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Why Journalists Should Care About Google Author Rank A Lot More Than Amazon Author Rank. 5 Ways to Go From Blogger to Published Book Author. Do you blog? Are you thinking of publishing a book? Eighty-one percent of the US population says they want to write a book. Not surprisingly, only about two percent ever actually do it. Most bloggers, on the other hand, write a ton of books—probably three or four books per year on average, but most of them don’t ever realize they’ve done so .

Later—sometimes much later—they realize they’re sitting on a ton of content that could be turned into a book. Many make the mistake of not bothering to consciously write a book. Here’s a better way: Plan out the content for a book, then write the book in post-sized bits every day and publish the posts—the book—on your blog .

When you blog a book, you produce both a manuscript and a fan base that avidly reads your blog and may eventually also purchase the final product: your printed or digital book. How to Become an Author AND a Blogger Each time you hit the Publish button on your blog, you publish your work. Advice on Self-Publishing & Selling Your Books. From The Alliance of Independent Authors. Mark Coker, Smashwords Founder and Alliance of Independent Author’s Advisor MONDAY OPINION. Guest Post by Mark Coker. For more of Mark’s thoughts on the dangers of exclusivity and importance of distribution to all retailers, see his free ebook, SECRETS TO EBOOK PUBLISHING SUCCESS.

Every indie should get their books distributed to as many retailers as possible. Every author should be at Amazon, but they should avoid the temptation to enroll in the KDP Select program because of its exclusivity requirements. From a global market share perspective (and this is a global market!) The other retailers are rising in importance. Smashwords-distributed authors have seen impressive growth at these three retailers over the last 12 months, especially at Apple.

Amazon is playing indie authors like pawns in its greater battle to harm other ebook retailers by getting authors to make their books exclusive to Amazon. If KDP Select dropped the exclusivity requirement, I’d be a big supporter of the program. Book Trailer Video services. Cost: $799 Marketing-savvy authors are well aware that success in the market is directly related to their ability to create awareness for their book and build demand. A new weapon in authors’ marketing arsenal is the use of video to promote books. Let readers get an amazing introduction and preview by presenting them the opportunity to see and hear a video book trailer. View an example of one of our book video trailers: You can also visit our YouTube channel at What made you select the most recent book you read? Self-published books are often wonderful secrets just waiting to be discovered – and what better way to help readers discover your book than through the medium of video.

Our book trailers are exciting, focused, one minute plus videos that show your potential reader the storyline. Our video book trailer service will help you reach new readers with the following features: Video Book Trailer FAQ “Expanded” or cost-based changes – starting at $150 and billed per-hour after the first: CreateSpace: Self Publishing and Free Distribution for Books, CD, DVD. Kindle Publishing for Blogs. Ganxy offers an easier way to sell and market ebooks. The problem that Ganxy solves should be a simple one: How can authors and publishers market and sell books directly online from one central hub?

Ganxy offers an easier way to sell and market ebooks

But this question hasn’t had a simple answer until now — partly because of the many ebook retailers out there, and partly because many publishers still don’t understand direct marketing. New York-based startup Ganxy provides an easy solution. The company, which was founded in 2009 and is officially launching today at the Frankfurt Book Fair, gives authors and publishers a straightforward toolset to let them sell books and control marketing and promotions. In just a few minutes, anyone can create a “showcase” for a book that includes its cover, description, video and other marketing materials, and purchase options. Authors and publishers can sell books directly through the showcase or simply provide links to retailers. Ganxy also allows authors and publishers to track where their sales are coming from. Ganxy also wants to appeal to readers. HARO - Help a Reporter Out

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