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How To Use Media Library In WordPress? (Step-By-Step) This is the interface that gives you control over how to manage the stored media files and images.

How To Use Media Library In WordPress? (Step-By-Step)

Even though the media library has limitations, especially when it comes to optimizing audio, recording, video, and images, it can still execute image-editing and other functionalities. To access your Media Library, select ‘Media’in your admin sidebar. Within the WordPress environment, you can upload image files, edit them to quality standards, and create the necessary linkages to internal and external pages. This article will show you why the WordPress media library is one of the most underrated content management tools. Additionally, we shall endeavor to explain how you can energize your Media Library to its full potential. All the Media files that you upload onto your website are stored in the WordPress Media library. 1.

Media is ideally stored in WordPress as video, audio, recordings, and also files that are later uploaded to your pages. 2. Different Types Of Blogs: Every Blogger Needs To Know. Top-Notch Benefits Of Using WordPress [Unlock Hidden Features] WordPress is a well-known open-source CMS platform.

Top-Notch Benefits Of Using WordPress [Unlock Hidden Features]

There are several benefits of using WordPress to develop a website. It powers approximately 35% of the internet in the present year. Using WordPress, you can develop any type of website or blog. Moreover, it also supports a plethora of themes and plugins to make stunning and fully functional websites. In this post, we are going to explain some general and hidden features of WordPress that helps you to gain the maximum from the most well-known CMS platform. Top 10 WordPress Media Manager Plugins For 2021. Do you remember when you started the WordPress website?

Top 10 WordPress Media Manager Plugins For 2021

Everything appeared neat and clean. Right! But, when you initiated composing posts and web pages, that time you may realize how rapidly clutter can start building up and the WordPress media library might become quickly haphazard. Also, you can improve the functionality of the default WordPress media library using WordPress media manager plugins. Top 12 Social Media Management Tools [List 2021] From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.

Top 12 Social Media Management Tools [List 2021]

Thankfully, there are a plethora of awesome social media management tools available to help you. These tools can streamline your workflows, help you to save your important time, and even ensure your content reaches the target audience at the right time. With so many great social media management tools out there, we thought it could be great to showcase some of the top ones to help you pick what’s best for your online business. What is social media management? Social media management is a simple process of developing, analyzing and publishing engaging content on the various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Vimeo, and etc. You can manage it using social media management tools and different strategies. Download Magento 2: All Released Versions At A Single Place. Magento 2 platform keeps on releasing great versions to enhance the E-commerce platforms.

Download Magento 2: All Released Versions At A Single Place

To use Magento 2, users must download Magento 2 on the resource. But, this process sometimes causes hurdles for users or takes more time to fulfill the requirements of login or register for a new account. To save your precious time, we have demonstrated all Magento 2 versions in one place. Let’s Drive-In! Download Magento 2 Latest Version – v2.4.1 This latest Magento 2 version 2.4.1 increases security and performance. Why Embed Instagram Feed On Magento Website? [Top-notch Reasons] Engagement – It is one of the buzzwords in the 21st Century that has led most businesses to succeed.

Why Embed Instagram Feed On Magento Website? [Top-notch Reasons]

Social media allows different brands to connect with users to offer them great services. Magento 2 offers a wide range of customizations and greater flexibility as compared to other CMS. Ecommerce owners can use the right Magento extensions and add the desired functionality to your store. Best WordPress Gallery Plugins To Use In 2020. Using a photo gallery plugin you can customize your images to the next level.

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins To Use In 2020

The best WordPress gallery plugins will not just allow you to showcase your images beautifully but it will also ensure all your images are properly optimized or not on your website. So, are you searching for the best WordPress gallery plugins to showcase your galleries in an eye-catching way on your website? Here, in this post, we have explained here the best 11 WordPress gallery WordPress plugins that help you to display your images attractively. Let’s have a look! 1. The Portfolio Designer is an amazing WordPress plugin for developing unique and responsive image galleries for your website. Moreover, the plugin provides more than 50 predefined effects and animations to display your portfolio project titles, descriptions, links, or buttons on hover actions. 2.

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins To Use In 2020. 10 Best WordPress Blog Layout Plugins For Better View. WordPress Timeline Plugin. Please extract downloaded zip in your local PC. 1) You need to select that Installation plugin from admin panel 1.

WordPress Timeline Plugin

Login into your WordPress admin area. 2. Installation Using FTP 1. Tips To Create Portfolio Section In WordPress Website. A portfolio section helps you to display everything you want on your WordPress website.

Tips To Create Portfolio Section In WordPress Website

It could be anything like products or services you are providing, photos that inspire your employees, your achievements, and various other things you want to showcase. Portfolios will make your website more visually appealing, and, making it easier for you to embed your photos on various social media platforms. Furthermore, it may be useful in creating leads. If you are a creative professional such as a web designer, artist, painter, then a perfectly designed portfolio is essential to attract visitors and expand your business.

Here, in this article, we will demonstrate how to add a portfolio section on the WordPress website. Let’s get started! What are the Benefits For Creating a Portfolio Section on Your Website? The portfolio section enhances the online visibility of your website. How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy [Updated Guide] Are you curious to find out the best social media marketing strategy online?

How To Create Social Media Marketing Strategy [Updated Guide]

The Hootsuite studies found that 321 million new people joined social media in 2019, which brought from approximately 3.48 billion to 3.8 billion social media users in 2020. It increased by 9%. That’s why, the right social media marketing strategy like selecting suitable channels, identifying your social media goals, content strategy, engaging your target audience, and optimizing your result is essential to boost your brand awareness. At first glance, marketers find it difficult to develop a social media marketing strategy.

Here, we demonstrate a complete guide to create a social media marketing plan from scratch. So, let’s dive in! 1. The biggest problem faced by many businessmen is that they never spend proper time to set accurate and effective social media marketing goals. Generally, social media marketing goals should be to increase your brand awareness on the social media platform. Posts Vs Pages In WordPress - What Is The Difference? How To Improve eCommerce Customer Experience [Effective Practices ] Are you looking to increase customer loyalty and profits from your Magento 2 store? If you own a Magento eCommerce website, you will need to have a great customer experience. Different technologies and tools have allowed people to interact with websites differently.

It makes it quite easy for customers to look for the best customer experience. You will find a lot of creative ways that allow you to improve customer experience that would generate a large number of customer loyalty. What is the customer experience? Best Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions By Solwin. In the present scenario, the online marketplace is a quick expanding platform for business owners. If you are owning a new online store, then you have to think about how to make your brand eminent and competitive in the global market.

In this article, we will explain powerful Magento 2 marketplace extensions developed by Solwin Infotech to take your online store to the next level. Let’s begin! 1. Product Zoom Pro The Product Zoom Pro is an amazing Magento 2 extension that showcases the product images in the zoom view. You can select from 3 types of zoom like Basic Zoom, Inner Zoom, and Lens Zoom. Content Amplification Strategy To Boost Traffic In 2020. Quality content is mandatory for driving more traffic and ranking higher on the search engine result page. It is essential to achieve your business goals. Some marketers disclose that generating organic traffic and lead is the biggest hurdle. Indeed, the best way is to use content amplification. Are you aware of the content amplification strategy? Let’s get to know. How To Create A Portfolio In WordPress [The Complete Beginner's Guide]

Are you struggling to find a reliable way to impress your prospects and convert many on them into your loyal customers? Many people are experiencing the same challenge. The cutthroat competition that characterizes the present marketplace has scared almost everyone. But if you know how to create a portfolio in WordPress, you cannot fall into the same category. Through this, you can present your work professionally and increase your business revenue fast. Read on and learn how to make the type of portfolio in WordPress that you need to stand out in the marketplace. Step 1: Choose the Best Hosting Service and Domain Name If you are among the people who are just starting, the first thing that you need to do is find the proper domain name.

Portfolio Design: Do's and Don'ts [A Simple Cheat Sheet] Designing a professional portfolio can be a daunting task for anyone. You may wonder what information to include and what to leave out. It helps if you have some background, but even if you do not, it is never too late to learn. We will explore the do’s and don’ts when designing your portfolio in our article below.

Let’s dive into it. Why Do You Need A Good Portfolio? Solid Reasons To Redesign Blog [Best Practices] How To Choose Blog Categories & Tags That Increase Traffic. Top WordPress SEO Plugins To Rank #1 On SERP. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most persistent source of traffic for any website. Well, there are plenty of fantastic SEO tools available in the online market. If you have a WordPress site, then you can easily install SEO plugins that will help you out. But, the biggest hurdle is which plugin? That is the reason we will explain the top 10 WordPress SEO plugins for ranking higher in the search engine result page (SERP). 1. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin helps you with search engine optimization on your website. This amazing WordPress plugin also provides you cornerstone content and internal linking features to rank for the right keywords with the right web pages. 2. Magento Product Sorting & Filtering To Boost Customer Experience.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement Organically? [Quick Hacks] Social media is an important channel to make an eminent brand in the online market. How to Create A Digital Portfolio? [Stand Out From The Pack] In the digital world, people like to create a digital portfolio rather than making a physical copy now. It is the best way to represent your online business and showcase your professional achievement in an amazing way. Top Magento 2 Inventory Management Extensions. Inventory management handling is a detailed process to record all the goods that arrive and leave in a warehouse or store. Generally, it varies on the size and business model. What To Include In A Portfolio Site? (Most Important Features) Just developing an online portfolio is not enough for you nowadays.

10 Awesome Pinterest Plugins For WordPress In 2020. Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Photography Blog In 2020. If are you looking for the WordPress plugins for your photography blog, then you are in the right place. There are plenty of plugins available in the online market. Best WordPress Archive Plugins [Collection 2020] Best Homepage Design WordPress Plugins To Supercharge Your Site. A homepage is the main web page on your website. Generally, visitors redirect to your website’s homepage from various search engines. Magento 2 Personalization Strategies To Boost Conversion Rate [Fast & Easy] Modern customers have a lot of choices for buying different products online. As we live in a customer-centric world of eCommerce, it is important to pay attention to customer experience.

Building Photography Website? [Avoid These Common Mistakes] How To Make Money Using Social Media? (In 9 Steps) 6 Proven Techniques To Speed Up Image Loading Time On Gallery. Latest Blog Design Trends For 2020 [Keep In Mind] Top 7 Mobile Responsive Magento 2 Themes For 2020. Why Buy Premium WordPress Plugins? [Discover The Reasons] WPFileo Pro - WordPress Media Library Plugin. Smart Ways To Embed Twitter Feed On Website. Importance Of Magento Homepage Slider [Is That Effective?] 11 Best WordPress Plugins For Newbie Website [Curated List] How To Increase Customer Retention Through Social Media. Best Portfolio WordPress Themes 2020 [For Web Designers] Best Free Portfolio Website Builder In 2020 [Tried & Tested]

18 Effective Ways To Speed Up WordPress Blog In 2020. How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store [Influence Customers] 7+ Top Magento 2 Import Export Extensions For eCommerce Store. 9+ Best Twitter Feed Plugins For WordPress. How To Drive Traffic From Instagram To Your WordPress Blog? WordPress Vs Joomla: Unbiased Comparison Of CMS Platforms. Best 10 WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins [Enhance The Admin Area] How to Make a Portfolio Page? Key Elements of Portfolio. WordPress vs Blogger: Which to Choose for 2020? Effective Tips For Blog Design [Design A Stunning Blog] Countdown Timer For Magento 2: How It Is Useful To Drive More Sales? 10 Best RSS Feed WordPress Plugins [Free & Premium] Best Magento 2 Product Zoom Extensions [Magnify Your Product Image] Key Bennefits Of Social Media Wall For Website [Need To Know] Why Start A Blog Site? (If You are Unemployed In 2020) Why To Choose Multi Purpose WordPress Themes?

Best WordPress Plugins For Video Gallery [Keep Your Customer Engaged] Where To Sell Photos Online [Make Money With Profit] Best Magento 2 SEO Extensions To Increase Your Website Traffic. SEO For eCommerce Product Pages [Ultimate Guide] Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs [Every Blogger Should Know] Most Common SEO Mistakes You Should Aviod At Any Cost. Website Builder Vs Web Designer: A Better Hand-Off For Website. Top Rated Codecanyon WordPress Plugins In 2020.

Tips For Successful Blogging [Ignore Blogging Blarney] Mobile Page Speed Optimization Guide [Reduce The Loading Time] Best Tools For Content Marketing [Need The Most] 10 Best Firefox Add-Ons For Bloggers [Make Blogging Easy] 10 Best Magento 2 Promotion Extensions [Outbreak Your Product Sales] Top Most Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Website. Best Free SEO Tools To Get More Traffic [Most Recommended] How To Do Event Blogging? (Beginners Guide 2020) How To Add eCommerce To WordPress [Quick Setup Guide] Blog Assessment Checklist [Complete Guide] How You Can Use Social Media Walls For Events? [Beginners Guide] Top SEO Friendly WordPress Themes That Use In 2020. Instagram plugins for WordPress Website [Worth To Install] How To Create A Free WordPress Website [Step-By-Step Guide] Why You Need Magento 2 Blog? [Undeniable Reasons] How to change default Product sorting In Magento 2 Store? How To Design A Blog For Free? [Quick & Easy Guide] Work 9 to 5 And Do Full Time Blogging [How To Do Guide]

What Is The Importance of Social Media Integration [Basic Guide] How To Choose A WordPress Theme Perfectly [Do's & Don'ts] 11 Benefits Of Magento eCommerce Website Development. How To Be A Successful Blogger? [Should Have Habits] Best Magento 2 Upsell extension & Crosssell Extension [Spike Your Sales] How To Organize A Blog Post [Smart Tips & Tactics] Best Plagiarism Checker Tools: [Discover The No.1 Tool] How To Improve Lead Generation [Get The Best Results]

Best Practices For Magento Website Maintenance Services. Best Woocommerce Plugins For Online Business [Pick The Best One] 10 Best WordPress Grid Plugins In 2020 [Latest Collection] Best Techniques For Website Performance Optimization [Practical Tips]