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Janneke Vreugdenhil Rabarbercrumble - NRC. O jee, rabarber - NRC. Crème Brulée – Goud in een schaaltje – Dit klassieke Franse recept kent een lange geschiedenis en staat bij veel restaurants op de kaart.

Crème Brulée – Goud in een schaaltje –

Niet gek, want het is altijd lekker en helemaal niet moeilijk! Het contrast tussen het gouden krokante laagje en de fluweel zachte crème prikkelt alle zintuigen in je mond. De basis lijkt erg veel op de vanillesaus. How to: Crè­me brûlée - Brenda Kookt! Foods That Balance Hormones. Your hormones are your body's control system.

Foods That Balance Hormones

But in an age when hormone-disrupting chemicals lurk in processed foods, shampoos, and even scented candles and air fresheners, it doesn't take much to throw off that delicate balance. And out-of-whack hormones could affect almost every facet of your health, making it really hard to lose weight, have babies, and even feel happy. Unhealthy hormone levels can even increase your risk of certain cancers and other chronic diseases.

We turned to Natasha Turner, ND, author of the best-selling book, The Super-Charged Hormone Diet, to help ID the best hormone-balancing foods nature has to offer—a snapshot of nutritious foods and drinks that help you achieve hormonal balance, feel satisfied, fight disease, and lose fat. Grow yer own dang food (part 1) January 30, 2006 Image of sprouting bread courtesy of Cygalle Shapiro Back in the eighties, as a student at the University California at Santa Cruz, I lived in a vegetarian commune with a bunch of hippies.

Grow yer own dang food (part 1)

As hippies, we produced our own sprouts, yoghurt and salsa fresca for the entire commune, approximately thirty people. I had all but forgotten this part of my life until recently, when my Food Atelier students at the Design Academy Eindhoven started working on ways to grow their own food. 10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious. By Dr.

10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Vegetables Less Nutritious

Mercola Modern-day diets are often lacking in nutrition, in large part because food choices are not optimal. About 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food is for processed foods, which may be fortified with nutrients out of necessity but lack the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes found in fresh whole foods.Even the healthy foods you choose, such as an apple or lettuce, are likely not as nutritious as they once were. Ancient wild plants provided an astounding level of phytonutrients that are largely absent from our modern cultivated fruits and veggies.

For instance, wild dandelions contain seven times more phytonutrients than spinach, and purple potatoes native to Peru contain 28 times more anthocyanins than commonly consumed russet potatoes.1 As written in the New York Times:2 Industrial farming practices that threaten to completely deplete what was once rich and fertile soil further add to the problem. French Mushroom Lentil Paté - Vegetarian Foie Gras. People often think of Paris as a museum stuck in the past.

French Mushroom Lentil Paté - Vegetarian Foie Gras

Sure, one of the things we all love about Paris is the old charm that persists in the architecture, the culture, the cuisine, and in some cases, the way of thinking. (The recent taxi versus Uber battle irked a few French tech entrepreneurs as they felt it presented an image of France as a place unwelcome to new business ideas, or change.) But it’s hard to stop new ideas, especially when they become widely adopted, as the next generation comes along with different ideas and expectations. Like everywhere, and like it or not, France is being updated in several ways. Shallot Jam Recipe. Shallot jam is a wonderful addition to many dishes.

Shallot Jam Recipe

It’s a bit sweet and a little tangy, the best of both – and a generous spoonful goes well with roasted meats, pâté, and can dress up a grilled chicken breast. How to Make Natural Ginger Ale - Easy Recipe. Ginger Beer Recipe - Earth Energy Healings. There are all kinds of ways that herbs can be enjoyed.

Ginger Beer Recipe - Earth Energy Healings

Some more traditional, as in a tea or as food. As medicine or beverage. Ginger beer is a deliciously easy beverage to make and it is absolutely amazing. You can easily feel the effect ginger has on you when you are drinking a cold glass filled with bubbly ginger beer and ice cubes. In short, the general outline for making ginger beer is as follows: Create a fermented ginger culture (Ginger Bug)Brew a strong ginger tea.Add SugarCombine the strong tea and additional fluid (i.e. juice or water) to reach a final target volume.Add the culture to the tea/fluid mixture.Allow to ferment more.BottleCarbonateRefrigerate.

Homemade coconut butter - Ashley Neese. It’s recipe time!

homemade coconut butter - Ashley Neese

Just as we were settling into cooler weather we’re back in hopefully our final heatwave this year. I’ve been working on new fall recipes but it’s just too hot to turn on the oven today so I’m sharing a superfood staple in my pantry – homemade coconut butter. If you already buy this from the store you’re going to love how easy it is to create at home. If this coconut butter stuff is new to you, welcome, it’s AMAZING! Coconut butter is the blended fleshy part of the coconut. This incredible superfood supports thyroid function, enhances the liver, soothes anxiety and frazzled nerves.

You can make coconut butter in a high speed blender or food processor.