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Fabrication Grasshopper: Parametric CurvesThis module covers the basic parametric properties of curves along with common grasshopper methods for evaluating and dividing curves. ARCH 598 Summer 2011information >> n-formations FABRICS // LATTICES // FIELDSThis course is designed to introduce and explore computational design, algorithmic thinking, and digital manufacturing–both: the larger ramifications that emerging digital technologies and ideas are having architectural theory via readings, discussions, presentations; and the practical application of these ideas and tools through a series of hands-on, iterative modeling and fabrication assignments. ARCH 581/498 : Fall 2010Digital Design + Fabrication Foundations I Grasshopper: Surface to Planar TrianglesGrasshopper : Surface to Planar Triangles : Fabrication Layout of Planar Components Laser Cutting: Adobe IllustratorLaser Cutting from Adobe Illustrator

Earthscrapers, by Rael San Fratello Architects. Display table demonstrating the tools and outcomes of rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping with concret Earthscrapers is an installation for the 2010 Biennial of the Americas that imagines the potential of employing CAD and CAM processes in the construction of a proto-architectural landscape—one where the building material source and the building itself are seamless. It also demonstrates the internal design, research and experimentation process by Rael San Fratello Architects in hacking a 3D printer to rapid proto­type and rapid manufacture clays, ceramics and ultimately cement. Mining, desertification, dredging and erosion are a few of the many examples of natural and anthropogenic processes for shaping the landscape and have become the theoretical material sources, sites and contexts for the forms and spaces created. A rapid manufactured concrete tower maquette:

emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design — Coca-Colasparkling bubbles 2011- ongoing (in construction)Taipei (Taiwan) concept : shine In 2016, the Mass Rapid Transit "Circular Line" will open in New Taipei City. Drawing a large circle, Circular Line will connect the existing lines that spread in radial direction from the City Central.

architecture These are a series of experiments, in which the designer try to use parametric and digital method to realize these interesting optical illusion effects and generate 3d geometry or space rather than just 2d painting. Continue reading The design task of this project was to design a multifunctional theatre inside an old gasholder in the Hague the Netherlands. In the a new developed masterplan he Gasholder is placed in a small lake surrounded by different thematic islands. The location of these islands are not fixed an can move dynamically around the theatre.

Emergent Technology MSc/MArch – AA School Emergent Technologies & Design, Projects Review 2013, installation view Michael Weinstock, George Jeronimidis, Evan Greenberg, Mehran Gharleghi and Wolf Mangelsdorf Download the Course Handbook MArch, 16 months (four terms) MSc, 12 months (three terms, plus thesis work) design playgrounds Posts Tagged ‘Parametric Architecture’ We are happy and excited to announce that finally after a long time we have a launch day for ThinkParametric. Hy-FI is the winning proposal for this year MoMA´s PS1 competition, a tower-like topology volume composed by compostable bricks that use corn stalks and mushroom roots in their process of elaboration. In this tutorial you will learn how can you create shell-like surfaces made of planar hexagons using Kangaroo´s Planrization Forces. The Centenial Chromagraph is an installation/ data visualization portraying the history of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture.Their creators refer to it as an exercise in data spatialization where the use of computational tools were employed to generate formal and spatial constructions with large quantities of data.

2D/3D Concept Designer, Graphic Artist & 3D Modeller My name is Jamie Martin, and I’m an award winning concept designer, graphic artist and 3D modeller based in London, England. I focus primarily on 2D & 3D concept design, as well as GUI (Graphical User Interface) designs for a variety of industries, including film, game, automotive, robotic, military, and others. I am currently working as a Senior Concept Artist for Improbable on a new AAA game. I always endeavour to inject my work with a fresh creative edge, and pride myself on being able to deliver a full conceptual package - from initial 2D proposals through to final, detailed illustrations, graphics, or photo-real 3D visuals. As well as utilising free-hand artwork techniques, the software packages I primarily work with are Maxon 'Cinema 4D' for 3D modelling, visuals and animation, and Adobe 'Photoshop', and 'Illustrator' for 2D compositing, visuals and graphic design.

no boxes! Fritz Obermeyer’s Jenn is a nicely crafted java application that allows a playful examination of structures in non-Euclidian space, more specifically Coxeter polytopes in stereographic projection. These complex geometric structures are the 4-dimensional Sisters to the polyhedra and have, what seems like, recursive interiors and packing formations that resemble bubbles in foam. The applet allows you to fly through these structures and orient the camera view according to your whims; other controls include toggles for the kind of rendering display settings. Perhaps I shouldn’t report it, but there are also some nice rendering glitches on some of the selected models on certain views.

090711-parametric bridge – Thesis Final project- « eSCRIPT-O Some images from my final project for my master degree thesis. its a parametric bridge with a parametric skin – (hexatect). All the project it´s defined by scripting (rhinoscript) and some specific grasshopper definitions ( . I finally presented my thesis (to get the architect title and a master degree (2×1 super combo, hahaha) last month, and i got the maximum calification ( 7.0 out of 7.0!!!). im still celebrating , so when the celebration stops, i will post my thesis in PDF and the most important rhinoscript tools that i wrote for the projects.

GEOMETRIC COLLECTION This unique eye­wear col­lec­tion is the re­sult of a col­lab­o­ra­tion with eye­wear de­signer Mar­tin Las­nik. The col­lec­tion is de­vel­oped to geo­met­ri­cal pre­ci­sion using CAD pro­grams and man­u­fac­tured using cel­lu­lose ac­etate as the ar­chi­tec­tural ma­te­r­ial. Based on ex­actly the same geo­met­ri­cal prin­ci­ples, this de­sign cre­ates highly fe­male as well as strictly mas­cu­line pieces be­yond the main­stream.

codedchromics I hadn’t heard about this before but fist (whoops, mean first) saw this earlier this month mentioned on Syuzi Pakhchyan’s blog Wearable Technology (always an inspiration!) Sophie de Oliveira Barata offers a ‘real’ option ‘surreal’ option and an ‘unreal’ option – you’ve just got to love that! Here are some of the incredible decorated and unusual prosthetics from The Alternative Limb Project - “The Alternative Limb Project offers a personal and friendly bespoke service, which provides unique prosthetics to blend in with the body or stand out as a unique piece of art, reflecting the wearer’s imagination, personality and interests.

CirclePack and circle packing General Comments: My primary research interests revolve around circle packing: connections to analytic function theory, Riemann surfaces, computational conformal structures, and applications. (see my curriculum vita.) A circle packing is a configuration of circles with a specified pattern of tangencies. See the examples below; the circles typically must assume a variety of different sizes in order to fit together in a prescribed tangency pattern.

22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You In most people’s homes a staircase is just a functional means of travelling from one floor to another. Usually there is nothing very remarkable about a staircase, though some are more attractive than others. It used to be that you had a choice. Closed or open sides, and natural or painted wood. Inside Smartgeometry Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design Edited by Brady Peters and Terri Peters