 LearnToMod is a Minecraft add-on to help students learn coding and programming skills through creating interactive mods to the game. LearnToMod, which we discovered through this article from The Guardian, offers a Modding Studio where students get to experiment with coding using two powerful programming languages.

It also enables them to collaboratively learn from each other by exchanging code and remixing codes that others have written. Comic Life Desktop. For Mac Comic Life 3.5.3 – Release HistoryUpdated May 24th, 2016 Requires Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later 1 GHz+ Intel Mac 1024 MB RAM (2 GB rec.) 384 MB of video RAM 300 MB of available disk space Minimum 1024×768 display. Here Is A Collection of Some New Educational Web Tools and Apps for Teachers. Solareruption4 – Fubiz Media. Misteralphabet1 – Fubiz Media. 5 Insane Facts About Light and Color. Paul's Hand Crank Toy Kit.

Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps. Let’s Be Enemies: A Vintage Maurice Sendak Treasure. I’ll Be You and You Be Me: A Vintage Ode to Friendship and the Imagination, Illustrated by Young Maurice Sendak.