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Traduire Wall Murals 4 photos Toutes les photos de Catherine Laker Ajoutez un commentaire... Brick Wallpaper Installation - The Grange, Brisbane. Our client has a beautiful Queenslander character home that includes a modern industrial styled area downstairs that was once home to an art studio and incorporates polished concrete floors, large timber sliding doors and white painted walls and partition walls.

Brick Wallpaper Installation - The Grange, Brisbane

The area is completely self contained with it’s own small kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom and toilet. We would describe it as having a modern industrial warehouse feel. The owners wanted to add a warmth to the area while still keeping with the modern industrial look. To create the warm warehouse feel they chose a wonderful brick wallpaper form Kemra Wallpapers. It’s called Camden Factory Bricks and was the perfect choice to add the “wow factor” to the space. Dressing Room Wallpaper at Goop Pop Up Chicago. Tropical Wallpaper. Tropical palm leaf wallpaper is back!

Tropical Wallpaper

Yes that’s right big bold palm tree and tropical designs are the next big thing. This trend was highlighted at New York fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015. Any design trend that pops up at Fashion week ends up in home decor and interior design. The tropical theme is a clean fresh look that can easily be achieved by using tropical inspired wallpapers and adding large comfy sofas, maybe some cane and of course lots of lush greenery. Getting that jungle vibe happening all adds to a lush relaxed tropical theme. Wallpaper Installation Brookfield – Brisbane.

We recently installed wallpaper at Brookfield in Brisbane for our client Abbey had a vision for her bedroom that was finally realised with the installation of her black and white striped wallpaper.

Wallpaper Installation Brookfield – Brisbane

She is an architectural student who also has a huge passion for interior decorating. Not only that but she loves recycling pieces of furniture and making her own lamps and photo frames. The mirror above her bed was an old find that was painted silver to fit in with her colour scheme. Being only 19 we think she has tremendous talent and will go a long way. Powder Room Wallpaper. Did you know that wallpaper in powder rooms looks pretty darn sensational?

Powder Room Wallpaper

Powder rooms and bathrooms might be small areas but they can certainly deliver the “wow factor” when they are decked out in wallpaper. Wallpapering bathrooms and powder rooms is becoming increasingly popular.Wallpaper can make a big impact in any room and this is particularly true for the smallest room in the house. You can afford to take a risk in a powder room, be a bit bold and try something you might not necessarily try in any other room in the house.

It’s also the perfect way to “wow” your guests! Wallpaper has the advantage of supplying beautiful images, designs and colour which is superior to just painting or adding tiles.Combining the right wallpaper with the right tile will definitely create the “wow factor” in your bathroom. Powder rooms are generally small which means it won’t take much wallpaper to cover them and create a stunning effect. Looking Up: Wallpaper on the Ceiling. Sunshine Coast Wallpaper Installation - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat. Natural textured wallpaper is very on trend right now.

Grasscloth Wallpaper Used By Darren And Dee On The Block Triple Threat

You would only have to listen to the designers on “The Block” and one of the contestants Dee to know that. Darren Palmer is a big fan of grasscloth wallpaper, he couldn’t stop himself from touching it saying it’s ‘one of his favourite things in all of existence’! So what is all the fuss about? Let’s take a look below at the winner of Week 1 Room Reveals – Darren and Deanne’s bedroom. We agree that grasscloth wallpaper is very nice and is one of the biggest interior design trends at the moment. Photo Credit – Where To Buy Grasscloth Wallpaper Grasscloth wallpaper can be rather expensive to buy per roll but as always we try to find the best wallpaper at the most affordable prices. Wallpaper Installers Sunshine Coast - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Wow Wallpaper Hanging do professional wallpaper installation on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

Wallpaper Installers Sunshine Coast - Wow Wallpaper Hanging

We specialise in creating the “wow factor” for your Sunshine Coast home or business. When it comes to wallpaper hanging we have been servicing South East Queensland for three decades. We are born and bred Queenslanders with a passion for Sunshine Coast wallpapering and adding that something special to any interior. Having worked for private clients, interior designers and builders there is nothing we havn’t wallpapered. Byron Bay Wallpaper Installation - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Wallpaper Installation Brisbane – Wallpaper Installation Gold Coast. Mural Wallpaper Trends for 2015. Wallpaper is used worldwide to decorate interior walls (and sometimes furniture) in homes, shops, offices, and public spaces.

Mural Wallpaper Trends for 2015

The style, price, and appearance of different wallpapers will vary dramatically, and as a consequence different styles will be popular at different times. Most shops will differentiate their wallpapers on ‘stripes’, ‘plain’, floral’, ‘polka’, ‘damask’, and ‘conversational’. Most distinctions will also be based on the base colour. However, most modern wallpapers are not the classical ‘repeat design’. On the contrary, they are statement mural pieces. More and more modern homes are turning to realistic floral photo murals to inspire their living rooms, office spaces, and even bedrooms!

2014-2015 Wallpaper Trends - Gold Damask Colour Trend Wallpaper, R2067 The latest trends in wallpaper and what to look for in 2014-2015 to create an on trend space.

2014-2015 Wallpaper Trends -

Many of this season’s wallpaper designs are taking cues from past eras while adding new twists to create highly versatile and contemporary looks. Wallpapers with metallic sheens, floral and geometric prints, texture, and faux finishes are seen all over today and will help you create the trendy wallpaper appearance you desire for your home. The latest trends in wallpaper also feature wallpaper used in a number of unique applications such as on the ceiling or as accents on furniture to compliment full wall applications.

10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again. Remember that point in the late '90s when you had enough of those nautical stripes?

10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again

Well, that's how we now feel about taupe paint. Luckily, wallpaper has made a glorious return--this time with more inspired styles. Jungle Spots. Wild Walls: How to Be Bold Yet Beautiful With Wallpaper. DIY: Wallpaper tips to invigorate your home. Add a textural finish to your favourite room with some striking new wallpaper designs. See your ad here DIY: Wallpaper tips to invigorate your home Go for a whimsical look with bright butterflies.

Photo: SUPPLIED. Go retro for a colourful and fun look in a child's study or bedroom. In the night sky: The Powder Room: Swans! So around the time the bathroom was renovated, I decided to wallpaper the walls of our second toilet which adjoins the laundry (I call it the powder room because it just sounds better, but for it to be so officially I think it has to have a basin in there?). Anyway, here it is. Of course there were issues - I didn't pay attention at one point and messed up cutting the lengths which threw the pattern out of whack necessitating another roll to be ordered, but that's just how these things sometimes go. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm really pleased with how it turned out, despite how awkward a job it was - wallpapering the smallest room in the house was a challenge, that's for sure.

Barnebygates.wordpress. Wallpaper Installers Byron Bay - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. We do wallpaper installation in Byron Bay and surrounds. We recently completed a large wallpaper installation at Coopers Shoot Road, Byron Bay where we had a total of 13 different wallpapers to hang throughout the house. With over 30 years experience in hanging wallpaper we are experts in our field. No job is too big or too small for us at Wow Wallpaper Hanging. We only use the most experienced wallpaper hangers as part of our team. Gorgeous Grey! « Copy. Grey is the new neutral – a statement you may have heard when people are discussing decorating.

More and more people are using grey as an alternative to white and beige. Grey offset with gloss white trim is clean, crisp and stunning. I hope these images inspire you get out your paint brushes. Bedroom in monochromatic greys. Gold Coast Painters - Wow Painting and Decorating: Wallpaper Installers Brisbane - Wow Wallpaper Hanging. We have had an amazing year as wallpaper installers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.It's so exciting to see people using this beautiful medium to create visually stunning spaces within their homes and businesses. The amazing thing about wallpaper is it is so individual. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from so coming up with something to suit your interior should be easy. Actually no, it probably will be hard to actually narrow down the choice to just one design. In 2014 we saw a lot of feature walls being wallpapered to create a real "wow factor".

Everything from contemporary walls with large bold patterns right through to traditional damasks and stunning murals. As Brisbane wallpaper installers we have traveled all over the city wallpapering houses, apartments, new homes and renovations. Wallpaper Brisbane – Professional Wallpaper Hanging « Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Wallpaper Brisbane – Professional Wallpaper Hanging Posted on Updated on Wallpaper in Brisbane has taken off!

We are so excited to finally see Australia using wallpaper to decorate their homes. Wallpaper has been used for centuries throughout Europe to create appealing living spaces. Wow Wallpaper Hanging. ‘Faux texture’ wallpaper from shelf/life. Wallpaper: it’s everywhere right now and whatever pattern you choose, covering a wall, or all your walls, makes a great statement; any kind of statement you like! If you’ve ever dreamed of an industrial chic warehouse conversion but have no such architectural features in reality, online store shelf/life have started stocking some wallpapers which could help! “One of the more recent trends we’ve seen in interiors is that of faux texture wallpaper,” says owner Jess Ibbett.

“The main reason for this is probably due to new technology allowing companies to print photorealistic images onto paper, opening up a huge amount of options when it comes to decorating your home. Removable blackboard wallpaper: oh, the possibilities! Maida Vale couple speak about their luxurious hand-painted, hand-stitched wallpaper range - Property - Hampstead Highgate Express. Make a bold statement in your home – with wallpaper. 11 Brilliant Wallpaper Transformations  Bare walls can be so boring. Think you're ready to make a decorating move that might feel too edgy? Not your grandmother's wallpaper. On a roll: the best wallpapers for sale. Fancy something a little more urban? Surface View’s Cracked Concrete wall mural is suitably gritty (£50 per sq m;, while B & Q’s Brick wallpaper has a vinyl finish, so makes a practical choice for a kitchen or bathroom (£20 per roll;

Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase. To the 271 people who wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for the paper to make the faux wood wallpaper bookcase…. Reviving Lost Techniques in Wallpaper Painting. Photo. Pattern design and wallpapers. Red Palette has home decor covered - Vernon Morning Star. Markella Mildenberger, owner of The Red Palette, displays a sample of wallpaper she has created using her original artwork. — image credit: Graeme Corbett/morning star.

The Skeptics Guide To Buying And Hanging Wallpaper. In case you missed the memo, wallpaper is making a comeback, resurging from a place where it had been banished for being too flowery, too hard to take down, and grossly overused alongside pouffy couches and other '80s decor. Calico Wallpaper. Wallpaper Installers Brisbane. Gumtree Australia Brisbane North West - Brisbane City. Tranquil Watercolour Wallpaper Installed In Gold Coast Apartment - Wow Wallpaper HangingWow Wallpaper Hanging. Wallpaper Installers Gold Coast - Wattle Hotel Installation. Brisbane Wallpaper Installation - Teneriffe Wool Stores. Shabby Chic Wallpaper - Aged To Perfection. Gumtree Australia Gold Coast City - Broadbeach Waters. Akin & Suri - Handmade Interiors » akin & suri ~ handmade interiors. Jannelli e Volpi. Cole and Son (Wallpapers) Ltd - Manufacturers of fine printed wallpapers since 1875 - Offical Website.

Flamingo Wallpaper - Flamboyant & Eye Catching. Parrot Wallpaper - Bright, Fun & Eye Catching. 11 Surprising Uses for Wallpaper Around The House  Damask wallpaper: timeless classic or safe and boring? - Silk Interiors Wallpaper. Pink Wallpaper Pretty In Pink. Wallpaper...on the Floor? Art Deco Wallpaper - Stellar Interior Design. Are we seeing a return of the feature wall? Floral Wallpaper - A Natural Choice. Wallpaper Colours To Turn Your Head. Tile Wallpaper. Ask An Expert: Wallpaper Tips from Sian Zeng. Interior: Ceiling Wallpaper Creates New Interesting Decoration For Your Home Interior, lovely visual, colorful texture, subtle ceiling wallpaper ~ Seapavaa.

NLXL launches Archives wallpaper by Studio Job at Milan design week. Shell and chinoiserie: Seaside style with an Eastern accent. Wallpaper? Where to start? Striped Wallpaper. Magnetic Dino Wallpaper - Sian Zeng — Sian Zeng. Flutter-tastic bird & butterfly decor. Butterfly Wallpaper. Wallpaper Ideas. Statement Wallpaper. Primitive & Proper: Stunning Vintage Dining Room with Wallpaper Direct Addition. Interior Wallpaper Trends For 2014. Black Wallpaper. Wow Wallpaper Hanging. Hepburn Interiors, LLC. The Greatest Wallpaper Designs of 2013. Cityscape Wallpaper Murals.

6 Beautiful Ways to Wallpaper Your Nursery. World Map Wallpaper Mural. Hotel Design Using Wallpaper. Leopard Print Wallpaper. Interior Design. 9 Unexpected Ways to Decorate With Wallpaper. Kids Wallpaper. Art Deco Wallpaper. The Bright Wallpaper With Huge Flowers In Interior. Goth Wallpaper Interior Design. Andrew Martin Wallpaper – Realistic Images Of Timber, Steel and Other Great Stuff. Moroccan Wallpaper. Ethical design for everyday living. Wood Wallpaper – Sophie and Dale’s Scrapwood Wallpaper From “The Block” 2012.

Forest Wallpaper Mural. Striped Wallpaper. The Bright Wallpaper With Huge Flowers In Interior. Birght Living Room Designs with Blue and Green Wallpaper Motifs. Bold Wallpaper That Makes Us Cry Tears Of Joy (PHOTOS) Top 25 floral wallpapers for the home. CREATIVE WAYS TO USE WALLPAPER / Laura Ashley. Retro Wallpaper. Brick Wallpaper.