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KNOWARTH is one of the fast growing Software Development Company with a strong commitment of Delivering Excellence. We have been delivering software solutions to small, medium and large enterprises and even start-ups. For More:

What is Judy How you can protect your Android phone from Malware attacks?

Performance Testing for an eCommerce Solution

Preventing 'WannaCry' attack- What is Ransomware and how to spot it? 8 Golden rules of creating Successful iOS Applications. Apple is the most valuable company in the world today.

8 Golden rules of creating Successful iOS Applications

They have some of the most high-end and demanding users that seek instant and new inventions to run their devices. It is the second most used mobile device platform in the world with apps being built for iOS, watchOS or tvOS alongside iPad and SWIFT development platforms. Everyday iOS developers add over 1500 apps from banking and finance to restaurant and from ecommerce to games. Also, more and more enterprises are streamlining their businesses with custom enterprise applications for Apple devices that engage their users and stakeholders. As the new Apple iPhone 8 comes in the market with latest technologies and new features, there will be a boom to satiate users with new apps.

Developing iOS and iPad applications is a lucrative business and therefore more and more people are becoming Appreneurs with modern app development technologies. But only a few of them will succeed in getting great reviews and downloads. Share IT social media plugin for Liferay DXP gets published on Liferay Marketplace. KNOWARTH Technologies, a leading provider of open source enterprise solutions is proud to announce that our social media plugin Share IT for Liferay Digital Experience Platform has been accepted and published on Liferay Marketplace.

Share IT social media plugin for Liferay DXP gets published on Liferay Marketplace

Prior to the availability of this plugin, social sharing capabilities of Liferay DXP were restricted to specific digital assets like blogs, messages, wiki etc. KNOWARTH publishes 3 new Liferay DXP components on Liferay Marketplace. We at KNOWARTH are very excited to announce that our recently developed in-house components for latest Liferay DXP platform have been approved by Liferay Marketplace moderators and editors.

KNOWARTH publishes 3 new Liferay DXP components on Liferay Marketplace

This is a shot-in-the-arm for our professional Liferay developers who work round-the-clock to build innovative components that integrate web platforms with the wider world. It is vital as we had very recently concluded a successful Webinar on Liferay DXP.It explained in detail about the latest features of the DXP platform and its benefits. Our Liferay developers are highly experienced with Liferay platforms from 6.0 to DXP and well versed with all the technical know-how of the Liferay Components. Best Practices for Mobile App Security - KNOWARTH. The Rise of Internet of Things. The three C’s of IoT Communication: IoT plays a vital role in communication.

The Rise of Internet of Things

It helps to transmit information to people and systems. It can predict the state and health of equipment. For example, company can track their assets through GPS-enabled assets. Such assets can track current location and movement of items and people within an organization. Control & Automation: IoT enables the businesses to control and automate the device. Cost savings: IoT would benefit the businesses and homes to a great extent. Impact of IoT on Business Today, IoT is being used widely in many industries like agriculture, building management, healthcare, energy and transportation. 9 Advantages of Mobile Apps over responsive eCommerce websites. We have ushered in a Mobile era in 2017.

9 Advantages of Mobile Apps over responsive eCommerce websites

As there were more mobile users in 2016 then desktop users across the glove. All things including services, products, and even supplies will need to accommodate to hand-held devices like mobiles, tablets and phablets. It will become a game of survival of sorts where ‘go mobile or perish’ will be the condition. Minimize Your IT Spend Using Cloud Hosting and Management Services.

Cloud computing has become widespread and commonly used across many industries as it is found to bring more value to organizations.

Minimize Your IT Spend Using Cloud Hosting and Management Services

As long as you use the right cloud hosting and management service, you can be sure that cloud computing can reduce your IT costs, free up some resources, make your data accessible no matter where you are, and keep your data extra secure. There are many other benefits to using cloud hosting and management services. Scalability and storage are some of them. By migrating to the cloud, you can eliminate the need to constantly invest in new hardware or employ additional IT staff to manage it. Webinar: Liferay Upgrade 6.x to DXP. Mobile Application Development Comapny. 10 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out for 2017. We outlined few major mobile app trends which have stirred a lot of buzz in the market. 1.

10 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out for 2017

Connect with IoT: IoT will bring a big technological revolution in the years to come. Not many companies are aware of the fact that how they can enhance sales and revenue through IoT. Enterprise related to healthcare, energy and automotive have started experimenting on IoT and mobile integration. 2. Wearable devices are very much in trend. 3. IoT-enabled gadgets will fetch tons of data to display as IoT will connect with billions of devices together. 4. Today, a large majority of people expect their mobile app to work same across all the platforms be it a tablet or desktop. 5. Remote Infrastructure Management Services.

Customer Portal for a leading Energy Company - Case study. Software as a service (SaaS) Based Productivity Management Suite. Open Source Intranet Portal Development Services. Enterprise Architectural Design Services. KNOWARTH provides architects who upon working with customer staff determine when and what methods of architecture evaluation are appropriate, then assist in applying the results to improve the developing architecture.

Enterprise Architectural Design Services

Architecture evaluation helps developers learn how to establish an architecture that responds to critical system qualities in the product. KNOWARTH offers evaluation tools and procedures to evaluate and improve software architectures. Our team works in alignment with quality attribute goals to identify the tradeoffs made by the architecture at each process, system or information storing patterns. Our expert teams also work to identify the architectural risks, inconsistencies and effects across the ecosystem. M-commerce trends to watch out for in 2017. Ecommerce Portal Development and Design Company. 8 Traits of Website Designing Company – KNOWARTH Technologies – Medium. In this era of internet, each small or big business has its unique website.

8 Traits of Website Designing Company – KNOWARTH Technologies – Medium

Website is anytime a prime tool for any business to showcase its products, services or solutions. A proficient website not only attracts a large chunk of visitors to your website but also generate leads, thus giving profit in the longer run. With so many website design companies available around the world, it becomes very imperative to choose such website design company which combines an innovative web design with the state-of- art technology and thus giving effective results in a longer run. Qualities that need to be considered while choosing a Web Design Company 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. How to Choose a Content Management System (CMS) For Your Site. Choosing a right Content Management System is always a complex and troublesome task.

How to Choose a Content Management System (CMS) For Your Site

This task becomes much difficult when the question of choosing a right CMS for your own company comes into the picture. Variety of CMS’s are available in the market which are associated with various benefits and pitfalls. Generally, two kinds of CMS platforms are available in the market- Open Source and Proprietary. Open Source CMS is subjected to modification and customization according to business needs. Update and Improvisation are possible by the coders. Appointment Booking System & Mobile App for Salon - KNOWARTH. Appointment Booking System & Mobile App for Salon - KNOWARTH. White Paper - Digital Experience In Automotive Industry. White Paper - Digital Disruption in Banking Industry. 10 E-commerce mistakes which every store owner should avoid. Running an online store is easy but making it a successful one is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are few common mistakes that most of the online store owners make. Such mistakes kill your sales and put you at risk.

Low-Quality Product Description: The way you describes your product grabs the customers’ attention to a great extent. Overview of Extending your App with Safari Application Extensions. Overview of Extending your App with Safari App Extensions A Content Blocker app extension customizes the way Safari and Safari View Controller handle your content. The extension can tailor your content by hiding elements, blocking loads, and stripping cookies from Safari requests. Portal Quality Assessment Service SaaS Based Auditing & Collaboration Portal.

How Pharmaceutical Companies can embrace Digital Experience Platform. How Pharmaceutical Companies can embrace Digital Experience Platform. Mobile App User Experience (UX) - Best Practices - KNOWARTH. Ways to improve your e-Commerce Website Performance. Ecommerce market is a highly competitive, where website performance and speed plays a major role. Appealing offers and product selections are not sufficient for getting ahead of the competition. Open Source Vs Proprietary Software – Infographic. Migrating from Magento 1.X to Magento 2.0. HRMS Web Portal - KNOWARTH. KNOWARTH Intranet portal Demo. INFO MOBILE APP1. Tips for designing an Effective Mobile App.

As modern technology is spreading its wings in the business world, mobile phones have become a necessity and that’s why it is imperative to develop a mobile app. Mobile app development is flourishing nowadays at a very fast rate. Right from games, health & fitness to news and online shopping, there’s nothing left in this world which is bereft of a mobile app. According to a Harvard Business Review article, an average person interacts with his/her mobile device 150 times a day.

The majority of time is being spent on accessing a variety of apps Now the question is- how do you keep a user engaged on a mobile app? However, creating an interactive mobile app is not everyone’s cup of tea. Responsive Design: While creating mobile app, it’s very important that your app should be compatible with variety of devices. Takeaways. HYBRID Apps- The Future of Mobile Application Development? The market of mobile application development is a growing market.

Every day we come across the news of some new app being launched in the market. Though this world of app development is very exciting but sometimes it’s confusing too especially when it poses a question before you while development- whether to go for a native app or hybrid app? Hybrid app is a trending approach that’s here to stay for long. Software developers from all industries are fulfilling the customer needs with earlier versions of hybrid app and in the next few years, the hybrid app technology is going to dominate the mobile phone market too. Why are Companies choosing Single Page Application (SPA) for their Enterprise Applications? Single page application is gaining popularity nowadays. Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms Which platform fits your Business. Mobile Application: Becoming an Appreneur - Things to Know Before You Start. Why customer experience is important? “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Functional Features of Liferay 7. Liferay 7 brings a spark in digital experience market with its series of functional features and redefine the meaning of word “customer experience”.

Google Chart with Liferay Integration. Liferay Digital Experience Platform. Magento 2: The Best Choice for eCommerce Website. KNOWARTH Intranet portal Demo. Building Custom Directives in AngularJS 2.0. Liferay Digital Experience (DXP) 7.0: Redefining customers experience. Liferay platform has been evolving and growing significantly over the years. KNOWARTH Technologies receives recognition as one among the 20 Most Promising IT Services Companies 2016 by CIOReview - KNOWARTH. HRMS Web Portal - KNOWARTH.

Ecommerce Website and Mobile App for Wine Shop - KNOWARTH. Migrating Magento 1.X to Magento 2.0 - Join Free Webinar. Automated Infrastructure Provisioning on AWS with Terraform - KNOWARTH. “Terraform” provides a common configuration of set of files to launch infrastructure either it is On-Premises or Cloud Providers. After launching infrastructure, terraform safely and quickly changes Infrastructure. Terraform acts just like an “Infrastructure as Code.” Online Grocery Store – The next frontier in Ecommerce. Imagine a grocery store that gives you a seamless experience the moment you step in to the store till the time you check out.

Ecommerce Website and Mobile App for Home Decor - KNOWARTH. Open Source Collaboration Software Can Help You Enhance Your Business. How to Search for the Best UI Design and Development Company. Risk involved with BYOD? Intranet-Extranet-and-Content-Management-Solutions - KNOWARTH. Minimize Your IT Spend Using Cloud Hosting and Management Services. How Cloud Consulting Providers Can Save You Dollars. Why Portal Development Is Important for Your Company. Mobile App for Salon - KNOWARTH. Mobile app for restaurant - KNOWARTH. Magento Ecommerce Development. How to Choose a Content Management System (CMS) For Your Enterprise. Digital Loyalty Management Application – Mobile App - KNOWARTH. Handy Tips to Search for the Most Affordable UX Consulting Company. Corporate Intranet Portal Implementation. OpenStack Cloud based computing platform, it’s benefits & implementation. RIMS - Helping Pharmaceutical companies to stay focused on their Core Competence - KNOWARTH.

Pay Attention to your Mobile App’s UX, its Important. 5 Tips to Find the Best Mobile App Design Company. DevOps Consulting Services. Continuous Integration & Deployment using Chef, AWS Code Deploy and AWS OpsWork - KNOWARTH. Hospital Management System (Mobile Application) - KNOWARTH. Ecommerce Web Development Services. Case Study - Private Cloud Implementation on Hyper-V. Custom Application Development & Software Development Company. Custom Application Development & Software Development Company. How to Find the Best UX and UI Consulting Firm. Android N Features You Need to Know - KNOWARTH. Integrating Salesforce to Drupal made Easy – Drupal Application Development. What is DevOps? Why do you need DevOps? - KNOWARTH. What makes Amazon Web Services (AWS) a Lucrative Cloud Solution? - KNOWARTH.

Must Haves on an online Fashion store Product page - KNOWARTH. SEO tips for Ecommerce Website. Design Mobile App With The Best User Experience. How? Implementing Disaster Recovery On Cloud – Case Study. Integrate Liferay with Varnish - KNOWARTH. Liferay Unicast Clustering on Amazon EC2. Security Breaches that an Application Developer Should keep in Mind - KNOWARTH. Single Page Application. Ecommerce Trends in 2015. Enterprise Resource Planning. Android Application Development.