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Man Creates Primitive Bellows and Forge from Found Materials. Before the advent of modern technology, creating many facets of life took some incredible skill and creativity.

Man Creates Primitive Bellows and Forge from Found Materials

Primitive Technology on YouTube has made a living creating huts and other stone age technologies. Watching his level of craftsmanship and skill is impressive, and now he has created a forge and bellows out of materials he found. He is building himself quite the house in the woods, check out the build process in the video below. The bellows that Primitive Technologies has made are by far the most impressive aspect of the video. 20 Ways to Recycle Your Favorite Pair of Jeans - Reupholster Your Favorite Chair.

How to make Wood Rings - bent veneer w brass Zelda Triforce inlay. Gravity feed rain barrel garden watering. A few years back I installed a rain barrel & water distribution system in my backyard and it's worked so well that I decided to build on that idea and install one on the front/side of the house.

Gravity feed rain barrel garden watering

The first step is to decide where you're going to position your rain barrel(s). Luckily, I had a spot next to the fence that never really grew much because of lack of water/sunlight, and was close to where I already had a downspout in the eves trough. Tools & Materials: Measuring tape & pen/pencil Saw (hand saw, jig saw, mitre saw, etc) Dremel (or equivalent) Screwdriver (power or hand powered) 2' level.

Ingénieux :) - C'est fait maison. Récup : 5 réutilisations de vieux bas nylons. Un fer à marquer Triforce, pour afficher fièrement votre passion partout. Sans titre. Une imprimante 3D en KIT.

sans titre

Sans titre. Qu’est-ce que le DIY Thirsty Plant Kit ?

sans titre

Le Thirsty Plant fera le bonheur des amateurs de jardinage et des adeptes du Do It Yourself. Comment fabriquer un panneau solaire thermique pour deux francs six sous? – L'Humanosphère. Récupérer l’Energie : Fabriquer un panneau solaire thermique n’est pas une opération irréalisable par le tout un chacun.

Comment fabriquer un panneau solaire thermique pour deux francs six sous? – L'Humanosphère

Et si vous prenez le temps de la récup et du prêt des outils, il peut même se fabriquer pour quelques petits sous. The Kume Shade: DIY Insulating Curtain. Le Plantain : cette “mauvaise herbe” est l’une des plantes médicinales les plus utiles de la planète. – Le 4ème singe. Holey Double Rocket. Not Everyone Can Afford To BUY A House; 20 DIY Pallet Shelter Designs. How To Build A Rocket Stove For Earth Friendly Cooking. 15 cadeaux alternatifs pour les enfants et un Noël équitable. 15 cadeaux alternatifs pour les enfants et un Noël équitable Il est vrai que sous nos latitudes occidentales, de nombreux enfants croulent sous les cadeaux de plastiques estampillés made in china.

15 cadeaux alternatifs pour les enfants et un Noël équitable

Un mauvais départ dans la vie alors qu’il sera bien plus judicieux de montrer l’exemple autant que faire se peut contre la société de l’accumulation sans fin. Bien sur, cela ne consiste pas à priver les enfants des joies de Noël ni de cadeaux traditionnels, mais bien à réorienter nos choix vers plus de cohérence. Ceci s’applique donc aussi bien aux adultes. 1. 2. Image : 3. 4. 5. Image : 6. 7. Image : 8. 9. Image : 10. 11. Image : 12. 13. 14. 15. Image : 20 nouvelles idées de meubles à fabriquer à partir de palettes de bois!

How To Build A DIY Compost Bin {+ Free Plans!} 10552460_699910670082156_5145483796338983161_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 725 × 960 pixels) 22 façons RENVERSANTES de récupérer votre bouteille de vin! 17 idées géniales pour redonner vie à de vieilles palettes. Do-It-Yourself Decorating. Do-it-yourself decorating allows you to customize your home, apartment, condo, or room with DIY accents that transform your space on a budget without completing a full-scale remodel.

Do-It-Yourself Decorating

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we guide you with instructions, tutorials, and step-by-step photos for indoor and outdoor projects and room makeovers. We have tips, techniques, and tools to get you started on paint projects, the easiest way to freshen up a space or decor item. But it doesn't stop there! We'll demonstrate how to make over furniture with paint, reupholster cushions with fabric, update garage sale items with wallet-friendly crafts tutorials using fabric and paper, and create DIY wall art for any space using a variety of materials and techniques. Build this open source DIY wind turbine for $30. Getting started with home wind energy projects can set you back a pretty penny if you buy a finished product, but if you're a little bit handy and don't mind scrounging for materials and getting creative in the garage or backyard, you can try your hand at building one of these DIY wind turbines for about $30 in materials.

Build this open source DIY wind turbine for $30

After all, it is #iheartrenewables week! We've previously covered Daniel Connell's open source concentrated solar collector plans, but now he's back with another great DIY renewable energy project, a vertical axis wind turbine based on the Lenz2 lift+drag design. Connell's design calls for using aluminum lithographic offset printing plates to catch the wind, which he says can be obtained cheaply (or possibly even free) from an offset printing company, and a variety of hardware and a bicycle wheel. "The turbine uses the ~40% mechanically efficient Lenz2 lift+drag design.

最新エコ型ロケットストーブ『ペレコ』の火をみんなの手元へ届けたい! - kibidango【きびだんご】 ごあいさつ 私たち LIFTOFF(りふとふ)は、大手メーカー勤務の金田と知財管理士の坂野が2人で始めたユニットで、「知的財産をカタチにする」お手伝いをしたいと思っています。

最新エコ型ロケットストーブ『ペレコ』の火をみんなの手元へ届けたい! - kibidango【きびだんご】

被災地で活躍し脚光を浴びたロケットストーブ。 その自作が今ひそかなブームになっていますが、まずはネットで公開されている “みんなの知財” を価値あるカタチにしてみようと 『ペレット燃料をスマートに燃やせる携帯ストーブ』 の開発に情熱を注ぎました。 ロケットストーブってなに? ペール缶などを使って簡単に作れる、シンプルな構造の焚き火道具。 自然吸気で、ゴォ~ッ! La peinture à la farine: Une peinture "maison" facile à préparer, non-toxique, durable... et économique! Recette de la peinture à la farine pour la protection des bois extérieurs.

Vous mettez quoi pour protéger vos bois extérieurs ?

recette de la peinture à la farine pour la protection des bois extérieurs

> cette drogue de lasure (quand c’est fini le bois en redemande l’année suivante) ? > votre bois est autoclave (vous trouvez çà beau) ? > votre bois est brut mais à tendance à mal vieillir aux outrages du temps ? Donc laissez vous tenter par une belle peinture (avec les pigments naturels), écologique, résistante, simple, pour un coût ridicule. Plan PDF pour la construction d’une yourte de 50 m² Construire une yourte de 50 m2 : nos plans et conseils gratuits. Nichée dans la campagne drômoise, la yourte de Mathurin Costechareire est un véritable lieu de vie atypique. Une réalisation exemplaire et un parti pris écologique… Charpentier, couvreur, zingueur et dessinateur dans un bureau d’études sur les constructions en bois, Mathurin Costechareire a choisi un projet hors normes… Building a House Yourself - Beautiful, Affordable, Ecologically Friendly... Les projets de l'association ENERGINOV.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Organic Gardening, DIY, Renewable Energy, Homesteading And Livestock, Real Food, Natural Health, Nature And Environment, Green Homes, Green Transportation. DIY Blog – MOTHER EARTH NEWS - DIY Projects, Country Skills, Building Advice, DIY Plans. On the surface, homesteading seems like it’s all about livestock and gardens, and many of us have an image in our heads of the idealized small farmer walking out in the early morning to feed the chickens.

While that is part of homesteading, it’s not all there is. At its core, homesteading is about learning new skills to increase your self-sufficiency, and the more skills you can learn, the better. If this becomes reciprocal, it’s called bartering, and that’s what we’ve been doing lately with some family friends. Their daughter will be staying with us soon to learn photography from my mom. In exchange, they taught me to use a sewing machine. Recette de la peinture à la farine pour la protection des bois extérieurs. The most original furniture! the swinging bed …

If you think you have seen everything concerning outdoor furniture design made ​​of wooden pallets, that’s because you still haven’t seen the pallet swinging bed! Ideal for those naps on those long summer spring sundays… All you need to build it is four wooden pallets and some long boards (they also may can come from pallets). You’ll have to put all the 4 pallets together on the floor, in an horizontal structure, each pallet next to the other one.

This will be the structure of the bed, and then we will tie it with the boards. The boards must be long enough to reach all the dimensions of the pallets, and must be perfectly nailed, inside the proper structure and also in the 2 dimensions (L and W)), obviously taking care of no letting the nails to arrive to the other side where the mattress will be placed, by the way if you find any nail point you can smash it with a hammer. Finally you will have to hang it with some ropes, passing them inside the pallet structure. DIY Projects / Tips / Tricks / Ideas / Repair.