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How to Be Wise: 5 Secrets of Highly Intelligent People. Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

How to Be Wise: 5 Secrets of Highly Intelligent People

To examine your life means getting to know yourself and the world around you better, and hence growing and becoming wiser, reaching to higher states of consciousness and evolving into the best version of yourself. Highly intelligent people are always in a constant search for wisdom, and to them nothing can be more important than that — they find that life without wisdom is meaningless and utterly empty. LES 4 ACCORD TOLTEQUES Fiche lecture. Grandfather’s Brilliant Final Letter To His Grandkids Offers Life Lessons For The Rest Of Us.

On Sept. 3, 2012, James K.

Grandfather’s Brilliant Final Letter To His Grandkids Offers Life Lessons For The Rest Of Us

Flanagan of West Long Branch, N.J., died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He wrote this letter to his five grandchildren just months earlier and it is reprinted here with the permission of his daughter Rachel Creighton. Dear Ryan, Conor, Brendan, Charlie, and Mary Catherine, 15 Signs You’re With A Good Man. When it comes to dating and relationships, I often find myself wondering how certain people end up with others.

15 Signs You’re With A Good Man

Wondering why they don’t walk away if they don’t get what they deserve and hoping that they truly appreciate their teammate if they are getting what they deserve. I think a big part of the problem blurring this line is that many people aren’t even quite sure what a healthy relationship looks like these days or how a “good man” (or woman) should act towards their partner. To help clarify, I have put together this list of how a good man should act while in a relationship. Words of wisdom for men. 10 Important Things to Make a Relationship Last.

When you see an old couple holding hands on the street or laughing together on a bench in the park, doesn’t that trigger warm feelings of happiness and love in your soul?

10 Important Things to Make a Relationship Last

20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50. Someone asked a bunch of 50+ people about things they wished they had done in their younger years.

20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Life Better At 50

The answers are incredibly smart, and in most cases, simple. If you’ve recently hit the big 3-0, this is your homework. 1. 18 Rules of Living by the Dalai Lama. How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection. “It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.”

How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection

~John Bulwer If there’s one thing we all want, it’s to feel loved. We want to feel deeply connected to other people, fully seen and appreciated by them, and secure in those relationships. We can have a million and one acquaintances online, but if none of our connections feel intimate and meaningful, we will ultimately feel alone. 15 Incredibly Wise Truths We Learned From Winnie The Pooh. Since first appearing in 1924, Winnie the Pooh has innocently stumbled through the Hundred Acre Wood, leading friends and readers on curious and memorable adventures.

15 Incredibly Wise Truths We Learned From Winnie The Pooh

The lovable bear is the brainchild of A.A. How to Feel More Loved: 9 Tips for Deep Connection. 20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships. By Marc and Angel Family isn’t always blood.

20 Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

They’re the people in your life who appreciate having you in theirs – the ones who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways, and who not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be. These people – your real family – are the ones who truly matter. Here are twenty tips to help you find and foster these special relationships. 1. 5 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog. Did you ever realize that God spelled backwards is Dog?

5 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

A dog, and most other pets as well, retain that godliness that many human beings are born with but often lose over time. Dogs are natural spiritual teachers. My neighbor’s dog, Sammy, has been a great inspiration for me. The Difference Between Soul Mates and Life Partners. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the idea of Soul Mates, those people that so many of us feel will ‘complete’ us in some way, were ‘made for us’ — and us for them — and who we very possibly have known in past lifetimes.

The Difference Between Soul Mates and Life Partners

It is an appealing idea indeed — there are very few notions more romantic than this. The idea of ‘the one’ is an idea that seems to haunt each successive generation with ever increasing strength. Long gone are the the days of “married for life, regardless of how you feel about it” (see most of 1950’s America) — and arranged marriages, while still surprisingly prevalent in many parts of the world, are also on the decline. The conditions for finding your soul mate, it seems, have never been more ripe. This Is The Easy Way To Escape Zip Ties. Knowing HOW Might Save Your Life Some Day. This Is The Easy Way To Escape Zip Ties. Knowing HOW Might Save Your Life Some Day.

Top 10 des infographies sur la rupture, « non, non, c’est pas toi, c’est moi » SAVONS-NOUS AIMER … ? - Akasha Philosophie Métaphysique. Lorsque nous naissons, nous sommes nus. Lorsque nous quittons la vie terrestre, nous sommes riches d’enseignements et d’expériences vécues. Cette richesse est méconnue par beaucoup d’entre nous. Les expériences nous ont permis de nous connaitre, de savoir qui ‘’nous sommes’’ et ce que ‘’nous voulons être’’ dans notre quotidien et avec nos relations. Scientific Experiments Prove Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter Physical Reality.

One of the greatest researchers and alternative healers of our times, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has provided the world with a great deal of scientific evidence demonstrating the magic of positive thinking. Dr. Emoto’s molecule experiments were featured in the 2004 film What The Bleep Do We Know? , which gave him international fame. The result findings of his experiments show that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality.

Now, given that the human organism is mostly comprised of water, this discovery has tremendous implications. The Dalai Lama Answers a Question. 8 Basic Truths Even the Smartest People Forget. Even the smartest people out there sometimes forget some of those obvious concepts: 1. Not feeling ready can be a good thing Opportunities rarely come when we are 100% ready to seize them. They are more likely to knock on your door when you feel insecure with your preparation, knowledge and skills. But that doesn’t mean you should be ignoring them until you feel ready. A Power-Packed Guide to Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself to Take Positive Action. How to Harness Motivation as a Force for Greater Well-Being Is a powerful positive motivation pushing you forward?

Or is a negative motivation holding you back from your full potential? Can you tell the difference? And if a negative force is motivating you, what can you do to change that? These 27 Old Couples Will Remind You What Love Is All About. As far as I’m concerned, there are few things as adorable as sweet old couples. Je n'ai produit aucun déchet en 2 ans. Voici à quoi ressemble ma vie. Je m’appelle Lauren, j’ai 23 ans et je vis à New York.

Je ne produis aucun déchet. Pour de vrai. Around the world in 80 drinks. Les 9 types de gueule de bois qu'on a déjà endurés. 1. La classique Cause : 4-6 pintes de bierres ou verres de vin.Symptômes : vagues nausées, lenteur mentale et physique. Cette gueule de bois standard est habituellement le résultat d’un « petit coup après le boulot » qui a duré un peu plus longtemps que prévu, sans que vous vous mettiez à « déraper ». Un peu comme un rhume, cette gueule de bois-là ne vous affaiblit pas vraiment, mais elle rend la moindre tâche environ 30% plus pénible à accomplir.

Etats-Unis : « Maman, tu dois changer de maillot de bain ! » Une femme nage dans une piscine (West Coast Surfer / Moo/REX/SIPA) L’obsession des Américains pour les seins, surtout le bout des seins, m’avait toujours semblé comique. Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program - PRISM BREAK. 379602_486133621456347_1230520759_n.jpg (480×398) The magic button — Make Everything OK.

Top 10 des messages automatiques d’absence au bureau un peu plus originaux. L'actu 3.0. Société Publié sur avril 29th, 2013 | Rédigé par Mohammed Khial. Ma liberté : - de choses pour +++ de bien-être. Comme beaucoup de monde, un jour j’ai eu des livres par centaines (voire un millier et quelques à une époque…). Je les chérissais comme la prunelle de mes yeux. 20 Diagrams & Pictures of Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier. I’ve come across some great reference charts recently that I wanted to share with you!

From pasta, to photography, to glue to fabric yardage and on and on…..there’s something for everyone. Enjoy! Click on any image to see full size view or enter gallery mode. Ortie, pissenlit, égopode… un festin de mauvaises herbes. Life-hacks-how-to-make-your-life-easier-1.jpg (600×600) 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World.

Ml1hf5W1DR1qjm9bpo1_500.png (500×667) m0ybmcC4gJ1qzcn8zo1_500.jpg (500×318) Kushandwizdom - Original Picture quotes. Ml20uoMu6t1qjm9bpo1_500.png (500×668) Ml255frnfg1qjm9bpo1_500.png (500×200) Ml27tzjSyb1qjm9bpo1_500.png (500×200) Mji0oc36xe1qzr04eo1_500.jpg (500×330) Beautiful Heart-Warming Moments Caught On Film. 3865_10151315019767954_1062714731_n.jpg (450×344) Life Hacks. Bottle Cap Blues. Yes, That’s a Tampon in My Mouth: The Swiss Army Survival Tampon — 10 Survival Uses. Do me a favor for the next five minutes. Try to forget everything you know about tampons. I know, it’s hard. But pretend that this is the first time you have ever seen or heard of the item below, and it is a new survival product on the market: the Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity (T.A.M.P.O.N.). All kidding aside, a tampon really does have a ton of uses to a survivor.

50 Life Secrets and Tips. Comment devenir un ninja ? La réussite sociale passe par d’innombrables voies, plus ou moins obscures selon les points de vue des sociétés qui les contemplent ; ainsi, si dans la nôtre un homme qui brise le crâne de son voisin avant d’uriner sur sa dépouille n’est guère perçu que comme un vulgaire galopin, à l’inverse, les groupuscules vikings (peu répandus de nos jours, leur déclin allant de pair avec celui des monastères francs et de leurs habitants à violer) l’idolâtrent et méprisent l’homme dont la vie consisterait à prendre du poids en faisant masser ses flasques bourrelets par un bain à bulles hors de prix. Heureusement, certains, profitant des embruns de liberté fouettant le visage des internautes surfant sur les flots déchaînes du web ont décidé d’agir, et d’en finir avec cette odieuse injustice.