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Over 30,000 published studies could be wrong due to contaminated cells. Researchers warn that large parts of biomedical science could be invalid due to a cascading history of flawed data in a systemic failure going back decades. A new investigation reveals more than 30,000 published scientific studies could be compromised by their use of misidentified cell lines, owing to so-called immortal cells contaminating other research cultures in the lab. The problem is as serious as it is simple: researchers studying lung cancer publish a new paper, only it turns out the tissue they were actually using in the lab were liver cells.

Or what they thought were human cells were mice cells, or vice versa, or something else entirely. If you think that sounds bad, you're right, as it means the findings of each piece of affected research may be flawed, and could even be completely unreliable. "Most scientists don't intentionally publish findings on the wrong cells," explains one of the researchers, Serge Horbach from Radboud University in the Netherlands. Radboud University. Jamanetwork. Question What is the estimated research and development spending for developing a cancer drug? Findings In this analysis of US Securities and Exchange Commission filings for 10 cancer drugs, the median cost of developing a single cancer drug was $648.0 million. The median revenue after approval for such a drug was $1658.4 million. Meaning These results provide a transparent estimate of research and development spending on cancer drugs and show that the revenue since approval is substantially higher than the preapproval research and development spending.

Importance A common justification for high cancer drug prices is the sizable research and development (R&D) outlay necessary to bring a drug to the US market. A recent estimate of R&D spending is $2.7 billion (2017 US dollars). However, this analysis lacks transparency and independent replication. Objective To provide a contemporary estimate of R&D spending to develop cancer drugs. Both these methods have limitations.

Avorn J. Gout - In-Depth Report - NY Times Health. This is how American health care kills people. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Matthew Stewart owes $62,668.78 for drugs, surgeries, and other treatment. With both bankruptcy and possibly fatal liver failure looming, he doesn't even bother opening his bills anymore, he told The Week. "There was no point. Stewart is 29 years old, and was pursuing his Ph.D in American history at Texas Christian University until ill health forced him to withdraw. But now he faces imminent bankruptcy and possibly death. The incomprehensible brutality of Stewart's story is an object lesson in how the American health care system mercilessly crushes American citizens when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable.

With cirrhosis, it's typically just a matter of time before your liver starts failing — and you usually run into very serious complications long before total shutdown happens. But a more direct result of portal hypertension is dilation of veins in the portal system, most commonly in the esophagus — creating esophageal varices. Expanding contraceptive choice. Bright Medicine Clinic - Natural Gastroenterology in Portland, Oregon. Necator americanus - Wikipedia. Necator americanus is a species of hookworm (a type of helminth) commonly known as the New World hookworm. Like other hookworms, it is a member of the phylum Nematoda.

It is a parasitic nematode that lives in the small intestine of hosts such as humans, dogs, and cats. Necatoriasis—a type of helminthiasis—is the term for the condition of being host to an infestation of a species of Necator. Since N. americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale (also known as Old World hookworm) are the two species of hookworms that most commonly infest humans, they are usually dealt with under the collective heading of "hookworm infection". They differ most obviously in geographical distribution, structure of mouthparts, and relative size.[1] Necator americanus has been proposed as an alternative to Trichuris suis in helminthic therapy.[2] Morphology[edit] This parasite has two dorsal and two ventral cutting plates around the anterior margin of the buccal capsule. Life cycle[edit] Pathogenesis and symptoms[edit] We Need New Politics to Make America Mate Again | Fatherly | Fatherly. Almost half the global population now live in countries where women, on average, give birth to fewer than the 2.1 children needed to keep population levels stable.

Europe and East Asia have struggled with declining birth rates for decades and the cost of an aging population exiting the workforce is set to hit America particularly hard over the course of the next decade. Schools are being turned into eldercare facilities and that spells trouble for a global economy built on the assumption that demand for goods will grow. It also incentivizes governments to incentivize would-be parents to get after it, prompting policy shifts. But will new policies implemented with mixed success abroad by adopted by the United States? There are two ways to stave off population shrinkage. Why is this happening? Since the 90s, the Japanese government has rolled out several initiatives to get its population in the mood for procreation. Think that’s an overstatement? Read More. A Comparison of Hospital Administrative Costs in Eight Nations: U.S. Costs Exceed All Others by Far.

September 8, 2014 Authors David U. Himmelstein, Miraya Jun, Reinhard Busse, Karine Chevreul, Alexander Geissler, Patrick Jeurissen, Sarah Thomson, Marie-Amelie Vinet, and Steffie Woolhandler Citation D. U. Himmelstein, M. View full article Synopsis Administrative costs account for 25 percent of total U.S. hospital spending, according to a new study that compares these costs across eight nations. The Issue Even as all nations struggle with rising health care costs, the United States remains an outlier. Key Findings Administrative costs accounted for 25 percent of hospital spending in the United States, more than twice the proportion seen in Canada and Scotland, which spent the least on administration. The Big Picture "Hospital administration costs ranged from 1.43 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States ($667 per capita) to 0.41 percent of GDP ($158 per capita) in Canada. " About the Study The Bottom Line. Clean eating fad is taking toll on young women.

Before she’s even opened her mouth, I know what the young woman sitting in front of me is going to say. She wears a big, baggy jumper to hide how underweight she is. Her face is so sunken that she looks more like a cadaver than a human being. When I ask her to take off her layers so that I can weigh her, I am taken aback at the sight of every vertebra sticking out of her back.

She is 20, in her second year of university, with her whole life ahead of her. So why, at a time that should be full of promise, optimism and excitement, am I staring into the desperate face of another lost soul? Stars: The Hemsley sisters promote their brand The reason? For those of us who work in treating eating disorders, ‘clean eating’ — a trend that focuses on avoiding processed foods and consuming raw, unrefined produce — is a phrase we have come to dread. The GP referral letter was like nearly every one we receive these days. By the time she gets to see a specialist such as me, she is often emaciated. Rubbish. ICD-10 Version:2016. Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of ‘Jane Crow’ - The New York Times. Noninvasive Imaging Gets to the Heart of Cardiac Disease Risk | AAAS - The World's Largest General Scientific Society. A new method of analyzing images from routine heart scans can identify patients most at risk for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke, and the method may help doctors deploy therapeutic interventions earlier and more effectively.

The approach, described in the 12 July issue of Science Translational Medicine, noninvasively measures blood vessel inflammation as an early warning signal for artery plaques that might go on to rupture and cause major cardiac events. "This is a routine, outpatient, convenient test that can be done quickly and easily," said Keith Channon, a study author and senior researcher at the University of Oxford.

Non-invasive imaging of fat surrounding the coronary artery can predict heart attack risk. | A.S. Antonopoulos et al., Science Translational Medicine (2017) Computerized tomography (CT) scans are already common components of clinical evaluations for chest pain. "Our heart arteries are surrounded by fat. [Credit for associated image: A.S. Should researchers have to disclose funding? QUAYSIDE/Thinkstock A study came out that conflicted with nutritional dogma—it showed that eating breakfast actually causes weight gain.

Immediately, people who disliked eating breakfast expressed vindication for listening to their own hunger instead of general dietary recommendations. Some professionals, on the other hand, dismissed the results as “just one study,” disregarding the totality of evidence; after all, challenging established advice just “adds to confusion.” Others simply remarked that nutrition was flip-flopping again. Headlines popped up declaring that the idea that breakfast helps control weight was a myth now busted, with the helpful context that everything you were ever told was wrong. Personal beliefs, calls to action or inaction, and criticisms of dietary guidance abounded. This is just one real example of the discourse that surrounds nutrition science—often full of belief, but with little discussion of the actual science.

Trial registration is another such example. Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug | Society. The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth. As a neonatal intensive care nurse, Lauren Bloomstein had been taking care of other people’s babies for years. Finally, at 33, she was expecting one of her own. The prospect of becoming a mother made her giddy, her husband Larry recalled recently — “the happiest and most alive I’d ever seen her.” When Lauren was 13, her own mother had died of a massive heart attack. Lauren had lived with her older brother for a while, then with a neighbor in Hazlet, New Jersey, who was like a surrogate mom, but in important ways she’d grown up mostly alone. The chance to create her own family, to be the mother she didn’t have, touched a place deep inside her. “All she wanted to do was be loved,” said Frankie Hedges, who took Lauren in as a teenager and thought of her as her daughter. Other than some nausea in her first trimester, the pregnancy went smoothly.

On her days off she got organized, picking out strollers and car seats, stocking up on diapers and onesies. Twenty hours later, she was dead. ROUND EARTH PUBLISHING: INTRODUCTION TO HEAD PAIN. Many pains do indeed have psychiatric components, but the psychogenic diagnosis is woefully overdone. (Notice how rarely it is applied to knee pain, big toe pain, or shoulder pain.) It is used all too often by the physician, who, when asked for the underlying cause of head pain, cannot bring himself to say “I don’t know.”

And there's a lot to know. Over 20 muscles (primarily of the neck) refer (send) pain to the head. Several refer pain specifically to the eye. At least three refer pain directly to the teeth and jaw for reasons that will never be relieved by fillings or repeated root canals. Of particular concern neurologically is strain or compression of the trigeminal nerve and its branches which mediate tissue inflammation, vasodilation and vascular permeability in the brain — all issues in migraine. If irritated muscles and nerves fire off an inflammatory response and vasodilation, is the resulting headache muscular, neurological, or vascular?

What's Your True Sexual Orientation? The Purple-Red Scale Is Here to Help You Find Out. When reality TV dumpling Honey Boo Boo Child declared that "everybody's a little bit gay" three years ago, she was unknowingly taking a page out of sexologist Alfred Kinsey's book. His famous Kinsey scale, which identifies people's levels of same- or opposite-sex attraction with a number from zero to six (zero being exclusively straight, six being exclusively gay), has been a favorite cultural metric for measuring sexual orientation since it was created in 1948. But even though asking someone where they fall on the Kinsey scale is now a common dating website opener, the Kinsey scale is far from an all-inclusive system. As Southern California man Langdon Parks recently realized, the scale fails to address other aspects of human sexuality, such as whether or not we even care about getting laid in the first place. So Parks decided to develop a more comprehensive alternative: the Purple-Red Scale of Attraction, which he recently posted on /r/Asexuality.

Pick your letter-number combo below: Hope for preemies as artificial womb helps tiny lambs grow. Researchers are creating an artificial womb to improve care for extremely premature babies — and remarkable animal testing suggests the first-of-its-kind watery incubation so closely mimics mom that it just might work. Today, premature infants weighing as little as a pound are hooked to ventilators and other machines inside incubators. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is aiming for a gentler solution, to give the tiniest preemies a few more weeks cocooned in a womb-like environment — treating them more like fetuses than newborns in hopes of giving them a better chance of healthy survival. The researchers created a fluid-filled transparent container to simulate how fetuses float in amniotic fluid inside mom's uterus, and attached it to a mechanical placenta that keeps blood oxygenated. In early-stage animal testing, extremely premature lambs grew, apparently normally, inside the system for three to four weeks, the team reported Tuesday.

How the "Biobag" system works: Research Shows Men Reach for Sexist Jokes Out of Insecurity | Fatherly. A new and seemingly inevitable study has confirmed that men who enjoy sexist and homophobic humor are insecure about their own masculinity. The study, published in the academic journal Sex Roles, found that when men with “precarious manhood beliefs” feel threatened, they embrace jokes that help them reaffirm typical gender norms, propping up their flimsy manhood. The researchers behind the study were unable to confirm whether or not these men were fooling anyone, but we doubt it. Researchers at Western Carolina University conducted two experiments involving 387 heterosexual men.

The participants filled out online questionnaires about their personalities, social attitudes, and level of prejudice towards gay men and women. They were subsequently asked about what sorts of jokes they found funny and if they felt their sense of humor provided a window into their core beliefs and personality. These responses were provoked within the context of questions demanding introspection. Read More. Interviews with People Who Just Smoked DMT - Vice. Dimethyltryptamine is so hot right now. Ever since Enter the Void and DMT: The Spirit Molecule showed up on Netflix Instant, kids have been going gaga over this technology from another dimension. An extremely effective, naturally occurring psychedelic compound that's simultaneously spiritual and more fun than bumper boats, DMT is perhaps most famous for its instant and intense visuals.

Within a few seconds of inhaling its thick, harsh smoke, one is taken to a place very different from what most contemporary Westerners refer to as reality. While there is a lot of debate regarding where that place exists (or if it exists, or if anything exists for that matter), it can be said with absolute certainty that DMT Town looks very cool. Jodie I felt what God was like. It was like time travelling, but it wasn't time before or after, it was just adjacent to us.

Your bodies were, like, singing – everything you were doing was like a song. Oren That was the most intense thing ever. Taylor Adam Sarah Lex. Gut bacteria affect ageing. Log In - New York Times. Log In - New York Times. Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People. The Positives and Negatives of CCK and Its Role In Lectin Sensitivity - Selfhacked. Livewell report jan11. Paul Ryan just unveiled his plan to privatize Medicare and it's insane.

Researchers aim for first human eye transplant within the decade. How the Bacteria in Your Gut Influences Your Mind. Researchers Restored A Colony Of Microbes In The Gut. 101 Year Old David Rockefeller Just Received 7th Heart Transplant This Morning. The Complex Math Behind Spiraling Prescription Drug Prices. Pregnancy-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled In Texas After Cuts To Women's Health. What 2,000 calories looks like at every major fast-food chain. U.S. affirms its prohibition on medical marijuana. Snake Oil Supplements. See Which Health Supplements Aren't Backed By Science. Alienation Is Killing Americans and Japanese. First Rise in U.S. Death Rate in Years Surprises Experts. Does Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Cancer? What the New Study Means For You. This incredible visualization explains what kills Americans at every age. Food As Medicine. - Guardian of Health.

Vitamin Found To Halt Aging In Muscle Tissues And Increase Lifespan. Here's the cost of getting lean. [Infographic] Is it really worth the trade-off? | Precision Nutrition. Oliver Sacks said he benefited from LSD. It's not pseudoscience. The bacteria-fighting super element that’s making a comeback in hospitals: copper. Anti-Vaxxers Fund Study That Finds Zero Link Between Vaccinations And Autism. I lost 100 pounds in a year. My “weight loss secret” is really dumb. GE researchers invent a 7-dimensional heart scanner.

Interactive Body Map: What Really Gives You Cancer? Cancer deaths hit their lowest rate in decades. 9 Surprising Facts About Your Body's Bacteria - uBiome Blog. These Are The World’s 8 Most Dangerous Pathogens.