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Seguimiento Satelites

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Fotografía de Astronautas ISS a la Tierra. Rastreador de Satelites. Avistamiento de ISS desde su ubicación actual. Mapa de Avistamiento desde ISS. Image locations (latitude and longitude) are approximate, based on (1) description in tweet text, (2) general "look" of geography, and (3) "reasonable fit" in Google Earth &/or ArcMap.

Mapa de Avistamiento desde ISS

The routine is: (1) read tweet from @Cmdr_Hadfield, @AstroMarshburn, or related to ISS Missions 34 & 35; (2) determine lat-long; (3) fill-in a Google Drive spreadsheet with date, tweet description (& date-time Atlantic), tweet source, tweet URL (same as clicking the short URL in the tweet), photo URL (by right-clicking the photo, one can "copy image URL"), and lat-long; (4) when this map opens, it reads the spreadsheet and displays a click-able satellite icon at each lat-long. Using the map: A similar map for Missions 36-37 with @AstroKarenN and @astroluca tweets is (new window). Seguimieto satelite ISS. Information About the Tracking Page This page uses a combination of the Predict engine, PHP, DHTML and Javascript.

It is not supported by Netscape 4.x browsers. At the present time it has been tested successfully with the following browsers: Video en directo vision del ISS. Estación Espacial Internacional HD UStream. SEGUIMIENTO SATELITAL EN TIEMPO REAL Y PREDICCIONES. Localizacion en tiempo real ISS-Estacion Espacial Internacional.

Ubicacion en tiempo real de Estacion Espacial Internacional. Vistas desde los satelites artificiales a la tierra.