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Sketchnotes and Visual Thinking

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10 Brilliant Examples Of Sketch Notes: Notetaking For The 21st Century. Sketch notes–or graphic notes, or whatever other term you like–are one of the single most important developments in note-taking history.

10 Brilliant Examples Of Sketch Notes: Notetaking For The 21st Century

Hold on, give me a second to explain. Exactly why they matter has something to do with the way our brains work, and the explosion of technology, and a little bit of viral success. The point of notes, it seems, is to capture important ideas for future reference. While it’s nothing new to take notes that combine images with words and phrases, sketch notes are actually an evolution of this idea. As an English teacher, I taught only a handful note taking styles, primarily combination notes, and Cornell notes, concept-map notes, and a kind of mash of the three.

Then Ken Robinson’s Changing Educational Paradigms exploded across the internet, and the sound of the little marker squeaking across the whiteboard became synonymous with digital storytelling. The Miseducation of the Doodle. In the winter of 1969, Virginia Scofield faced a daunting challenge.

The Miseducation of the Doodle

It was a recurring challenge—more like a nightmare—and she had already failed miserably at her first attempt. This particular obstacle was one that most people consider themselves lucky to never face: undergraduate organic chemistry. Article Continues Below At the time, Virginia was a biological sciences student at the University of Texas. Learn To Sketchnote. The Geometry of Type. A great typographic primer by Stephen Coles, with a foreword from Erik Spiekermann.

The Geometry of Type

The Geometry of Type is an intricate look at the construction of 100 traditional and modern typefaces. All of the 100 are given a double-page spread, with certain characters enlarged and annotated to showcase key features, anatomical details, and the finer, often-overlooked elements of type design. Excerpted from the spread above: “Bembo is the most popular of the Renaissance serifs, frequently called upon for setting elegant book text ever since it was cut by Monotype in 1929.

The digital version, however, is a feeble shadow of the metal type. Sketchnotes in the Classroom: A More Visual Approach to Notetaking by Derek Bruff on Prezi. Sketchnotes: Improve your event engagement/conversion through visual summaries! Give your attendees a better way to remember and share the key points from your conference or event.

Sketchnotes: Improve your event engagement/conversion through visual summaries!

Sketchnotes combine hand-drawn images and text to give people a visual synopsis of the insights at a glance. More convenient than video or slides, more engaging than blog posts or transcripts, sketchnotes summarize talks in a format that’s easy to review and share. Using social media to engage participants and influencers? We’ll tweet and hashtag each sketchnote right after each talk so that people see and share it while your event is top-of-mind.

At the end, we’ll put together a blog post recapping all of the sketchnotes so that they’re searchable by title and speaker – another easily-shared post that can help your conference or event reach new audiences. Visual Notetaking. Doodles and Simple Drawings on Pinterest. Recipe for How to Draw a Face + Craft-a-Doodle Giveaway. Happy Halloween!

Recipe for How to Draw a Face + Craft-a-Doodle Giveaway

Since today is all about putting on a costume and a new face, we have a special project and giveaway with that theme in mind. Designer, Cori Dantini, put together this Recipe for a Face project for the book, Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists. She walks you through the steps and adds helpful tips for drawing the cutest faces. Don’t be afraid if you don’t call yourself an artist, this is simple enough for any skill level. Notetaking In The Digital Classroom: A Blended Learning Approach. Notetaking In The Digital Classroom: A Blended Learning Approach Note-taking is part-and-parcel to the academic learning experience.

Notetaking In The Digital Classroom: A Blended Learning Approach

Often during lecture, but also experiments, interviews, and field research, understanding what’s important and recording it for future reference is central to the learning process–curation before we called it that. Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction. 1.

Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction

Introduction This method is to help you draw the human form. New Media Intersections. How-to Sketchnote: An Interview with Mike Rohde. Over the past few months, we've posted Sketchnotes on our blog from HOW Design Conference and Circles Conference, so we thought that we'd grab some time with the leading guy who's helping teach others how to Sketchnote: our friend, Mike Rohde.

How-to Sketchnote: An Interview with Mike Rohde

Before we dive into some questions, we're delighted to share that Mike just opened his Rohdesign Studios Shop on Creative Market, where he sells his awesome Sketchnote Typeface, which includes Regular, Bold, Italic, and Square + Dingbats fonts. How did you get your start doing Sketchnotes? Longer than I had initially realized! We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Why Doodlers are the New NOW. Monday, March 17, 2014 Note: This is the first of five posts on changing the way we think.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Why Doodlers are the New NOW

The article was originally published on LinkedIn’s Influencer publishing platform. Albert Einstein was a smart guy, and there’s an interesting quote he left us that goes something like this: “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Now, I didn’t have a personal relationship with the famous physicist, but that won’t prevent me from speculating on what he meant. I think he meant that trying to get insight into complex problems requires moving beyond your initial perception.

Who’s not trying to solve sticky problems these days? Five glorious presentations on visual thinking. Do you think in words or pictures, or both?

Five glorious presentations on visual thinking

Visual thinking engages the part of the brain that handles visual processing, and is said to be both "emotional and creative" so you can "organise information in an intuitive and simultaneous way". A picture really might be worth a thousand words, while being easier to understand and recall. Therefore it is worth exploring how visual thinking can help you communicate ideas to colleagues and clients. NounProject. #Sketchnotes: Characters and Locations. Sketchontes are inherently about letting, borders, arrows, visual concepts, and other adornments. I’ve seen many well-drawn and formatted sketchnotes that did not have a single character. So why am I dedicating a weekly post to just characters and locations? Because this is my favorite part of Sketchnoting…the doodling part!

The part where I can bring my notes to life with a character(s) who can help tell the story of my notes. Sketchnoting. Visual notetaking. Visual Note-Taking 101 from SXSW 2010. Sketchnoting: The Art of Visual Note-taking. Visual thinking. Doodle Revolution. Visual Notetaking. Mobo Sketchnotes. Mobo Sketchnotes: sketching notes on a phone or tablet After reading Mike Rohde’s “The Sketchnote Handbook,” I wanted to try drawing my own sketchnote on a mobile device. Instead of a Moleskine notebook, I felt a mobile phone or tablet would be a perfect. The Sketchnote Typeface. The Sketchnote Typeface was born of necessity: veteran designer and illustrator Mike Rohde needed a series of hand-drawn fonts to produce his recent book, The Sketchnote Handbook (2012, Peachpit Press).

Because of its origin, the typeface was designed to be practical, to convey the human character and quirks of Rohde’s normal handwriting and unique hand-drawn lettering with the benefits inherent in digital fonts. More… Sketchnote Square is a bold, somewhat compressed headline type that complements the Sketchnote Text fonts. Drawn instead of written, the characters in Square have neat little happenstance voids within the strokes. Classes by seanwes. In 5 Years, Searches for “Hand Lettering” Increased Over 1000%!

Hey, Friend! Sean McCabe here. Hand lettering has experienced a massive resurgence. Tapping into Typography to Make Your Sketchnote Titles Stand Out. I was browsing through the work of the Sketchnote Army a while back and found a sketch that I particularly liked, largely because of the variation in the fonts that the artist used to distinguish between different ideas. I realized that my own versatility with fonts was lacking, so I thought I would dedicate a week’s worth of Visual Vocabulary to the development of my typography skills. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m glad to have branched out from my typical writing style. This week I have focused on title fonts, which are generally used once per sketch to let the audience know the topic of the sketch.

The Sketchnote Typeface - Rohdesign. FontShop on Pinterest. Industrial design magazine + resource / Sketchnotes category. VISUAL NOTE-TAKING by Austin Kleon. Sketchnoting. Let's Sketchnote — MidwestUX 2012. Sketchnotes: Building my visual vocabulary. Give it 100 - Mark - going to take sketchnotes. The SketchNotes Pool. Sketchnote Index. Sketchnote Index. Sketchnote Army - A Showcase of Sketchnotes. The The Sketchnote Handbook Pool.

The vizthink! Pool. From Text to Sketchnotes: A How-To Guide for Novice Visual Note Takers. My recent sketchnotes of Jonah Lehrer’s book Imagine: How Creativity Works were the result of a new process of visual note-taking that I was testing out for the first time. I found that process very useful, so I decided to share it with you here. What follows is not the only way of going from verbal ideas to visual ideas, but it works for me. Maybe it will work for you as well.

Step 1: Reading and Rough Sketching. As you read, take some rough notes and sketch out some initial attempts at visualizing the ideas within the text. Step 2: Pulling Out the Big Concepts In this stage you take the most important ideas and put each onto one 3×5 note card. Sketchnotes 101: The Basics of Visual Note-taking.

Sketchnoting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual Notes. The Sketchnote Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note Taking. New Media Intersections. Manifesto « Doodle Revolution. We, the Doodlers of every nation, in order to form a more perfect world, establish semantic truth, promote whole-minded learning, provide for the struggling knowledge worker and student, enhance educational well-being, and secure the benefits of the Doodle for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Manifesto for Doodlers everywhere.

Peachpit: Digital Products. Resources — Sketchnotes by Eva-Lotta Lamm. Sketchnoting - in Education and other resources. Drawing and doodling can help you learn science: study. (Medical Xpress) -- According to a new study students should be encouraged to use freehand drawings in science class because it will help them learn more quickly. Sketchnote School: 6 Steps to Great Conference Sketchnotes. Communicating visually is one of those skills many believe they can’t achieve. 4th Grade Sketchnotes, Visual Mapping, And Primary Sources.

Sketchnoting: The Art of Visual Note-taking.