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Differentiation Using Technology

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Differentiation. Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction - Resources >> Browse Articles >> Utilizing Technology Featured Author: Mrs.

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction -

Kelly Tenkely Kelly Tenkely is a technology teacher in a private school. Kelly also trains teaching staff on integrating and implementing technology into the classroom. Daretodifferentiate - home. Differentiate-with-Technology - home. Pre-Assessment. Digital Differentiation. Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate learning experiences that address the diverse learning needs of all students and help them develop 21st Century Skills.

Digital Differentiation

At it's most basic level, digital tools can be used to help students find, understand and use information. When combined with student-driven learning experiences fueled by Essential Questions offering flexible learning paths, it can be the ticket to success. Differentiation - tools, tips and resources. Differentiation is an important aspect of education.

Differentiation - tools, tips and resources

Students learn differently, have different needs, different backgrounds, different skills, different ability levels, different interests and more. As educators, we try to create engaging lesson activities that provide a variety of learning experiences and allow students to demonstrate their learning in different ways. Differentiation should occur in both how students learn and gain knowledge and skills, and in how they demonstrate and are assessed on what they have learned.

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