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KNOWARTH is one of the fast growing Software Development Company with a strong commitment of Delivering Excellence. We have been delivering software solutions to small, medium and large enterprises and even start-ups. For More:

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Transformation. When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. – George Westerman, Research Scientist (MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy)

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Transformation

DXP vs CMS : What’s Best for Your Business? We are witnessing a technological evolution, with constant changes in the technology landscape and customer expectations.

DXP vs CMS : What’s Best for Your Business?

In line with transforming digital landscape, user expectations from businesses are also changing. More and more customers now expect omni-channel Digital Experience across Web, Mobile, and TV. Modern customers expect unified engaging experiences across each touchpoint. Rise Of The CX: The Next Digital Transformation Frontier. What is Digital Transformation?

Rise Of The CX: The Next Digital Transformation Frontier

In layman terms, Digital Transformation is integration of digital technology bringing in fundamental changes to how your business functions and how you deliver value to your users. As organization leaders, CIOs and IT heads are looking for new ways to deliver better services and solutions to their end customers while improving employee and sales productivity and reducing operations costs. This vision starts with understand gaps in processes and emerging technology trends. End goal is to create a Digital Organization that provides a true value to their end customers with an Omni-channel experience while providing internal stakeholders an environment to grow and improve. Approach to Digital Transformation differ depending on size of the organization. Digital Transformation Trends to Look Out For in 2020.

Change is the only constant thing in life, and no matter who we are or where we live, everyone needs to change, even businesses.

Digital Transformation Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Every change that happens could either be of good or bad impact, but it will not be known unless given a try. Digital Transformation Trends have been around since quite some time now, and people have started investing in digital solutions to reap the endless benefits. In the business industry, change must always be part of it, whatever the outcome may be. Digital Product Engineering: A Brief Introduction. Entrepreneurs and industry leaders look for adopting new technology trends to make their business grow.

Digital Product Engineering: A Brief Introduction

They always search for creating innovative offerings that dominate the market. How Robotic Process Automation streamlines operations in Banking & Insurance Sectors. In today’s competitive times, new innovations are made in almost every sector of businesses.

How Robotic Process Automation streamlines operations in Banking & Insurance Sectors

In order to stay competitive in the industry, businesses need to adopt the latest tools and technologies to stay ahead in the race. RPA is the new wave in the IT industry that is reshaping the business processes for different sectors. How Robotic Process Automation streamlines operations in Banking & Insurance Sectors. How Robotic Process Automation streamlines operations in Banking & Insurance Sectors. Why choose Liferay DXP for collaboration portal development? - KNOWARTH. Modern consumers have a lot of expectations when they interact with a business.

Why choose Liferay DXP for collaboration portal development? - KNOWARTH

When users interacts with a particular brand, they expect the companies to understand them, their requirements, their expectations, and problems to provide them with the right solutions. Users want a seamless experience across all the touchpoints. Whether they talk to the marketing department or customer service team for some issues, they demand outstanding experience. Digital Customer Experience for Manufacturing industry.

You might have come across tons of articles related to “buyer experience” or “customer experience” these days.

Digital Customer Experience for Manufacturing industry

More and more B2B companies are focusing on CX i.e., customer experience in the manufacturing industry. CX is all about how the product is presented to the customers. Manufacturers across the globe look for different ways to control the process complexities and improve efficiency of modern manufacturing. Simultaneously, they look for reducing the waste and improving the skills required for manufacturing high quality products for the consumers.

This guide will help you understand how to improve digital customer experience for manufacturing industry. Modern sourcing strategies and supply chain strategies lead to smart manufacturing trends that are changing the winds of the market and helping the manufacturers deliver error-free and the best quality materials at cost effective prices. Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management for Businesses. A lot of small and large enterprises are implementing Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services to manage their IT infrastructure from a remote location.

Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management for Businesses

RIMS includes management of resources such as hardware, software, storage devices, and network systems. IT remote infrastructure management service providers can help you get the best flexible solutions to reduce your IT expenditures and derive flexible solutions for your organisation. Let’s understand some of the major benefits of remote infrastructure management for enterprises. If your organisation is facing the stress of maintaining the IT assets and you are looking for a reliable way to improve them, you should start looking for a reliable IT remote infrastructure management service provider to help you get effective and cost-efficient RIM. How does RPA shapes customer service in the age of Digital Transformation? It is rightly said that running a business revolves around caring for your customers.

How does RPA shapes customer service in the age of Digital Transformation?

Using the most advanced modern technologies can help you achieve a higher level of customer care. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help your agents become more competitive and deliver exceptional customer service. RPA can be used to improve operational efficiency by automating the rule-based tasks and help the customer service team improve the overall experience for the users. Why Enterprises need Digital Workforce Transformation? The way we work and perceive the office environment is changing. Workplaces are changing at a lightning speed, making it almost impossible to comprehend what the future workplace will look like. And, with the advent of technology and communication renaissance, off-site and remote employees actively contribute and collaborate as much as in-house employees. Organizations all over the world have started realizing the benefits of digital workforce transformation for enterprises.

Gone are the days of 9 to 5 work hours in mundane office cubicles. Today’s employees prefer working flexible hours in a dynamic environment beyond the confines of physical offices. How To Adopt The Best LMS For Corporate Training? Top 6 reasons businesses should develop mobile banking application. (Most Important) 9 Rules For Successful Digital Transformation Project Delivery.

[New eCommerce] How Liferay commerce will benefit Enterprises? Liferay have a best-in-breed portal capability and in order to expand its horizon they recently came up with the new platform called Liferay Commerce. In order to make themselves stronger in the digital experience sector, Liferay comes up with a content management system for the eCommerce sites that can also use the extensive capabilities of Liferay Portal. Let’s go through a few of the key features provided by Liferay in this platform and will also see how it will be helpful for the eCommerce business by giving an edge over their competitors in this segment. What are the Key Features of Liferay Commerce? Catalog Management One of the key features of Liferay commerce is catalog management. Catalog Management provides Product Category to organize the products. For example product available in different colors or sizes. Pricing & Tax Calculations Whenever a product is there in the picture one more thing that comes along with it, is the price.

Implementing ERP System For Businesses [Advantages of ERP] Every business has its own unique business processes, services, and products that make them stand out from the competition. To thwart increasing competition and move their operations on an agile environment, businesses are looking for ERP Implementation Services for a faster turn-around. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business management software that organizations use to collect, store and manage information for doing business activities.

Generally, ERP provides an integrated view of business processes by using a common dashboard and filtering data that is maintained by the database management system. The ERP system provides filtered analytical data to make faster decisions for improving customer experience. What is exploratory testing best practices and its advantages? These days, it becomes modish to say that your team is practising Exploratory Testing. As the term itself implies to understand the technique, process of learning through a cycle of trial and error. Mainly Exploratory Testing emphasizes on personal responsibility and freedom of an individual tester for enterprise software testing for large businesses.

Unlike scripted testing, test cases are not created in advance, rather it shows an intelligent way to test an individual’s thought process. Is Your Business Ready For Future With Magento 2 ? A large number of small and medium businesses use Magento eCommerce platform to pursue business activities. It offers content management and advanced analysis to sell product securely. If your online business runs on Magento 1 or earlier versions, then you should know that it will stop receiving security patches as early as February 2020. What's the future of digital transformation in insurance sector? The Insurance industry is evolving at a much faster rate than we did in earlier decades.

Importance of Regression Testing in Agile Methodology for Software. Software Testing involves many complex techniques and methodologies before a smooth delivery to clients. The best Application Development approach is the Agile Method and it involves Regression Testing for software. Top 10 Features and Advantages of Using Learning Management System. Integrate Salesforce CRM with Drupal 8. Five Rules To Designing User Interface And User Experience For IoT Based Application. How to override Liferay 7 portal Javascript. Which Magento Edition suits your eCommerce Business Community. Elasticsearch for Custom Entity in Liferay 7.1.

How to find the best HR Software for your business. HR Konnect - Complete Human Resources Management System. eCommerce Portal Development and Design Company. How To Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud With PHP Using REST API. Role and Responsibility of QA in an Agile Methodology. Why eCommerce Business Should Have a Mobile App. Among the different industries, eCommerce industry is booming very fast and there is no sign of its slowing down. As we are seeing the changes in technology advancement and innovation, Mobile is one such driving force that is propelling enterprises to another level. Pursuing a prudent Enterprise Mobility Solution strategy will make or break the business. Mobile is starting to become certainly one of the crucial requirements of eCommerce along with a direct driver of eCommerce development. Presently, the mobile commerce marketplace sizing is anticipated at $467.3 billion. Mobile drops in record one-third of the website traffic on the top eCommerce websites.

According to Statista, global ecommerce sales are expected to increase 246.15% by 2021, from 1.3 trillion in 2014 to 4.5 trillion in 2021. Users in eCommerce are shopping online through their mobile devices like- making a purchase anytime, anywhere, browse and get details about a product while shopping in store. Book: Hands-On Natural Language Processing with Python. Digital Experience Trends and Stats in Banking Sector. Digital Experience Trends and Stats in Banking Sector. Liferay DXP Enterprise Solutions - Building Digital Workplaces. Tips for Human Resource Management Software Development. KNOWARTH Publishes a Book: Java 9 Dependency Injection. 12 Must have features of Liferay Portal Development - KNOWARTH. Challenges and Benefits of Enterprise Content Management Software. How Businesses Expand Using ECM Software - KNOWARTH. Why businesses develop Learning Management systems? - KNOWARTH. Top 7 reasons why Liferay DXP is the best option - KNOWARTH.

Why should every organization have a tailored HR Management Software? Hospital Management System. Advantages of Collaboration Portal that can boost your business. The definition of Collaboration is, “A combination of actions and efforts by groups or individuals in a group to work on a single task to achieve a goal or accomplish a task is called Collaboration.” In simple terms, Collaboration is set of actions to meet a common objective or completion of goals on a single platform. Plugin: Two Factor Secure Login at Liferay Marketplace. Best App Development techniques: Native App Vs PWA. The popularity and growth of smartphone users across the world is a global phenomenon. Jasper Plugin is live on Liferay Marketplace. Enterprise Content Management System.

Why Liferay is the best platform to build an Intranet Portal? Employee communication and collaboration are two most visible signs of any healthy enterprise. KNOWARTH publishes a book MySQL 8 for Big Data. Webinar: Building Intranet Portals with Liferay DXP. Enterprise Roadmap to Effective Mobility Solutions.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

What is Judy How you can protect your Android phone from Malware attacks? Performance Testing for an eCommerce Solution. Preventing 'WannaCry' attack- What is Ransomware and how to spot it? 8 Golden rules of creating Successful iOS Applications. Apple is the most valuable company in the world today. They have some of the most high-end and demanding users that seek instant and new inventions to run their devices. It is the second most used mobile device platform in the world with apps being built for iOS, watchOS or tvOS alongside iPad and SWIFT development platforms. Share IT social media plugin for Liferay DXP gets published on Liferay Marketplace. KNOWARTH publishes 3 new Liferay DXP components on Liferay Marketplace. Best Practices for Mobile App Security - KNOWARTH. The Rise of Internet of Things. 9 Advantages of Mobile Apps over responsive eCommerce websites. Minimize Your IT Spend Using Cloud Hosting and Management Services. Webinar: Liferay Upgrade 6.x to DXP. Mobile Application Development Comapny.

10 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out for 2017. Remote Infrastructure Management Services. Customer Portal for a leading Energy Company - Case study. Software as a service (SaaS) Based Productivity Management Suite. Open Source Intranet Portal Development Services. Enterprise Architectural Design Services. M-commerce trends to watch out for in 2017. Ecommerce Portal Development and Design Company. 8 Traits of Website Designing Company – KNOWARTH Technologies – Medium. How to Choose a Content Management System (CMS) For Your Site. Appointment Booking System & Mobile App for Salon - KNOWARTH.

Appointment Booking System & Mobile App for Salon - KNOWARTH. White Paper - Digital Experience In Automotive Industry. White Paper - Digital Disruption in Banking Industry. 10 E-commerce mistakes which every store owner should avoid. Overview of Extending your App with Safari Application Extensions. Portal Quality Assessment Service SaaS Based Auditing & Collaboration Portal.

How Pharmaceutical Companies can embrace Digital Experience Platform. How Pharmaceutical Companies can embrace Digital Experience Platform. Mobile App User Experience (UX) - Best Practices - KNOWARTH. Ways to improve your e-Commerce Website Performance. Open Source Vs Proprietary Software – Infographic. Migrating from Magento 1.X to Magento 2.0. HRMS Web Portal - KNOWARTH. KNOWARTH Intranet portal Demo. INFO MOBILE APP1. Tips for designing an Effective Mobile App. HYBRID Apps- The Future of Mobile Application Development? Why are Companies choosing Single Page Application (SPA) for their Enterprise Applications? Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms Which platform fits your Business.