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Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug. The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth. ROUND EARTH PUBLISHING: INTRODUCTION TO HEAD PAIN. Many pains do indeed have psychiatric components, but the psychogenic diagnosis is woefully overdone.


(Notice how rarely it is applied to knee pain, big toe pain, or shoulder pain.) It is used all too often by the physician, who, when asked for the underlying cause of head pain, cannot bring himself to say “I don’t know.” And there's a lot to know. Over 20 muscles (primarily of the neck) refer (send) pain to the head. Several refer pain specifically to the eye. What's Your True Sexual Orientation? The Purple-Red Scale Is Here to Help You Find Out. When reality TV dumpling Honey Boo Boo Child declared that "everybody's a little bit gay" three years ago, she was unknowingly taking a page out of sexologist Alfred Kinsey's book.

What's Your True Sexual Orientation? The Purple-Red Scale Is Here to Help You Find Out

Hope for preemies as artificial womb helps tiny lambs grow. Researchers are creating an artificial womb to improve care for extremely premature babies — and remarkable animal testing suggests the first-of-its-kind watery incubation so closely mimics mom that it just might work.

Hope for preemies as artificial womb helps tiny lambs grow

Today, premature infants weighing as little as a pound are hooked to ventilators and other machines inside incubators. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is aiming for a gentler solution, to give the tiniest preemies a few more weeks cocooned in a womb-like environment — treating them more like fetuses than newborns in hopes of giving them a better chance of healthy survival. Research Shows Men Reach for Sexist Jokes Out of Insecurity. A new and seemingly inevitable study has confirmed that men who enjoy sexist and homophobic humor are insecure about their own masculinity.

Research Shows Men Reach for Sexist Jokes Out of Insecurity

The study, published in the academic journal Sex Roles, found that when men with “precarious manhood beliefs” feel threatened, they embrace jokes that help them reaffirm typical gender norms, propping up their flimsy manhood. The researchers behind the study were unable to confirm whether or not these men were fooling anyone, but we doubt it. Researchers at Western Carolina University conducted two experiments involving 387 heterosexual men. The participants filled out online questionnaires about their personalities, social attitudes, and level of prejudice towards gay men and women. Interviews with People Who Just Smoked DMT - Vice. Gut bacteria affect ageing. It loses its pigments, its motor skills and mental faculties decline, it gets cancer – the turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri) struggles with the same signs of old age that affect many other living creatures.

Gut bacteria affect ageing

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne have studied the effect of intestinal microbiota on ageing and lifespan. Their results show that older animals remain active for longer and live longer if they receive the intestinal bacteria of younger members of the species. Log In - New York Times. Log In - New York Times. Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People. In 2015, when researchers Ann Case and Angus Deaton discovered that death rates had been rising dramatically since 1999 among middle-aged white Americans, they weren't sure why people were dying younger, reversing decades of longer life expectancy.

Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People

Now the husband-and-wife economists say they have a better understanding of what's causing these "deaths of despair" by suicide, drugs and alcohol. In a follow-up to their groundbreaking 2015 work, they say that a lack of steady, well-paying jobs for whites without college degrees has caused pain, distress and social dysfunction to build up over time.

The mortality rate for that group, ages 45 to 54, increased by a half-percent each year from 1999 to 2013. But whites with college degrees haven't suffered the same lack of economic opportunity, and haven't seen the same loss of life expectancy. The study was published Thursday in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Interview Highlights. The Positives and Negatives of CCK and Its Role In Lectin Sensitivity - Selfhacked. Livewell report jan11. Paul Ryan just unveiled his plan to privatize Medicare and it's insane. Researchers aim for first human eye transplant within the decade. An eyeball with whole attached optic nerve of a rat in the lab of Dr.

Researchers aim for first human eye transplant within the decade

Kia Washington, a plastic surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center pioneering the research into whole eye transplants. How the Bacteria in Your Gut Influences Your Mind. Get elephant's newsletter *Editor’s Note: No website is designed to, and can not be construed to, provide actual medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment to you or anyone.

How the Bacteria in Your Gut Influences Your Mind.

Elephant is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional advice, care or treatment. . ~ Researchers Restored A Colony Of Microbes In The Gut. Last month, Popular Science discussed the state of gut microbiome research and the often overgeneralized claims of many probiotics.

Researchers Restored A Colony Of Microbes In The Gut

As we concluded, the field is still in its infancy and one of the main challenges to creating effective prescription probiotics is that it’s extremely difficult to culture a lasting population of specific bacteria in the gut. But in a paper out last week in the journal Cell Host and Microbe, researchers at the University of Alberta showed that they were able to culture a strain of bacteria in the gut for at least six months. 101 Year Old David Rockefeller Just Received 7th Heart Transplant This Morning. The 101 heir to the Rockefeller fortune, David Rockefeller, just successfully completed his 7th open heart transplant after the last one failed earlier this week.

101 Year Old David Rockefeller Just Received 7th Heart Transplant This Morning

This would mark more heart transplants than any other human being that’s ever existed. David’s net worth is estimated at only $3 billion, a small number compared to the many new tech startup billionaires that make the exclusive forbes list. However he is the most wealthy billionaire of old money in the Forbes Billionaires club. David stared as an American banker who served as chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation. He is the oldest living member of the Rockefeller family and family patriarch since July 2004.

Rockefeller was born in New York City, New York, in 1915 and grew up in a nine-story house at 10 West 54th Street, the tallest private residence ever built in the city. In 1946, Rockefeller joined the staff of the longtime family-associated Chase National Bank. The Complex Math Behind Spiraling Prescription Drug Prices. Photo This is an update of an article that was published earlier this year. The soaring cost of prescription drugs has generated outrage among politicians and patients. Some cancer drugs carry price tags of more than $100,000 a year, and health plans are increasingly asking people to shoulder a greater share of the cost. Pregnancy-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled In Texas After Cuts To Women's Health. What 2,000 calories looks like at every major fast-food chain. The Food and Drug Administration recommends an average daily intake of 2,000 calories.

Healthier, more transparent practices are making their way into the fast-food industry, yet simple awareness isn't always effective. The Upshot took pictures of 2,000 calories' worth of restaurant food in 2014. U.S. affirms its prohibition on medical marijuana. Marijuana plants growing at a Minnesota Medical Solutions greenhouse in Otsego, Minn., last year. The crop is part of the state's medical marijuana supply. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune/AP) This post has been updated. The government refused again Thursday to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, reaffirming its conclusion that the drug’s therapeutic value has not been proved scientifically and defying a growing clamor to legalize it for the treatment of a variety of conditions.

In an announcement in the Federal Register and a letter to petitioners, the Drug Enforcement Administration turned down requests to remove marijuana from “Schedule I,” which classifies it as a drug with “no currently accepted medical use” in the United States and precludes doctors from prescribing it. The decision keeps the federal government at odds with 25 states and the District of Columbia, which have passed laws allowing medical use of marijuana to some degree. . [25 states call marijuana 'medicine.'

Snake Oil Supplements. See Which Health Supplements Aren't Backed By Science. Alienation Is Killing Americans and Japanese. First Rise in U.S. Death Rate in Years Surprises Experts. Photo WASHINGTON — The death rate in the United States rose last year for the first time in a decade, preliminary federal data show, a rare increase that was driven in part by more people dying from drug overdoses, suicide and Alzheimer’s disease. The death rate from heart disease, long in decline, edged up slightly. Death rates — measured as the number of deaths per 100,000 people — have been declining for years, an effect of improvements in health, disease management and medical technology.

While recent research has documented sharp rises in death rates among certain groups — in particular less educated whites, who have been hardest hit by the prescription drug epidemic — increases for the entire population are relatively rare. Does Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Cancer? What the New Study Means For You. The study found that male rats had a higher incidence of two kinds of tumors when exposed to the same type of radiation emitted by cell phones. The results are not conclusive, and the overall relevance to human cell phone use is something that’s “not currently completely worked out,” said John Bucher, Ph.D., associate director of the NTP, part of the National Institutes of Health.

But the new report adds weight to human epidemiological studies that have previously raised similar concerns, and when combined with those earlier studies, is poised to force a reconsidering among federal agencies of the potential risks posed by cell phones. This incredible visualization explains what kills Americans at every age. Cause of death for men, based on CDC mortality data from 2005 through 2014. Click here to play with the interactive and see how cause of death varies across age and sex. Food As Medicine. - Guardian of Health. Vitamin Found To Halt Aging In Muscle Tissues And Increase Lifespan. Here's the cost of getting lean. [Infographic] Is it really worth the trade-off? Six-pack abs. Oliver Sacks said he benefited from LSD. It's not pseudoscience.

The bacteria-fighting super element that’s making a comeback in hospitals: copper. Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Anti-Vaxxers Fund Study That Finds Zero Link Between Vaccinations And Autism. I lost 100 pounds in a year. My “weight loss secret” is really dumb. GE researchers invent a 7-dimensional heart scanner. Interactive Body Map: What Really Gives You Cancer? Cancer deaths hit their lowest rate in decades. 9 Surprising Facts About Your Body's Bacteria - uBiome Blog. These Are The World’s 8 Most Dangerous Pathogens.