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Get Secured From WannaCry - Solved. If you were enjoying your past weekend then probably you are stay away offline from past 2 3 days.

Get Secured From WannaCry - Solved

All of a sudden, last late weekend, all... If you were enjoying your past weekend then probably you are stay away offline from past 2 3 days. All of a sudden, last late weekend, all over the world are under cyber-attack from malware called WannaCry Ransomware. Probably more than 200000 computer among more than 150 countries are affected now from this attack. 5 Types of Videos that Perform Fantastically on Social Media. Video and social media are inseparable at this point, and if you are a looking to reel in an audience and establish a strong presence then you need to be producing good video content.

5 Types of Videos that Perform Fantastically on Social Media

As you may have noticed some types of videos perform better than others on social media – for good reason. Regardless of whether you’re promoting a brand or marketing products – there are a few types of videos that you should focus on to really tap into the power they have on social media: How-to guides and tutorials. What Makes Wordpress Websites So Vulnerable To Attacks And How To Secure It From Hackers? As many as 26.9% of all websites live on the internet today are powered by WordPress, which makes it the most popular CMS by far.

What Makes Wordpress Websites So Vulnerable To Attacks And How To Secure It From Hackers?

A CMS or content management system like WordPress serves as a web-publishing tool, helping you create not only blogs (for which WordPress was originally known) but also websites and even mobile apps. Social Media: How to Effectively Connect Your Content to Your Targeted Audience. "A good content marketer can empathize with their audience, and can therefore understand what topics they should create content on, what tone of voice to use, and what channels to promote the content in.

Social Media: How to Effectively Connect Your Content to Your Targeted Audience

" Pawa Deshpande, CEO, Curata As a marketer, especially when your goal is to double your traffic, your job is to connect with your audiences ranging from potential or current investors, employees, customers, boards, or regulatory bodies. Is Video-Based Learning Important for an Online LMS? Video-based learning is an eLearning trend that is becoming more and more popular right now, and it is believed that it will become the staple of learning sooner than any of us may think.

Is Video-Based Learning Important for an Online LMS?

It is widely gaining momentum and it is becoming one of the most engaging and effective learning strategies. Why is this type of eLearning becoming so popular? The answer is really quite simple. New age learners have a shorter attention span, which is exactly why they prefer watching a video about a certain topic to reading a plain text about it.

5 Reasons Your Instagram Page Isn’t Growing. Your content isn’t good enough On Instagram, content is king.

5 Reasons Your Instagram Page Isn’t Growing

Instagram New Feature: Share up to 10 photos and Videos in Single Post. Before few weeks, Instagram already glimpse us its new updates related to share multiple photos and videos in one post.

Instagram New Feature: Share up to 10 photos and Videos in Single Post

And now today Instagram confirms making a major changes to share 10 photos and videos in single post. This new feature is already available for the advertisers but now it is generally available for public. Instagram makes this feature in the easiest way to use. You just have to press new icon shown in the bottom right corner of your images. You can select maximum 10 images among them. Add Links into Instagram Stories – New Updates - Mogul. Have you remember when Instagram stories launched and we all thought that it was an Instagram update just like Snapchat.

Add Links into Instagram Stories – New Updates - Mogul

But it will be changed very soon because some users of Instagram getting update for Instagram stories and it’s quite exciting update. These changes will be an interesting moves for Instagram and it will integrate the app more with Instagram’s ecosystem. On new update Instagram gives more freedom to users to create their stories. As per the user’s experience who already got new update, these are related to Links, Mentions and Boomerang. Now let’s discuss all updates in detail as below. Facebook Ad Tips To Boost Your ROI. Facebook is the largest social network in the world.

Facebook Ad Tips To Boost Your ROI

It has 1.79 billion monthly active users in which over 66% (some 1.18 billion) use it almost daily. What’s more, a staggering 2.5 million pieces of content are shared by Facebook users in one minute! This platform has presence across the world and with an amazing a user base, it just can’t be left un-utilized for sure.

Advertisers need to tap into the ever-rising potential of this social platform to bring home the advantages. This is where Facebook ads chip in as they can help businesses leverage their presence, expand their base and realize objectives in a timely manner. Simply put, these ads are run to catch the attention of users and boost brand awareness. So, your ads should have - A potent messageA strong and powerful headlineAn attention-grabbing imageAn offerA seductive call-to-action Some helpful Facebook ads tips: Clearly, your ad campaign should be engaging, interactive and something that adds value to users.

#Tap into GIFs. The Guide to Write the Professional Bio for Social Networks. While some use social media just to connect with friends and have fun, many other people do it also for professional reasons.

The Guide to Write the Professional Bio for Social Networks

When your social media profiles look right, you are able to present yourself well not only to people who already know you but also to strangers or new contacts who are willing to learn more about you. Why is this so important? Because this could help make the networking easier. Sure, some people don’t need to build a big social media audience, but for most of us wide network is actually a great benefit. 20 Cool Internet and Computer Tricks You Must Know.

There are many tricks available for Computer and Internet. Some tricks are popular and we all know very well about it. And some tricks are really remarkable and we should know about it. Now let us discuss some most popular tricks which I know. 1. Short Cut to Task Manager -To open Task manager, you don’t need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then Select Task Manager. 2. Ctrl + Backspace will delete the entire word and ctrl + arrow key will move your cursor to the starting of any words. 3. Top 5 Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns for 2016. Email marketing is still an impressive way to reach your followers, subscribers and valuable customers. The large size enterprises are chasing the super-expensive marketing strategies, but forget to monetize a long list of existing customers. For small and medium size businesses, email marketing campaigns prove to be a major source of generating income. The campaigns that are tailored to the user behavior tend to bring in more revenue than the routine sales.

You might have experienced that the number of emails increases in the fall each year, just because it is the peak season for shopping and your customers expect mega discounts. The last quarter of a year is considered the most profitable one because of thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. 35 Success Secrets of Social Media.

Are you a business professional? There is a huge chance you have exhausted your options on old marketing traditional strategies. You may have tried cold calling and advertisements. However you have found that they do not give the successful traction you were looking for. Old traditional marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. How Digital Marketing Influences Your Business? What Is Default Gateway And How to Find It? Whether you are a beginner or an expert in computer networks you have to learn the basics and improve your existing knowledge every single day.

Novice users generally want immediately to learn how to access their wireless router and make their network more secure and stable. Generally speaking, the default gateway is somewhere in the middle between the computer network and the online world. All network devices usually come with predefined settings. Setting Up Internal Static IP Addresses. 15 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tips For Business. Promotion of business with the help of social media is becoming a widespread practice because it is one of the most efficient ways of conducting your business these days.

Why Can’t Twitter Do What Instagram Just Did About Anti-harassment Tool? Most Popular Types of Content Right Now. What Are Explainer Videos And Why Do You Need Them? Explainer videos have been around for a couple of years, however, not many people or companies know very much about them. Key Factors for Your eCommerce Site Security.

Even though the traditional retail still holds the ground, more and more people are turning to eCommerce with each passing hour. Reasons for this are numerous. Pokémon Go - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sides. Cyber Insurance - The Next Big Thing for Digital Market. More than decades ago, an idea of general average was created by merchant group.— That idea is for all parties or gathering groups in an maritime venture share in losses from a sacrifice of cargo in an emergency. What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists? Nowadays, Facebook is either the protector or destroyer of journalism. Get A Licence To Share Location Data or face a Rs.10 Million fine in India.

In India, if you any company or person want to share or create mapping data then it would be big trouble. Because, Govt. has issued a proposal to control this mapping data. And this proposal bill is called The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill.