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The DCA Site - Updating You on DCA and Cancer - Dichloroacetic acid and Dichloroacetate. Topic: dosage DCA in dog. Calculating Dosage. Calculating the correct dosage is a critical part of establishing an effective alternative cancer treatment for your loved one.

Calculating Dosage

Too little and the treatment will be ineffective, too much and you can harm them. The daily dosage of DCA is determined based on the body weight of your pet. Currently, the safest dosage administered should be between 4.55 and 9.09 milligrams per pound of body weight (per day), with exception to brain cancer, which is 5.45 milligrams per pound of body weight (per day). Exceeding these limits is unwise as it may cause TLS (tumor lysis syndrome). If the tumor is attached to the wall of an organ (such as a lung), exceeding recommended daily dosages may result in the reduction of tumor so rapidly that the body isn’t able to restore the missing tissue fast enough.

The difference between the recommended doses above are: Below is a guide that will help you calculate the correct daily dosage for your pet. Bicarbonate and dichloroacetate: Evaluating pH altering therapies in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer. The premise for these experiments was based on mathematical models that suggest the buffering capacity of bicarbonate against tumor acidity could be safely enhanced by addition of DCA (Martin N, Robey I, Gaffney E, Gillies R, Gatenby R, Maini P: Predicting the Safety and Efficacy of Buffer Therapy to Raise Tumor pHe: An Integrative Modeling Study, submitted).

Bicarbonate and dichloroacetate: Evaluating pH altering therapies in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer

The model indicated that inhibition of tumor proton production by a relatively small amount could cause substantial reductions in tumor acidity, without any adverse effects on blood pH. A reagent like DCA fits this criterion because it can reduce extracellular tumor acidity by inhibiting lactic acid production. Moreover, DCA has been shown to selectively target tumor cells [17, 18]. The design of this study was to treat our mouse model for breast cancer as similar to a patient study as possible by carrying out a survival experiment with surgical tumor resections. DCA dosage and usage (Quick guide)

Recommended DCA daily dose is 20 mg/kg daily (milligrams per human body kilogram per day).

DCA dosage and usage (Quick guide)

Calculation of dosage for a particular person is simple: just multiply your weight by 20 mg/kg and you will get daily DCA dose in milligrams. For example - if the person weighs 75 kg: 75 kg x 20 mg/kg = 1500 milligrams daily = 1.5 grams of DCA daily (5 capsules of 333 mg or 3 capsules of 500 mg) The weight of the person should be taken excluding overweight. MINIMAL DOSE Minimal therapeutically effective DCA daily dose is two times smaller - 10 mg/kg daily. Smaller amount is not recommended as the drug may have little to no effect. MAXIMAL DOSE In case there are no side effects, DCA dosage may be increased to 30-40 mg/kg daily. DCA Stage 4 Colon. World Journal of Clinical Cases - Baishideng Publishing. The drug sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) has been investigated as a novel metabolic therapy for various cancers since 2007 when Bonnet et al[1] published a combined in vitro/in vivo rat study demonstrating the efficacy of DCA in treating human lung, breast and brain cancers by inhibition of mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase.

World Journal of Clinical Cases - Baishideng Publishing

Stacpoole et al[2-4] had previously published multiple studies involving DCA for the treatment of congenital lactic acidosis, which is composed of a collection of inherited mitochondrial diseases[5]. These studies established the safety profile of oral DCA in humans. DCA was discovered to be a safe drug with no cardiac, pulmonary, renal or bone marrow toxicity[4]. The most serious common side effect consists of peripheral neuropathy, which is reversible[6]. Avemar® - Vitae. Certified DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) How to Buy DCA. NaDCA available on line will cost $2-$3 per day.

How to Buy DCA

You have obviously arrived here because yourself or someone in your life has cancer. Please take a minute and go to the home page of this site and read some of the published medical journal articles on DCA. Get an understanding of the Warburg effect the scientific principle behind this discovery, and you will then not question whether DCA works! This is not a hoax, this is not just one major University making the claim, there are papers published on this site from many major Universities. DCA and Avemar – A Theoretical Protocol for Cancer. Untitled. Shipping by Royal Mail Special Delivery UK and Northern Ireland 1 to 3 working daysRepublic of Ireland 5 to 7 working daysDirect delivery from our Office in Europe gives fast delivery to the United Kingdom Most products are delivered the next working day by 9:00am or 1:00 pm – We can deliver on Saturdays if the item arrives at your local delivery office that day, but we can’t guarantee delivery.


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Prostate Cancer Treatment - PureDCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) Prostate cancer is somewhat common as far as cancers go, however it goes largely unnoticed, particularly outside of North America.

Prostate Cancer Treatment - PureDCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate)

There are several symptoms associated with prostate cancer including urination difficulty, pain, and erectile dysfuntion. Many however do not experience any symptoms and often die of other unrelated causes. Those with prostate cancer may never know that they actually have it. This is because many do not have any symptoms, are never treated for prostate cancer, and die of other causes, often old age. Also, most times prostate cancer is very slow growing and often only appears in men over 50 years of age. 10. Co-treatment of dichloroacetate, omeprazole and tamoxifen exhibited synergistically... - Abstract - Europe PMC. BACKGROUND/AIMS: Omeprazole (OPZ) and tamoxifen (TAM) strengthen the effects of anticancer drugs and dichloroacetate (DCA) inhibits tumorgrowth.

Co-treatment of dichloroacetate, omeprazole and tamoxifen exhibited synergistically... - Abstract - Europe PMC

This study assesses the synergistic effects of these drugs. METHODOLOGY: HT1080humanfibrosarcomacells and WI-38 human fibroblasts were used as test and control cells, respectively. DCA, OPZ and TAM alone or in combination were applied and cells were counted after a one week culture. The combination of these drugs was prescribed to a cholangiocarcinoma patient and serum CA19-9 was monitored. The cancer cures and treatments: Bill's Bile Duct Cancer and DCA. July 2011 Update: I received a letter from Bill and Shirley.

the cancer cures and treatments: Bill's Bile Duct Cancer and DCA

Quote: "... My health is the best it has been in years. I've regained my weight, my blood tests are totally normal and I feel great. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Reversal with Dichloroacetate. Dichloro Acetic Acid (DCA) Dr.

Dichloro Acetic Acid (DCA)

Lemmo’s clinical experiences with DCA: intravenous and oral. LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care Inc. is a pioneering centre in Vancouver, Canada incorporating the use DCA, when indicated, in cancer care since 2008. Please see our new publication on the use of DCA in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Cases When Dr. As the name implies, DCA is short for Dichloro Acetic acid or Dichloro Acetate. I was happy to see the publicity that Dr. What I decided, in order to help my patients the best I could, was to help those individuals who were interested in using DCA and at the very least monitor and try help avoid any unforeseen danger. Throughout the years of monitoring my patients with DCA, which included its eventual side-effect in causing numbness in the body (i.e. hands, feet, face, etc.), I had an inclination as to one of its potential value would be in oncology medicine. Dichloro Acetic Acid (DCA)

Dca health professional. Pet DCA : How to Buy and Use DCA For Your Pet. How to Buy DCA. DCA and Avemar – A Theoretical Protocol for Cancer. Dichloroacetate stimulates changes in the mitochondrial network morphology via partial mitophagy in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. Introduction Dichloroacetate (DCA) is a metabolic modulator that has been used in humans for decades for the treatment of lactic acidosis and inherited mitochondrial diseases (1).

DCA is a pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase (PDK) inhibitor, which activates pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH), increasing glucose oxidation by promoting an influx of pyruvate into the tricarboxylic acid cycle (2). DCA affects multiple pathways of intermediary metabolism. It stimulates peripheral glucose utilization and inhibits gluconeogenesis, thereby reducing hyperglycemia in animals and humans with diabetes mellitus. It inhibits lipogenesis and cholesterolgenesis, thereby decreasing circulating lipid and lipoprotein levels in short-term studies of patients with acquired or hereditary disorders of lipoprotein metabolism. All organisms need energy not only to survive but also to prosper and proliferate. Materials and methods Cell culture and experimental design.

How Many Milligrams in a Teaspoon. The answer to ‘how many milligrams in a teaspoon?’ Is ‘It depends on what is being measured. This is because all substances have different densities and weights. For example, a teaspoon of sand will weigh much more than a teaspoon of icing sugar. The video below demonstrates this using malic acid and alpha lipoic acid, both very important health supplements. Buy Sodium Dichloracetate. DCA — Complementary & Alternative Treatments - CAM — discussion boards. Does DCA Cure Cancer? ISIS Report 10/04/12 A common chemical seems just short of the latest miracle cure for cancer, but its implications for our basic understanding of cancer may be far more important Dr.

Mae-Wan Ho. How to Buy DCA. Dichloroacetate - How To Buy and Use DCA For Cancer. Certified DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) How to Buy DCA. The latest chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of dichloroacetate as a cancer treatment. The road from an idea to a useful drug is a long one, and in cancer it is often particularly long. One reason is that to be able to tell whether a given treatment is effective against cancer often takes several years at a minimum, in order to determine if patients receiving the new treatment are surviving their disease longer than those who are not. Surrogate endpoints are usually not enough. Tumor shrinkage in response to a drug often does not correlate with prolongation of survival, although the converse (i.e., lack of tumor shrinkage in response to a new drug) does strongly correlate with failure of a treatment to prolong survival.

In other words, effects observed on surrogate endpoints are not enough to judge whether a cancer therapy is working or not. Three years ago, predating the existence of this blog by nearly a year, I became aware of a story that involved many of the issues in bringing a compound from the laboratory to the clinic. Pet DCA : How to Buy and Use DCA For Your Pet. Tratamiento del cáncer con DCA. El DCA, o ácido dicloroacético, es una sustancia artificial que no puede encontrarse en la naturaleza. Es un ácido fuerte, que quema la piel y que de hecho se utiliza para eliminar verrugas y otros crecimientos cutáneos.

El DCA-Na, es una sal de este ácido, en la que un átomo de hidrógeno es sustituido por uno de sodio. En esta forma salina, la sustancia puede ser administrada por vía oral. En lo sucesivo, cuando me refiera al DCA, me estaré refiriendo al dicloroacetato de sodio, DCA-Na. GetSharedSiteSession?redirect= Figure 1 A Reversible Metabolic-Electrical Remodeling in Cancer Contributes to Resistance to Apoptosis and Reveals Several Potential Therapeutic Targets In cancer, mitochondrial glucose oxidation is inhibited and energy production relies on the cytoplasmic glycolysis. This “inactivity” of the mitochondria likely induces a state of apoptosis resistance. Activation of PDH by DCA increases glucose oxidation by promoting the influx of acetyl-CoA into the mitochondria and the Krebs cycle, thus increasing NADH delivery to complex I of the electron transport chain, increasing the production of superoxide, which in the presence of MnSOD is dismutated to the more stable H2O2.

Sustained increase in ROS generation can damage the redox-sensitive complex I, inhibiting H+ efflux and decreasing ΔΨm. Figure 2 DCA Reverses the Glycolytic Phenotype and Depolarizes Mitochondria in Cancer, but Not Healthy, Cells. Dichloroacetate Buy DCA 99% Pure for cancer treatment. Venta de productos quimicos - ufsquimicos. Search of: dca - List Results - Forum: General DCA Discussion. Does DCA Cure Cancer? El cáncer, una enfermedad Redox. Por la Dra. Mae-Wan Ho, 12 de abril de 2012 ISiS Las células cancerosas sufren perturbaciones en el balance energético de electrones, lo cual puede suponer una potencial revolución en las terapias contra el cáncer y en su prevención, dice la Dra.

¿Es el dicloroacetato una cura contra el cáncer? Por la Dra. Mae-Wan Ho, 10 de abril de 2012. British Journal of Cancer - Dichloroacetate (DCA) as a potential metabolic-targeting therapy for cancer. Dca-health-professional.pdf. DCA Shop. S202Khan.pdf. ‎ Description. TITLE: A Method of Treating Cancer Using Dichloroacetate This patent application claims priority from United States Provisional Patent Application No. 60/669,884 filed April 11, 2005, the content of which is hereby incorporated by reference herein. ‎

Productos - Pharma DCA España. Catálogo de Productos - ufsquimicos. ¿Es el dicloroacetato una cura contra el cáncer? Martin C. Winer. A novel form of dichloroacetate therapy for patients with advanced ... Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of ... - Thomas Seyfried - Google Libros. Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Dichloroacetate (DCA) in Glioblastoma and Other Recurrent Brain Tumors - Full Text View - DCA Watch. Forum: General DCA Discussion. Les Canadiens pour la recherche medicale. Science excels in challenging traditional ways of thought. Dr. Evangelos Michelakis is an apt disciple – a medical researcher who shines at confronting scientific and clinical dogma to benefit medical progress.

His work straddles two seemingly unrelated fields, pulmonary hypertension and cancer, which have “more in common than you think,” he says. His pioneering work has contributed to emerging paradigms in both fields and lent credence to an 80-year-old theory of German biochemist Otto Warburg, who believed that the metabolic shift in cellular energy production that occurs within abnormal cells, now called the “Warburg effect”, is a cause – not effect – of cancer. Tackling traditional thought In 2001, Dr.