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10 Best Referral Plugins For Your Woocommerce Store. Top 10 WordPress Newsletter Plugins (Free and Paid) Best AI-Powered WordPress Plugins to Stay Competitive in 2021. 7 Best WordPress Twitter Plugins Your Website Need in 2021. How to Display Google Places Reviews on Your WordPress Site. You might already know that a majority of customers are more likely to visit a local business that has positive reviews.

How to Display Google Places Reviews on Your WordPress Site

Whether you are selling online or offline, showing customers’ reviews and opinions always helps boost your branding strategy. Managing an online business takes so much time and effort. There are no real shortcuts around it. However, you can find some ways to take advantage of universal platforms like Google to broaden your business exposure—Google Marketing Kit, Google My Business, Google Places Reviews, to name a few. In this article, I am showing you how to add Google Places Reviews to a WordPress website. Let’s get started! Understand Google My Business Google My Business (GMB) is formerly known as Google Local and Google Places. When optimized carefully, your business can show up nicely on Google Searches, Google Knowledge Graph, Google Local Pack, Google Maps, and more. Akismet vs. Manual Way: Best Way Protect Your Website from Spam? Unfortunately, spam is a regular part of internet life.

Akismet vs. Manual Way: Best Way Protect Your Website from Spam?

Regardless of the platform, irrelevant content and hyperlinks are all over the place. Best WordPress Plugins To Speed Up Your Website. 8 Warning Signs of Unsafe WordPress Plugins - WPBN. Best Free and Premium WordPress Backup Plugins for 2020. Working on WordPress can be overwhelming at times.

Best Free and Premium WordPress Backup Plugins for 2020

Many things are going around, and not everyone is familiar with all the aspects of the WordPress content management system (CMS). Therefore, you need to pay close attention to what is going on in the environment. Plugins are one of the essentials of working with WordPress. While going through the platform, you may see some recommendations for the best WordPress backup plugins.

So, let’s walk through what they are and how they may help you. How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins When Unable to Access WP-Admin. Learn How to Add a Sticky Sidebar in WordPress? Sticky sidebars are widely used.

Learn How to Add a Sticky Sidebar in WordPress?

Whether you stumble upon a news website, a blog, or an online store, the chances are high that you will encounter them. And they use them because they work. You are already reading this article, which means that you are looking into the possibility of implementing sticky sidebars on your WordPress website. However, do you know what the purpose of the sticky sidebars on a website is? Learn How to Reduce WordPress Plugin Security Risks. How To Reduce The Number Of Plugins For WordPress Sites? If you are setting up a new WordPress site, typically, you are going to have some plugins for extending the working function of the website.

How To Reduce The Number Of Plugins For WordPress Sites?

There is not some kind of boundary or restriction which defines some specific plugins to be the most precious plugins for your one or all WordPress sites. Depending on the type of the site and the way you visualize the design, you may end up installing different plugins for different websites. It vastly depends upon the idea you are putting behind. On the other side, the quality a plugin brings with its functionalities. Boost Your Link Building and Marketing With Hicopy. If you’re someone who writes a lot of amazing content, then you know the amount of work that goes into it can be very rewarding.

Boost Your Link Building and Marketing With Hicopy

We spend hours, sometimes days writing one article. The bad side, well, we occasionally find that same article copied on another site with massive monetization. To top it off, they’re stealing all that juicy traffic, reaping the rewards, yet you did all the heavy lifting—time to fight back. We’re not going to talk about blog republishing, stealing, scraping, etc. in this article.

This article is about a new WordPress tool that can play a part against copiers, and help us adapt and overcome specific pain points that come with the everyday challenges with our content being taken. I want to talk about how a little plugin can play a big part in your copyright protection, link building, and marketing, and more. Everyone Copies & Pastes Some people will swear by it; some rarely use the commands. Best User Behavior Analytics Plugin for WordPress in 2020. Businesses have gone beyond the need to just create an online presence and have advanced to new levels.

Best User Behavior Analytics Plugin for WordPress in 2020

It has become paramount for businesses to ensure that users have the best experience while on their sites. For this to happen, businesses are now going a step further and having user behavior analysis done on their sites. Introduction to User Experience and Behavior User Experience (UX), in simple terms, is the general feeling that a user gets when they interact with a particular website. UX underlines User Behavior. What entails the best user experience, you may ask? The first one is keeping the user design as simple as possible to ensure that the user experiences as little friction as possible while interacting with the website.

WPForms Giveaway - Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses. I’m thrilled to announce we have a new outstanding giveaway on WP Pluginsify and a chance for you all to win 3 Pro licenses (worth $199 each) by one of the best WordPress form builders out there.

WPForms Giveaway - Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses

I’m talking, of course, about WPForms. WPForms is a popular and powerful WordPress form builder plugin. With its innovative and user-friendly interface, you can easily create beautifully and fully functioning contact forms, donation forms, and newsletter forms within minutes. The Pro version comes with dozen of great features and options such as drag & drop form builder, pre-built form templates, 100% responsive, multi-page forms. Furthermore, conditional logic, instant form notification, form abandonment, Mailchimp forms, PayPal, and much more. 10+ Great Gutenberg Add-Ons to Bring More Functionality in WordPress. Since the release of WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” in December 2018, WordPress has a new default content editor named Gutenberg.

10+ Great Gutenberg Add-Ons to Bring More Functionality in WordPress

Unlike the previous default Classic editor, titled WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”), where you find all functions in a toolbar, Gutenberg uses blocks. The inclusion of Gutenberg in version WordPress 5.0 was widely discussed in the community. Many users were for Gutenberg, while others preferred the Classic editor. The discontent led, among other things, to the creation of a fork of WordPress. Scott Bowler launched ClassicPress in August 2018, and the primary purpose was to preserve the classic TinyMCE editor as the default option. Coming Soon Page: Launch New Website or Blog. Building and publishing a blog is not a one day process.

Coming Soon Page: Launch New Website or Blog

It takes a long time to build a high-quality website that is user-friendly. While you are building your website, you do not want your future visitors to see your website under construction, so how can you announce your website without letting your visitors see a product that is not yet finished. There is a solution; a coming soon page is a great way to announce the launching of your new website or blog. You may wonder how do coming soon pages work, well we are here to explain. The name is self-explanatory, coming soon page is a special kind of web page layout that gives people a sneak-peak of what is happening, while at the same time it is hiding the construction work that goes on behind the scene. How to Add Tables in WordPress Using WP Table Builder. Using tables in WordPress is an excellent method to present data in a structured and organized format.

It is easy to read and understand the tables and charts. It is also beneficial to use tables to display data arranged in columns and rows. When using WordPress, there are various methods to insert tables. The most straightforward way since Gutenberg, the new block-based editor in WordPress, was introduced in version WordPress 5.0 is to use the predefined table block. The table block is simple to use and works great. BeBee, Affinity Networking; Professional social network. 10 Best Free Anti-Spam Plugins for WordPress to Keep Your Site Secure. Email spam is not only annoying but a severe problem, it can be perilous as well. Spam is an increasing problem and can be very challenging to tackle.

Although there are anti-spam features in email services such as Gmail and Hotmail, it is never 100 percent secure. It always slips through spam no matter how secure the system may be. For us who use WordPress, the same criteria apply, the WordPress CMS is not entirely safe and secure when it comes to spam. You have to add anti-spam plugins to block spam in comments, forms, and registrations to hardening the security. Advanced Image Editing in WordPress With WP Paint. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” holds true in the modern world of web content. As bloggers, while creating a piece of web content, we must make use of appropriate images to give the content piece more life and make it more articulate.

The images must be made more presentable. Using raw images in your content piece without making them presentable would make the content underserved. For making your images presentable, they have to go through the process of image editing. Now, there are various low-key to sophisticated image editing tools out there, each with their pros and cons. WP Paint is a powerful and free Image Editor plugin. With WP Paint, you can easily crop, resize, flip, trim, add text, apply blur, apply gradient colors, and do much more with your images. 15+ tools are there to give you the extra edge in editing your images like a pro. In this article, we will present how to install this plugin. Download & Install the WP Paint Plugin. Fix Image Optimization Issues That Appears in Pingdom and GTmetrix. Images help describe what you are trying to mean inside the article. Presenting with images keep your readers more engaged in the topic. So, nowadays, almost all bloggers prefer to use images inside their articles.

But do you know an image needs optimization? Optimizing images can be helpful for your page SEO in many ways. 10 Best Free Lazy Loading Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Website. A slow-loading website or webpage is not a pleasurable experience for your visitors. Well, not for anyone. Over 3 seconds of load time, most visitors lose patience and leave. Which means you may lose customers, sales, and revenue — which is also lousy businesses.

Nor do search engines like Google like slow loading websites. It may also be a negative ranking factor. Nowadays, everything has to go fast. Top 7 WordPress Security Plugins That Will Neutralize All the Threats. If you have your own site/blog, then you should consider security and how to protect your website from terrible on-screen characters. Also, is there any valid reason why you shouldn’t be? You have contributed so much – your facilitating, topics, plugins, and in particular your time and exertion. How to Properly Set Up Your Amp Plugin to Reduce Amp Errors. When I first heard about Google’s AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Page, I was excited to apply this in my website. Engage Your Customers and Improve Your Conversions with Buttonizer Plugin.

As the website designs progress, many things are starting to look like a norm. Optimise Images and Speed of Your Website with Media Cloud Plugin. How to Handle External & Internal Links in WordPress - WP Newsify. Why Email Has The Highest ROI Of Ecommerce Marketing. Increase Maximum Upload File Size With a Single Click with the Right Plugin - WP Newsify. Build a Classified Ads Website With TerraClassifieds WordPress Plugin. 7 Significance Benefits of Live Chat Plugins in WordPress. In today’s business world, the consumer is considered to be the king. How to Create a Landing Page that Gives Good Conversions Rates.

Movipress - Convert a WordPress Site into an Android App to WoW Mobile Users. Not so long ago, the only way to meaningfully browse the web was with a computer. Since then, times have changed considerably and today most of us use phones to satisfy our internet needs. Coinciding with this change the market as a whole has undergone a paradigm shift with “regular” sites being adapted with smaller screens in mind. 8 Best Free Job Listing and Job Board WordPress Plugins for 2019. How to Add Pinterest Images to Your WordPress Blog. 6 Best Drag & Drop Page Builders WordPress Plugins. Level Up Your WordPress Website With The FV Player Pro Plugin. 10 Best WordPress Image Slider Plugins 2019 Compared. Shipping Plugins for your Customer's WooCommerce Shipping Experience. Backup WordPress Site by WPvivid Backup your WordPress Website.

WhatsApp Chat - WordPress Communication Has Never Been Easier. 7 Easy Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Brute Force Attacks. A Master Plan for Securing Your WordPress Website Against Threats. Effective and Easy WordPress Email Marketing Hacks For 2019. 7 Most Compatible Freemium WordPress Form Plugins Going Into 2019. Which WordPress Plugins Use the Latest AI Technologies? Using WooCommerce? Optimize Sales with the HumCommerce CRO Tool. How to Create a Website Like Amazon Using WordPress.

How to Create an Animated Vertical Timeline on Your WordPress Website. What RSS Feed Plugins in WordPress You May Use in 2019? How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress Posts. A Comprehensive Guide to Improve CRO Of Your WooCommerce Website. Affiliate Coupons - The Best Plugin for WordPress Affiliate Marketers. Learn How CrocoBlock Subscription and Elementor Add-On Works? Learn How to Customize Your WordPress Login Screen. Scheduling Your Content in WordPress: How to Do It Automatically? Create Virtual Tours for Your Real Estate WordPress Site Easily.

10 Most Compatible WordPress Table Plugins Going into 2019. 9 Best WordPress Caching Plugins Compared 2019. 8 Best WordPress PDF Plugins for Your Website 2019. The Next Generation of Elementor Subscription – CrocoBlock. Why Should You Use a WordPress Table Plugin Such As Ninja Tables. How to Run an Online Store using WooCommerce and StorePep. Learn How To Use the CrocoBlock Elementor Add On?

Practical Tips to Display Instagram Images on a WordPress Site. The Latest and Greatest Mapping Plugins for WordPress 5.0. Why Should You Use a WordPress Form Builder? 10 Benefits to Consider. A Quick Guide to Use WP Tools to Develop Quality Websites. How to Create a WordPress Language Switcher With Weglot. How to Designing a Website With a WordPress Slider in Mind. 5 Best Plugins for Accepting Bitcoin Payment on Your WordPress Website.

Hero Sliders Change the Way Audience Interacts With Your Website. QuadMenu Review – Making Magic With Mega Menu. 14 Best WordPress Customer Support Plugins to Manage Support. Best WordPress Plugins to Create Landing Pages That Will Convert. Ronald Heijnes - Why I Am Hooked on the Elementor WordPress Plugin. How to Convert Visitors to Buyers on Your WooCommerce Store.