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The Future is Accessible by Automobile. [Image: "Fantasy House 10" by Charley Harper].

The Future is Accessible by Automobile

These aren't the best-quality scans in the world, but I just rediscovered these on my computer and thought I'd post them. These are so-called "fantasy houses" by artist Charley Harper, originally published in, as far as I can tell, the November 1959 issue of Ford Times, exactly 55 years ago. M.ART 2013 winners update the traditional arts+crafts marketplace.

Opengap recently revealed the winners of the M.ART 2013 Ideas Competition.

M.ART 2013 winners update the traditional arts+crafts marketplace

The open competition had participants mix traditional elements of the commercial arts-and-crafts market with a contemporary twist. Proposals also had to emphasize the value of handcrafted work and the craftsman-client relationship. The competition jury met in Guadalajara, Mexico on Jan. 23, 2014 to evaluate all the entries until eventually selecting the top three winners and two special mentions. Scroll down further to see them all. Click above image to view slideshowOpengap M.ART 2013 (Market for Arts and Crafts)

Google's thrifty virtual reality headset is built from cardboard. News: Google has devised a way for smartphone users to make their own virtual reality headset using household items.

Google's thrifty virtual reality headset is built from cardboard

The Cardboard project was created by Google to allow anyone to try out virtual reality by creating a DIY headset – which works in a similar way to an Oculus Rift – from inexpensive materials. The project is accompanied by an app that lets users write their own virtual reality software to play through the basic headset. Folded from cardboard, the mask holds a smartphone in front of the eyes and blocks off other visual stimuli to create an immersive experience.

Google handed out demonstration versions to developers attending its I/O conference at the end of last month, but the files and instructions needed to built the headset can be downloaded by anyone from the project's website. Materials required include a large corrugated cardboard sheet around 1.5 millimetres thick, two 45-millimetre focal distance lenses, two types of magnets, velcro strips and an elastic band. Movie: Julian Melchiorri on the first synthetic biological leaf. The "first man-made biological leaf" could enable humans to colonise space Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel.

Movie: Julian Melchiorri on the first synthetic biological leaf

"Plants don't grow in zero gravity," explains Melchiorri. "NASA is researching different ways to produce oxygen for long-distance space journeys to let us live in space. The Field (a new Blur Building in Neuchâtel) A borderless pavilion: colonizing space through Density and Dispersion.

The Field (a new Blur Building in Neuchâtel)

Vl1 ball&nogues. Vorlesungen svk – space&designstrategies WS 06/ 07 `künstlerische Strategien im digitalen Raum´ VL4 - Di 09.01..2007 Diller+Scofidio re: art & architecture.

Vl1 ball&nogues

Fantasy « Reality Distorted. Des robes de mariee personnalisees lottery Designer: John Beckerwebsite Location: NY, NY Proposal: An Atmosphere Excavated Dating back to the 18th century the Harnham Estate, located a short distance outside Salisbury England has documented regional techniques for harvesting water providing a rich history of the practice and the subsequent effects.

Fantasy « Reality Distorted

The methods applied through the centuries reflect regional limitations, a shift in intention and attempts to amplify efficiencies. After acquiring the Estate in 1786 following the death of his Father, Sir Edward Harnham commissioned a series of engraved maps to be produced of the Estate. In the Early 20th century a catastrophic failure exposed a previously forgotten cistern located beneath the dew ponds. Inodoro de diseño innovador para baños pequeños.

These Inspiring Designs Show Our Future Cities Built From Silk And Sand. Every day, architect Magnus Larsson sits down and thinks about what future cities might be made of--synthetic spider silk, perhaps, or timber, or maybe sand.

These Inspiring Designs Show Our Future Cities Built From Silk And Sand

These aren’t just conceptual exercises or sci-fi visions. Larsson deliberately chooses materials that will be feasible to use in the near future, because he thinks societies need to change what they use to build. “We’re stuck in the concrete age,” Larsson says. “Concrete has really become this ever-present material that's almost impossible to get away from. Una Nube Proyectada. Algunos ya os habreis dado cuenta que hay ciertos temas en particular que nos hacen tilín…sostenibilidad (a quien no), utopías, “lost and found”, arquitectura y cine…y como no, arquitectura y digitalización.

Una Nube Proyectada

Por eso queríamos dedicarle un post al proyecto que recientemente fue preseleccionado en el concurso creado por el alcalde de Londres Boris Johnson para construir una atracción turística en el Parque Olímpico de la ciudad para las próximas Olimpiadas–el llamado The Cloud, o “La Nube”, de MIT. Cada vez más, la arquitectura se vincula a las nuevas tecnologías y tecnologías de la información, desde aplicaciones de Realidad Augmentada como Layar, programas de código abierto para modelar como SketchUp, localizadores compartidos como Google Earth, hasta conexiones a servicios web como Pachube para compartir datos del consumo energético de edificios en tiempo real. Una máquina lectora de contexto. DAVID GARCIA STUDIO: FIRST PRIZE FOR UNESCO DELTA CITIES COMPETITION. Utopías Reloaded alan-boutwellcity-for-the-next-century.