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Free Webinar: Gamifying Social Collaboration. The #Gamification Daily. Hashtag by YassineD. Collaboration + Gamification = Performance. Introducing the GBase. Part of our mission at Gamification Co is to catalogue the breadth and depth of gamification across industries.

Introducing the GBase

As gamification has grown, one of the top requests from our readers is “Do you have an example of gamification for *insert idea here* ?” While we do have a steady stream of gamification news, we recognize there might be more intuitive way to present the full catalogue of known examples. This is why I am pleased to announce the introduction of the GBase! The GBase is a database containing information about all the instances of gamification being used today. We will be adding entries daily and curating it as a comprehensive directory of all gamified apps, services, products and the people/companies who make them.

GBase is currently in early stages of development and will have more content added daily as time goes on. The Gamification of Education Infographic #gamification #edtech. The Gamification. When Joel Spolsky and I set out to design the Stack Exchange Q&A engine in 2008 – then known as Stack Overflow – we borrowed liberally and unapologetically from any online system that we felt worked.

The Gamification

Some of our notable influences included: Reddit and Digg voting Xbox 360 achievements Wikipedia editing eBay karma Blogs and blog comments Classic web bulletin boards All these elements were folded up into the Stack Exchange Q&A engine, so that we might help people create useful artifacts on the internet while learning with and among their peers. You know the old adage that good artists copy, great artists steal?

That quote is impossible to source, but it means we were repurposing these elements we liked. So, what do Picasso and T.S. Unfortunately, the elements we liked were often buried in mounds of stuff that we ... sort of hated. Traditional web bulletin board systems have a design that was apparently permanently frozen in place circa 2001 along with Windows XP. But they should. Jouer pour innover : les bourses à idées sont dans le vert. Les boites à idées collaboratives pour entreprises ont connu leurs débuts avec l’avènement du blog, en réutilisant ses fonctionnalités principales : post, commentaire, tag.

Jouer pour innover : les bourses à idées sont dans le vert

C’est ce qu’on appelle les ideablogs. Rapportant à nouveau dans l’entreprise les tendances du web, elles surfent désormais sur la vague de la gamification, c’est-à-dire l’application de mécanismes de jeu, sensés augmenter la pratique, la motivation et la mémorisation dans des domaines non ludiques, et notamment le travail. [Game dating] BeeWithYou réinvente les rencontres sur Facebook par le jeu. Plus de 40% des utilisateurs de Facebook penseraient que le réseau social peut être considéré comme un nouveau lieu de rencontres… Partant de ce constat, l’éditeur français AntVoice a lancé, en juin dernier, l’application BeeWithYou, un nouveau jeu sur Facebook qui permet de faire des rencontres autrement!

[Game dating] BeeWithYou réinvente les rencontres sur Facebook par le jeu

Gamers solve scientist-stumping enzyme puzzle. Thousands of gamers playing a crowd-sourced, citizen science project called Foldit have solved a puzzle that's stumped biochemists for more than a decade.

Gamers solve scientist-stumping enzyme puzzle

Better yet, their discovery could open new doors to a cure for Aids. The social enterprise's Holy Grail: Gamification meets 'workstreaming' What if you could stop a technology project from becoming a complete disaster by pausing, rewinding and correcting the exact point where things ran amok?

The social enterprise's Holy Grail: Gamification meets 'workstreaming'

What if company interactions were totally transparent? And what if an enterprise could look across all of its workers to mix and match the best skills? That's the promise of "workstreaming," a phrase coined by Chief Scientist JP Rangaswami. I caught up with Rangaswami for a 90 minute chat (we ran over a good bit) last week at Salesforce's Cloudforce powwow in New York. Talking with Rangaswami is always interesting because he sees trends way in advance.

So yes, Rangaswami can be a bit of ahead of the game. Related: JP Rangaswami and the future of ZDNet's Gamification blog Today, Chatter is modeled after Twitter and Facebook. Rangaswami is clearly on the gamification bandwagon and I admittedly didn't need much convincing on the topic. Progress Wars. Retourner au plaisir de jouer. Par Hubert Guillaud le 16/02/11 | 7 commentaires | 5,634 lectures | Impression.

Retourner au plaisir de jouer

Le double jeu de la gamification. Glisser du challenge dans chaque interstice du quotidien ?

Le double jeu de la gamification

C'est tout l'enjeu de la gamification, nouvelle expression à la mode et alléchante potentielle machine à cash. La gamification est un des gros buzz du moment. En janvier 2011 s’est tenu d’ailleurs le premier “Gamification Summit“. Elle consiste essentiellement à se demander ce qui nous attire tant dans les jeux, puis d’en extraire les recettes fondamentales, afin de les appliquer hors du cadre ludique.

Searching the Brain for the Spark of Creative Problem-Solving. But who wants to troll? Let lightning strike. Let the clues suddenly coalesce in the brain — “field!” Tips on Enterprise 2.0 with Web 2.0 » Blog Archive » The Gamification of Innovation in the Enterprise. Gartner Says By 2015, More Than 50 Percent of Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will Gamify Those Processes.

Tips on Enterprise 2.0 with Web 2.0 » Blog Archive » The Gamification of Innovation in the Enterprise

“Gamification describes the broad trend of employing game mechanics to non-game environments such as innovation, marketing, training, employee performance, health and social change,” said Brian Burke, an analyst at Gartner. “Enterprise architects, CIOs and IT planners must be aware of, and lead, the business trend of gamification, educate their business counterparts and collaborate in the evaluation of opportunities within the organization.”

Learn more here. Enterprise Gamification Trends Dean Takahashi wrote about this idea on “GamesBeat”, his article and the interesting comments can be reviewed here.