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Generative modelling

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Architectural Geometry. Basic Design 2012 Final Project: Group 8. İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Basic Design II Spring 2012 undergraduate studio* group 8′s project is a metal surface construction.

Basic Design 2012 Final Project: Group 8

Group of first year design students were capable of designing, modeling, fabricating and assembling the structure with a good precision. After physical prototypes of the proposed spanning structure, they further experimented in rhinoceros and sent faces to plasma cutting and bending process. Finally, they assembled the faces with nails at the site. DE : Math in Architecture. Christan Troche. The Radiolaria Project Structural Tesselation of Double Curved Surfaces The Radiolaria Project aims to rethink architectural design and manufacturing techniques – it explores the filigree and beautiful skeletons of radiolarians, tiny marine organisms, with their striking hexagonal patterns, and transfers this concept to architectural scale and materialize it in a large scale structure.

Christan Troche

The project involves research spanning from biology via geometry to applied building constructions, analogue panelisation experiments with CAD designed and CNC milled models, the development of a rigid parametric Node system, digital form finding techniques for the design of a large scale interior installation, tessellation of this form with especially developed grid generation tools, generative computation of individual structural node and beam elements, CNC manufacturing of these entities and the final assembly of the structure. “Final master surface design” “The fully meshed surface with Voronoi diagram” Postgraduate studies in Zürich for a MAS ETH ARCH/CAAD. Business Cards – PROJECTiONE. Before our trip to New York we decided to make business cards that would both represent what PROJECTiONE is about and stand out as something different among a wallet of others. We recognize that many of our projects find meaning within their design/fabrication processes as much as in their final state; we intended to take on these cards as a project with a similar mindset.

The cards uniquely combine a very precise digital process with a learned analog system [vacuum forming] producing highly individualized outcomes. While each one retains the precision of laser-cut mat board molds, slight variations within each card references the human involvement in the process. We bought-out our local hobby shop to test [destroy] sheet after sheet of polystyrene in order to develop the right process for this specific instance. We used a jig on our ridiculously small vacuum former with a series of mirror-image rastered mat board molds to pull the material to a semi-exact position. Parametric. Patternism. Attractor Curve. March 2012. Architecture, Design and Computation. CirclePack and circle packing. General Comments: My primary research interests revolve around circle packing: connections to analytic function theory, Riemann surfaces, computational conformal structures, and applications.

CirclePack and circle packing

(see my curriculum vita.) Circle Packing - Miu Ling Lam. Thefuturefuture. Fabrication. Grasshopper: Parametric CurvesThis module covers the basic parametric properties of curves along with common grasshopper methods for evaluating and dividing curves.


090711-parametric bridge – Thesis Final project- « eSCRIPT-O. Some images from my final project for my master degree thesis. its a parametric bridge with a parametric skin – (hexatect).

090711-parametric bridge – Thesis Final project- « eSCRIPT-O

All the project it´s defined by scripting (rhinoscript) and some specific grasshopper definitions ( . I finally presented my thesis (to get the architect title and a master degree (2×1 super combo, hahaha) last month, and i got the maximum calification ( 7.0 out of 7.0!!!). Im still celebrating , so when the celebration stops, i will post my thesis in PDF and the most important rhinoscript tools that i wrote for the projects. stay tuned to eSCRIPT-O. Мебель для города — INTERNUM. 25 июня 2009 годаПрокомментировать В общественных пространствах бетон всегда играл важную роль, в XXI веке эта роль становится главной.

Мебель для города — INTERNUM

Согласитесь, обставить город мебелью можно только в том случае, когда мебель сделана из бетона. В обзоре дизайнеры и производители, увлеченные городской бетонной мебелью всерьез и надолго. World experience. Earthscrapers, by Rael San Fratello Architects. Display table demonstrating the tools and outcomes of rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping with concret Earthscrapers is an installation for the 2010 Biennial of the Americas that imagines the potential of employing CAD and CAM processes in the construction of a proto-architectural landscape—one where the building material source and the building itself are seamless.

Earthscrapers, by Rael San Fratello Architects.

It also demonstrates the internal design, research and experimentation process by Rael San Fratello Architects in hacking a 3D printer to rapid proto­type and rapid manufacture clays, ceramics and ultimately cement. Architecture. These are a series of experiments, in which the designer try to use parametric and digital method to realize these interesting optical illusion effects and generate 3d geometry or space rather than just 2d painting.


Continue reading The design task of this project was to design a multifunctional theatre inside an old gasholder in the Hague the Netherlands. In the a new developed masterplan he Gasholder is placed in a small lake surrounded by different thematic islands. The location of these islands are not fixed an can move dynamically around the theatre. Continue reading. Tectónicas Digitales. Ming3D. Products that explore the relationship between parametric and physical models. 3DVizART. Main : ATWOOD-A. Urban future organization (au) Computational Design Italy. MATSYS. Algorithmic design. SoftRigid. Insert.

Apomechanes. Grasshopper. RhinoCeros.